8 Amazing Community Made Skin Ideas

By LoL Smurfs


8 Amazing Community Made Skin Ideas

League of Legends has some awesome skins in the game but a great source of creativity can be found from you: the community.

There are plenty of talented artists across the Internet who have used their skills and imagination to design some unique and wacky skins for their favourite champions and we’ve put them into this handy list of League of Legends skin ideas by the community. The amount of time that must have gone into some of these skin concepts is insane and it just proves that League of Legends isn’t just a game for some people. It would be awesome if Riot could discuss these League of Legends skin ideas with the designers and put them into the game.

Here’s 8 of our favourite that we hope Riot can implement in League of Legends – Rito Pls.

Archlight Thresh

Most League of Legends skin ideas involving Thresh are based on horror and damnation. Reddit user Kluukie came up with a fantastic skin idea involving Thresh which was a bit more unique.

Archlight Thresh is a fantastic skin which fits in nicely with the currently archlight skin range. Similar to other Archlight skins he’s got some awesome visual effects, and it adds something new to the champion which is currently always dull colours with a variation of blue or green.

It would also be awesome to see an Archlight Thresh botlane with Vayne or Varus. Afterall it’s extremely important to get some colour co-ordination.

arclight thresh


Reverse Bard

Not all League of Legends skin ideas are good and this is an example of one of the worst yet best League of Legends skin ideas we’ve ever heard. The player is a giant meep which throws mini Bards at other players. To further enhance this skin there would be a custom voice over which instead of the traditional Bard doots and boops it would be a philosophical monologue on the subject of human inadequacy and deitic customs.

As if the above wasn’t enough to already convince you then here is a fantastic concept art that someone mocked up. You can clearly see the size of this champion rivals that of Cho’gath and brings a new take on the mysterious champion Bard.

Shut up and take my money right?

reverse bard skin


Train Conductor Sion

One creative (talented) artist managed to visualise an idea he stumbled upon. The Sion ultimate is very similar to that of a runaway train so why not turn Sion into the train? His giant coal shovel could give his auto attacks a satisfying clank noise and his voice over could be changed to include train quotes such as ‘All Aboard’ and ‘End of the line’. This skin would fit right in the top lane with the corporate Mundo and Astronaut Teemo players.

train conductor sion skin


Edit: Since this post was written Riot have added the Mechasion skin which transforms him into a vehicle upon his ultimate so this skin idea has kind of been implemented into League of Legends.

Officer Leona

Leona is a support which works very well with Officer Caitlyn but did you know that police officers usually travel around in pairs? This could easily be fixed by creating Officer Leona.

It would feature a similar feel and design to Officer Caitlyn but the visual effects would make the skin. The ultimate could be a play on the Riot police by using a Flash Bang visual effect or it could be a large spotlight from a helicopter above. To make this skin even better she would have some fantastic quotes such as “Step away from the Marksman” and “Are you stunned?”. She could also use the old classic “Stop resisting” as she beats the enemy marksman to death.

offier leona lol skin


Soul Reaver Talon

Does anyone remember the game series Soul Reaver? For those that don’t it’s a game from 1999 featuring a guy with a sword attached to his arm which can harvest souls.

This makes it perfect for the sword wielding assassain Talon – And we aren’t the only ones that seem to think Talon is the perfect champion for this style of skin. A user named BlandStuffTastesNice has already come up with this awesome concept. If Riot really wanted to make this skin unique they could even have the blade collect the souls of the enemies that Talon kills. If you aren’t convinced then about this skin then check out the image below which shows why this is one of the best League of Legends skin ideas we’ve stumbled across.

soul reaver talon skin


Radioactive Gragas

When you think of a barrel of beer it’s not common to think of nuclear waste right after it but Kashuse can see things that we cannot with his crazy imagination.

Radioactive Gragas replaces his barrel of beer with a barrel of nuclear waste and proceeds to destroy his opponents with heavy elements and a large dose of radioactivity. It seems odd that Gragas could drink his own nuclear waste without any side effects but hey – Who are we to judge what others put into their own bodies?

radioactive gragas skin


Candyland Annie

Did you know that Annie already has 10 League of Legend skins? While 11 might seem like a lot this League of Legends skin idea by SaintPrecious is definitely worth adding into the game.

Candyland Annie perfectly fits the theme of her champion and how could anyone not buy a skin with a gummy bear Tibbers? We know that Annie can feel like a frustating champion to play against but maybe this sweet League of Legends skin idea could make the experience a little less sour.

candyland annie skin


Hextech Elise

While Elise already has some of the prettiest League of Legends skins she doesn’t have a skin featuring robotics. Steampunk technology is quite prominent already in League of Legends and there are lots of League of Legends skin ideas featuring Hextech already. This Elise skin would look badass and a robotic spider is something that we feel is currently really missing from the Rift.

hextech elise skin


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