Abios eSports Match Ticker Review

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Abios eSports Match Ticker Review

This week we’re taking a look at Abios eSports Match Ticker, a plugin for Google Chrome that helps keep you up to date with all the latest events and streams from the eSports world. If you want to check out Abios eSports Match Ticker for yourself before seeing what we have to say, you can find it on the Google Chrome store or the web-based version on the Abios eSports website. Abios eSports Match Ticker includes some awesome options such as a live, up to date schedule of games, in-browser notifications when games go live and direct links to the streams of games. You can also see how long a game has been in progress if you start viewing late. We’ll discuss the in-app options available later in greater detail. For now, let’s take a look at the games supported.

Games Supported by Abios eSports Match Ticker

Abios eSports Match Ticker supports a wide variety of games currently, with more always being added. As expected, the most popular games are League of Legends, CS:GO and Dota 2. Other less popular games such as Smite and Heroes of Newerth are also supported for interested viewers and fans. A full list of the games supported can be found below:

  • League of Legends
  • Dota 2
  • Starcraft II
  • Heroes of Newerth
  • Counterstrike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)
  • Hearthstone
  • World of Warcraft
  • Heroes of the Storm

One of the best features of Abios eSprots Match Ticker is that when you find a stream/game you want to watch, you can do so with just one click. No messing around or jumping through hoops – clicking on the game in question will take you right to the live stream on the preferred streaming platform. Information on each stream can also be found on the Abios Gaming website. Information available includes tournament formats, prizepool amounts, broadcasters, current popular streams and more. 

Supported Platforms

Currently, Abios eSports Match Ticker only supports streams from two platforms – Twitch.tv and Hitbox.tv. The reasoning for not including services such as Azubu.tv isn’t quite clear, but it isn’t too much of an issue. After all, Twitch is the go-to platform for almost every pro streamer and eSports tournament around. When coupled with Hitbox.tv you’ll be hard pushed to find a tournament that isn’t streamed that isn’t listed on Abios eSports Match Ticker. We’ve been in touch to ask why Azubu.tv isn’t included as a supported platform – we’ll let you know back here with an update when/if we receive an answer from them. 

Set-up & Configuration

There isn’t much documentation around on how to set up/use Abios eSports Match Ticker, so we’ve included some here. First, you will need to download the app from the Chrome Store (click here to download it). Unfortunately, Chrome is currently the only browser supported. Once downloaded, you will see the Abios eSports Match Ticker icon appear next to your address bar (highlighted in red):

Click the icon to open the app and you will see the following:

This is a list of all the current and upcoming eSports tournament streams that are available to view. “LIVE” indicates that the match is currently being played, whereas the camera symbol means the match is not yet live. On the left you can see the time until matches go live, or the time elapsed since they started. The logos on the far left show which game the match related to and are pretty self-explanatory. Team names are also listed in the second column from the right.

Watch Pro Streamers

Abios eSports Match Ticker also allows you to watch popular streamers, as well as tournaments. Clicking the camera icon on the left (highlighted in red below) will open up a list of popular and pro streamers currently streaming on supported platforms:

As before, games are represented by their symbols on the left with the channel/streamer name being in the second column. Viewer count can be seen on the far right. Clicking on a streamers name will take you directly to their Twitch stream.

Check Upcoming Tournaments

Clicking the trophy icon will bring up the upcoming tournaments list:

This gives an overview of upcoming tournaments and relevant information such as tournament name, dates and total prize pool. Clicking on a tournament will take you to a page with more detailed information.


Clicking the gear icon brings up the options menu:

The configuration options are very straightforward. You can choose to filter games that you do/do not want to view, useful for removing any games that you have no interest at all in. You can also turn notifications on or off. Notifications will pop-up in the bottom right hand corner of your screen when a new match is about to start. 


Abios eSports Match Ticker is a fantastic app and a must have for any serious eSports fan. The ability to filter by game is a welcome feature, meaning you won’t be bombarded with notifications for games you’re not really interested in. The Abios eSports website is also incredibly useful and full of information, taking an eSports viewing experience once step further than other platforms such as Twitch. We would like to see more supported platforms in the future such as Azubu.tv (who doesn’t want to see Faker stream?!) but for now it’s a very solid piece of software and highly recommended.

Our rating

4/5 – loses one star due to only supporting two platforms

Click here to download Abios Esports Match Ticker

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