Aurelion Sol – The New LoL Champion

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Aurelion Sol – The New LoL Champion

The Star Forger

Riot always try to improve when they release each new League of Legends champion but this one is a whole new level of cool. Aurelion Sol seems to be a dragon type monster who can crush stars in his hands. How he will scale onto the rift is yet to be known but the one thing we do know is he’s definitely a dragon and he looks awesome. We know he’s a dragon because of the Riot post regarding Ao Shin. There is also this awesome trailer that Riot released for the new champion called “Aurelion Sol: The Star Forger Returns” which can be seen below:

The speech from the trailer comes from Aurelion Sol himself and the voice actor did a fantastic job. A full transcript can be found below:

“No matter what planet… No matter what galaxy… They always look up in wonder. Some fall to their knees in worship. Others hide behind walls and towers. But the thing they do best… is beg for mercy. It’s just… adorable.”

Look To The Stars

So far we know nothing about Aurelion Sol’s kit or what he will look like but it appears he is one of the Targon aspects and is heavily related to the recently released lore for Diana, Pantheon and Leona. This assumption about the new League of Legends champion is further confirmed by teaser of the new ARAM announcer.

Aurelion Sol is a celestial monster who will join the ranks of Azir, Veigar and Vel’koz as League of Legends champions related to space. We are unsure on how closely related to space his kit is because we have yet to see any details about it. Don’t worry though! We will update this post when we receive more details about the new League of Legends champions kit, models and other features but with the unique abilities that the recently released champions have we can only assume that Riot are going to pull out all the stops for this awesome looking dragon.

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