How to Avoid League of Legends Tilt

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How to Avoid League of Legends Tilt

Tilt impacts all of us – even the professionals – and it can do serious damage to your ELO if you play League of Legends under tilt. That’s why it’s important to avoid League of Legends tilt at all costs.

This blog post aims to answer three key questions regarding League of Legends tilt hopefully helping you avoid becoming tilted in the future. We’ll start with explaining what tilt is, then we’ll move onto the symptoms of tilt before finally looking at what you can to do avoid becoming the next toxic Riven main.

So, unlike Team Siren, let’s get started.

What is League of Legends Tilt?

league of legends tilt

We can’t learn how to avoid tilt if we don’t know what it is.

Tilt is a term which originally comes from gambling (specifically poker) where a player is playing badly because of unlucky draws and minor mistakes leading to frustration.

This mixture of frustration with a feeling of unjust leads to more poor decisions and larger mistakes which causes the player to go into tilt further.

When we want to apply this to League of Legends tilt it’s very similar. Imagine you are playing League of Legends and you feel it’s unfair because a mistake cost you the game which you had no control over. Maybe a team mate decided to AFK or someone unskilled on the enemy team is fed.

This leads to you getting angry and then you lose focus so you start to make your own game changing mistakes. We’ve summed up League of Legends tilt in an easy to read diagram. Each time you go around this circle the tilt will only get worse leading to more losses and a cycle that is hard to break.

Sounds Terrible – But am I on Tilt?

You can’t avoid League of Legends tilt if you don’t know what tilt is.

Don’t worry though – there are some easy to tell signs when you are going onto tilt. Here are some of the major warning signs you are about to enter into a League of Legends tilt.

You Could be on Tilt if you’re making Irrational Decisions

lol blitz grab


When you play against a troll pick, like Blitzcrank mid, you’ll probably go into the game expecting to win. Unfortunately something happens and you’ll end up losing your lane, your sanity and end up on tilt.

You went into this match up expecting to win, I mean he is a Blitzcrank mid after all, and you can’t accept the crushing defeat he’s handed to you with his big robotic hands. Unfortunately after some nice grabs and a couple of jungle ganks later you’re currently 0/10 against this guy and your ready to run into the enemy tower constantly.

After a frustating game and a quick stop at the keyboard store you queue back up and all of a sudden you get a great idea.

What if I play Blitzcrank mid

If this situation feels familiar to you then you’re probably on a tilt (or some other substance like alcohol). Playing Blitzcrank mid is not a good idea and it won’t help you win – you just had a bad game. Accept this and move on. This situation isn’t just unique to champion picks either. The same can be said for poor dragon decisions or silly warding mistakes. If you played against a team that seriously focused the dragons and you lost hard it doesn’t mean you should only focus on the dragons in the next game. Keep your focus on the game, use tactics that work for your team and don’t make any irrational decisions based on previous experiences.

You’re Tilting if you’re Trolling or Flaming

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The cornerstone of a League of Legends tilt is flaming. You’re trying to play your lane but you start to feel the rage build up inside. Before you know it your hands move to your keyboard and you’ve insulted your teammates mother. It spirals out of control and after the innevitable all chat begging for reports the games over and you’re left staring at a defeat screen.

No rational or happy person is going to start telling their teammates how much they suck. If you start to flame your team after every mistake they make then you’re going to be adding to the problem, not solving it. Just focus on improving your own game and encourage your teammates.

The ‘feeder’ in the top lane doesn’t need any more hate (even if he’s playing Riven) – he probably feels bad enough already. By flaming the guy you’re only going to cause him to go into a League of Legends tilt too. He’ll then carry his negative attitude into his next game and probably flame again. Eventually the whole community ends up flaming faster than a fire in 1666 London.

Do everyone a favour and follow these two simple tips. If you feel yourself getting angry then:

1) Mute everyone in the game and focus on your own gameplay.

2) Make sure you don’t queue up again until you’re calm.

You’re on a League of Legends Tilt if you’re Expecting to Lose

How can you expect to win if you go into each game expecting to lose?

It’s never my fault, always rubbish teams.

This is the classic sign of a League of Legends tilt. If you feel like you’re going to lose and what’s the point then why bother queueing? Just stop playing until you feel more positive. You could go outside, Read a book, play another game or just log into a League of Legends smurf account and have a relaxing normal game.

By going into a game expecting to lose you’re going to make stupid mistakes and have a short temper. As soon as something bad happens in this game you’ll simply sigh and say: “Here we go again” and continue to play without a care in the world. While playing without caring can make the experience less stressful it’s not going to help you climb the ladder.

It’s not Skype… Typing more than Playing

League of Legends requires you to only use your left side of your keyboard.

league of legends keyboard


At no point should you feel the need to put your right hand onto your keyboard and start talking.

People on a League of Legends tilt tend to spend more time flaming and typing in chat then actually playing the game. If you can’t help yourself then you could mute all the other players and focus on yourself only. This way you can improve your own game. The fact is you’re not going to change someone elses playstyle so don’t bother trying.

If you’re really struggling you could remove all the keys from the right hand side of your keyboard – although we don’t actually reccomend you do this.

Focusing on others in Champion Select

Have you ever just come out of a bad game where your jungle picked an out of flavour (or even meta) champion and did nothing only to go into the next game and have a different guy pick the same champion?

While we admit it’s uncommon to see two Heimerdinger Jungles in a row, it can happen. The problem is you’re going to attribute your previous loss to the Heimerdinger and instantly assume that, since there’s another Heimerdinger, the end result will be the same.

You can either say; “Omfg We just had a Heimerdinger and he sucked. GG we lost.” or you could just think; “Hey this guy is playing the same champion as the other guy – maybe he can use him correctly”. Here’s a tip (and a spear behind it): The second one is a much better way of thinking.

If you are comparing your teammate’s champions to previous games then you are probably on League of Legends tilt and you should start to focus on your own game. Oh and in the unfortunate situation of having two Heimerdinger Jungles in a row: just dodge.

You’re going to lose less LP, not effect your MMR and save yourself 30 minutes. You can even use the 5 minute time out to exercise.

I’m on League of Legends tilt – What do I do?

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If you find yourself in the situation above then firstly: don’t worry. League of Legends has a tendancy to tilt most people and League of Legends tilt doesn’t mean you have anger issues.

Tilt affects everyone and you can only have a limited patience before competitive video games will eventually start to annoy you. Once you’ve accepted your tilt it’s time to take action. The quicker you take action the less damage the tilt will do to your MMR, mental state and keyboard.

If you are in a game and you start to experience tilt then you should put on your favourite song, mute your entire team, and focus on making improvements. Set yourself little goals like aiming to get 30 CS without dying or pushing a lane to get a tower.

If you find yourself on tilt after the game then you should not queue up for any more games. This will only cause you to go into a worse League of Legends tilt.

Ways to Beat League of Legends Tilt

If you want to stop tilting then here’s some of our top tips.

Play Another Game – Try a different game for a bit. League of Legends is a fast paced and stressful competitive game which leads to a harsh atmosphere and blood-thirsty community. Relax with a simple game like Minecraft or Bejeweled before queuing again.

Play with Friends – Everything is better with friends. Avoid arguments and the luck of the draw in the team raffle by playing with friends that won’t feed or troll. You’ll also be aware that tilting in front of your friends is going to damage your friendship and embarrass you.

Exercise – It’s a proven fact that physical exhaustion will increase your mental fitness. The release of endorphin also make you feel better and make you play better when you come back. Just let your heart rate settle first.

Watch YouTube or Twitch – You can relax on the internet by watching your favourite tuber or streamer. Just make sure that if they are playing League of Legends you focus on their own game and not their team.

Clean your Area – Cleaning can make you feel great (through exercise) and give you something to do to help you calm down. Coming back to a clean desk will make you feel ready to play and give you a fresh start.

Talk to a Friend – Whatever voice program you use (We personally love Discord) talking to a friend can calm you down. Tell them your terrible experiences and laugh together at the misfortune you’ve had. After a quick rofl you can return to the game with a smile on your face.

Sleep – Sleeping can help you de stress and avoid League of Legends tilt. Throughout education its recommended that you get a good nights sleep after a revision session to help solidify what you’ve previously learnt. When you’re trying to climb the League of Legends ladder a nap will help refresh you as well as cement your new knowledge.

Act on your Triggers – You should by now already know what triggers you. If it’s abuse or flaming then simply mute them without replying. If troll picks are more your tilt then simply dodge. Whatever triggers you – there’s always a sensible solution without going into a League of Legends tilt.

If you want any extra advice on how to stop tilting then here is a fantastic post by UnrankedSmurfs on what to do to stop League of Legends tilt.

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