Which Key Should You Use For Flash?

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Which Key Should You Use For Flash?

If you’ve been playing League of Legends for long enough, then you’ve probably heard of the never-ending debate over flash.

The question has plagued many LoL players for eternity, and the debate still rages on even to this day. The question is a simple one, but unfortunately, it’s not that simple to answer. All that players want to know is: which key is the best for flash?

The most popular contenders are D and F, the closer key vs the default key. Although both keys are used by millions of players, only 1 can be the winner. In this post, we’re going to settle the debate for good. Armed with a huge list of statics, we’re taking a look at the different keys to determine which is the best. Not only will we take popularity into consideration, but we’ll also take a look at win rate and the different regions around the world. By the time you’ve finished reading this, you’ll know exactly which key is the best, but more importantly, why.

Let’s get started by taking a look at the popularity of the 2 keys.

D and F Around The World

To get things started, let’s look at a simple statistic. If we take all the players who play LoL and ask them which key they use for flash, this will give us an idea of which key is more popular.

worldwide flash stats

After analyzing data from every region worldwide, it’s clear that the F key wins by a considerable 6%. What’s more interesting is that around 4% of players worldwide play a game without using flash. What a rookie mistake!

Not only is flash one of the most popular summoner spells, but it’s also the most useful. We only hope that if you’re one of those people reading this post, you’ll soon be able to see how important it is.

If we take the remaining percentage from the 4% stat, then we can easily work out that 96% of players pick flash. There’s a good chance that the 4% who don’t are either playing a different game mode or a champion that doesn’t really benefit from it e.g. Shaco. So now you know F is more popular than D, does that settle the debate? Not really. When we look at the keys from a regional perspective, everything changes.

regional flash stats

Despite the global statistic favoring F, there are actually some individual regions out there that favor D instead. From looking at the chart above it’s clear that EUW, EUNE, BR, RU, TR, LAN and LAS all favor D over F. That’s 7 out of the 10 regions! With so many favoring D, how come F is the global favorite? Probably because Korea has 73% of its players using F.

Just from looking at the chart above, if you ran into a random player on the street then there would be a good chance they would use D. Unless you happened to be in Korea of course. These global and individual stats might be interesting to look at, but does any of this even matter? To find that out, we have to compare the win rate of the 2 keys.

Win Rate

If one key is more popular than the other key then surely that makes it the best? Well not exactly. If the D key was the most popular but had the lowest win rate then would you use it? Probably not. Although it might be the most popular option, it’s clearly not the best option. Taking a look at the win rate for the different keys is clearly an important factor when trying to determine which is the best.

Just like above, if we take the global win rate of both keys we get some very interesting stats.

worldwide win rate stats

The first thing you’ll notice is that globally the D key has a slightly higher win rate. Although a 0.1% difference might not be significant, it’s still higher. What’s more interesting from the stats is that players who do pick flash have a minimum 0.8% higher chance of winning. If you’re one of those people who only take ignite and teleport, then think again! This is clear evidence that picking flash can give you a significant advantage in game.

If we take the analysis further and break down the win rate of certain keys for each division, then we also get some new interesting statistics.

win rate by divisions

As you can see, the win rate in the Bronze division is clearly much higher for the F key. This is probably because it’s the default key and many players don’t even know they can change it. Compare this to other divisions and it’s almost the same apart from 2. The 2 divisions which prefer the D key to the F key are Master and Challenger. If the best players in the world are using the D key for their flash, then shouldn’t you be as well?

As you can see from the charts we’ve covered, F might be the most popular key used for flash globally. However, when you break it down its clear D is more commonly used by players in higher divisions such as Master and Challenger. If you’re looking to improve your game and increase your win rate, then consider changing your flash to D. The stats don’t lie!

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