The Top 5 Best League of Legends Cosplays

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The Top 5 Best League of Legends Cosplays

League of legends cosplaying is an increasingly popular past-time, with some cosplayers producing fantastic and amazing costumes totally from scratch. Cosplayers often attend conventions as their favourite in game characters or just do it for fun and as a hobby. Some are even professional cosplayers and make a living from their creations through merchandise sales and running their own online communities. Here we take a look at the five best League of Legends cosplays that we’re ever seen – and they’re very impressive!

What is Cosplaying?

Cosplay is short for “costume play” and involves dressing up in costumes/outfits as your favourite characters, be they anything from video games such as League of Legends cosplays to film, comic book or anime characters. Many people cosplay as a form of expression or to join a community of like-minded people, whilst others just do it for a bit of fun. Some cosplayers even make a living from it, appearing at conventions or in commercials as their favourite fictional characters.

Our Top 5 League of Legends Cosplays

#5 Ahri by Lindsay Elyse

ahri cosplay

This Pool Party Ahri cosplay by Lindsay Elyse might look simple, but the work and attention to detail in that fur tail is amazing. You can follow Lindsay on Twitter here to see more of her creations – she is incredibly talented!

#4 Yasuo by Yoshplay

yasuo cosplay

We were really impressed by this Yasuo League of Legends cosplay from Yoshplay. A huge amount of work went in to creating the armour for this piece but it has definitely paid off as it looks fantastic! Plus, the pose matches the official Yasuo splash art – a nice attention to detail! You can find more of Yoshplay’s work and follow his creations at his Facebook page.

#3 Jinx by SilentCircus90

jinx cosplay

This Jinx cosplay by SilentCircus90 is one of the best we’ve ever seen. The attention to detail is fantastic, right down to the small details on her weapons. SilentCircus90 is actually a freelance cosplayer and makes a living from her creations, taking commissions for cosplay projects, including League of Legends cosplays. You can see more of her awesome work on her Deviant Art page.  

#2 Ziggs by Jessica Nigri

ziggs cosplay
Jessica Nigri is one of the most well known cosplayers out there, with over 2.7 million fans on her Facebook page. There’s good reason for that too – her work is absolutley amazing! We love this Ziggs cosplay and you can check out more of her work, including other League of Legends cosplays on her Facebook page or purchase prints via her website. 

#1 Garen by Junkers Cosplay

garen cosplay

What can we say about this Garen cosplay other than WOW, it’s incredible! The attention to detail on the costume and effort put in is just out of this world. This is easily the best League of Legends Cosplay that we have ever seen – and probably will ever see. You can keep up to date with Junkers Cosplay’s latest work and creations on his blog or his Facebook page, which contains other League of Legends cosplays such as Tryndamere and Lee Sin (both of which are also amazing – you should check them out). So there we have it, our top 5 best League of Legends cosplays.

What do you think of them? Are there any you think we should have included but haven’t? Let us know in the comments below! In the meantime, why not check out our range of League of Legends smurf accounts – we offer low prices and a 100% guarantee to help you save time in levelling up your smurfs.

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