The Ultimate League of Legends Keyboard List 2019

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The Ultimate League of Legends Keyboard List 2019

Playing League of Legends can be tough, but it’s even harder when you don’t have the right gear.

Have you ever pressed Flash only for it to not go off? You 100% pushed it, but somehow nothing happened and you ended up dead. If you’ve experienced this or something similar, then you probably need to upgrade your keyboard.

Recently there has been a massive increase in mechanical keyboards as their popularity for gaming has risen dramatically. Unlike conventional keyboards that you can pick up for a few bucks, these mechanical keyboards are specifically designed for gaming. Thanks to their super low response time, they are ideal for playing video games. Not only do they respond faster than standard keyboards, but you can also easily determine when a key has been pressed.

All of this greatly benefits the user and gives them a huge advantage over players using traditional keyboards. If you want every advantage you can have in LoL; then you need a mechanical keyboard.

To help you pick the right keyboard, we’re counting down the best League of Legends keyboards. We’ve done all the research for you to come up with a comprehensive list of the top keyboards. Including some fan favorites and our own personal favorites, these are the hottest and most popular keyboards available today.

So without further ado, take a look at this awesome League of Legends keyboard list.

Logitech G710 Keyboard

g710 keyboard image

Known for their range of computer components including mice, headset and keyboards, Logitech has produced a range of high-quality products for decades. One of their newest and most popular products is their G710 gaming keyboard.

Built with gamers in mind, the keyboard features a range of different cherry MX keys including the traditional blue keys as well as browns. In true gaming tradition, the keyboard also includes a variety of additional macro keys to the left and top of the normal keys. If you’re the type of person that re-binds their game commands, then you might find these very useful.

Included with the keyboard is also a wrist rest to help keep you comfortable during those extended gaming sessions. With plenty of 5-star reviews and the backing of professional gamers such as C9 Sneaky and TSM Jensen, this keyboard is definitely an excellent choice for anyone in search of a new League of Legends keyboard.

Rosewill Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

rosewill keyboard

If you’re looking for a no thrills attached mechanical gaming keyboard; then this Rosewill keyboard is exactly what you’re looking for. Although this might look a bit basic and bland, looks can be deceiving.

Available in a range of different cherry MX switches including the speedy red, traditional blue and even a brown version.

Unlike other keyboards on this list, the Rosewill doesn’t feature any additional macro keys. For some players this will be a letdown, especially if you play other games that require them. However, if you’re a massive League fan and only want to dedicate yourself to one game, then you might actually prefer it without them.

Although the keys aren’t backlit or RGB on this keyboard, you still get a lot for your money. It might not be as good looking as some of the other keyboards, but it still does its job and that’s all that matters!

Corsair Gaming K70 Keyboard

corsair gaming keyboard

Just missing out on the top spot of our League of Legends keyboard list is the Corsair gaming K70 keyboard. Known for its durability and excellent warranty, Corsair is also a great brand who produce a whole range of PC components.

The keyboard itself is available in a range of different switches and styles including a red version and a blue version. If you prefer some more colors in your life, then you can also pick up the RGB version appropriately named the K70 LUX. That version is available in brown switches as well as red switches.

If you’re looking for something a bit speedier, then you also try one of the newer editions of the keyboard, the K70 RAPIDFIRE. These switches are dubbed as the fastest ones yet and are 40% faster than red switches. That means you’ll never complain about not hitting Flash in time again!

Overall for its price the K70 is a solid keyboard that will definitely help improve your gameplay. If you still have a traditional keyboard then splashing a bit out on a mechanical one is sure to work wonders to your rank.

Razer BlackWidow Chroma Keyboard

razer blackwidow keyboard

One of the most popular keyboards ever released, this keyboard definitely deserves the number 1 spot on our list. Launched back in 2010, this keyboard has had plenty of variations and different switches over the years which means today you can almost buy any combination.

One of the newest releases is the RGB version that features custom clicky green switches produced by Razer themselves. If you’re not a fan of the loud clicky keys then don’t worry, it also comes in a silent version which features Razer’s orange switches.

For those who enjoy long gaming sessions then Razer has also got you covered. With their BlackWidow Chroma V2, Razer updated their classic keyboard to feature an ergonomic wrist rest. Following the tradition of their previous releases, they also released a silent version with quieter keys.

If those prices look a bit too eye-watering for you then don’t worry, Razer’s got you covered yet again! You can still pick up one of their older keyboards which doesn’t feature the RGB Chroma lighting for a lot less than the newer keyboards. Not only does that save you lots of money, but who needs a rainbow continually flashing in their face? You can pick up the classic BlackWidow Ultimate 2014 in the standard green switches or the silent orange switches.

With so many variations available from RGB chroma to tactile and silent keys, the Razer BlackWidow is a well-refined keyboard that only gets better with age.

League of Legends Keyboards Special Mentions

So there you have it, the best League of Legends keyboards available. No matter if you love those Cherry MX blues, reds or browns, there are plenty of keyboards out there for everyone, no matter your price range!

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