Best LoL Champions in Each Role

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Best LoL Champions in Each Role

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This week we take a look at the best LoL champions in each role and which you should use to climb the ranked ladder. This list contains the best LoL champions in each role for patch 5.9 – the champions on this list may not be the best LoL champions in future patches but will likely always remain strong. With the recent release of Champion Mastery, why not master these champions to give yourself the best chance of climbing the ranked ladder!

Best LoL Champions in Top Lane

With the current patch favouring a tank meta, the best top laners in LoL are all (unsurprisingly) best when following a tank build order. The current top 3 best LoL champions in top lane are as follows:


A top lane Hecarim running teleport is one of the best LoL champions available at the moment. As Hecarim converts extra movement speed in to attack damage, consider building boots with homeguard, then teleporting in to the middle of a teamfight – instant destruction!


Slightly below Hecarim on the top lane tier list, Wukong is still incredibly strong. He is particularly useful in lower-level ranked games (silver/bronze) as players are often unsure how to deal with his clone when he pops it, allowing for easy escapes. Wukongs ultimate ability, Cyclone, can put out huge amounts of AOE damage to surrounding opponents, easily winning a teamfight.


Riven is incredibly strong, but requires excellent mechanics to play. Players with a high level of mechanical skill will find that Riven is one of the best LoL champions around – a simple triple Q in lane will out-trade any opponent and result in a won lane. Riven’s shield also makes her an un-killable tank if she gets fed, whilst still putting out huge amounts of damage.

Best LoL Champions in Mid Lane

As usual, the best LoL champions in mid lane this patch are mage assassins. However, Cho’Garth is also a strong pick this time round, brining something slightly different to the standard mid lane picks.


LeBlanc is the stuff of nightmares for most players to play against. Her very high burst damage means she can out-trade almost any other mid lane champion and her high level of mobility and escapes means she can get out without taking any damage herself. If playing LeBlanc, players must have excellent mechanics (as an example, the world’s best professional player, Faker, plays LeBlanc as his main champion).


Ahri has always been a popular assassin-mage but with many champions being nerfed in the recent patch she is once again a top-tier pick. Her excellent mobility is a very useful tool against many popular junglers such as Gragas or Sejuani, meaning she can dominate the mid-lane post level 6 due to a reduced gank threat.


Traditionally a tanky jungler, Cho’Garth is incredibly strong this patch when played as an AP Mage in the mid lane. His natural tankiness helps counter the assassin champions such as LeBlanc and Ahri, whilst his AP scalings allow for excellent damage with only a few items.

Best LoL Champions in Jungle

The tank meta is perhaps strongest in the jungle, with tank junglers being the only realistic choice for people wanting to climb the ranked ladder. However, there is some variation in that both crowd control and mobility based tanks work well this patch.


He might be a sad mummy, but that doesn’t stop Amumu for being one of the best LoL. The percentage based damage on his W is an excellent counter to the current tank meta (especially when coupled with a Liandry’s Torment) but his ult is where he is most useful. The AOE damage from Curse of the Sad Mummy scales at 80% of AP and the 2 second stun can take out the entire enemy team is played right.


Sejuani fits very well in to the current tank meta due to her excellent base stats and scalings. Also, her ability to escape over walls on the rift should not be underestimated – if can often be the difference between winning or losing a teamfight. Her ultimate, Glacial Prison, is excellent if landed properly and will single-handedly change teamfights.


Again fitting the tank meta, Rek’Sai can also put out huge amounts of damage if built right. However, her mobility is where she really shines – her ultimate allows her to travel to any of her tunnels on the map and gives her a global presence – something very useful for a jungler. This also allows for excellent objective control if playing an objective-based strategy.

Best LoL Champions for AD Carry

Very little has changed in the AD Varry role since the start of season 5 and this patch is no exception. Jinx is still easily the top-tier AD Carry but the recent Ashe rework has made her a strong and interesting pick.


Easily the strongest AD Carry right now and arguably the best LoL champion in terms of in-game influence. Although Jinx received a minor nerf to her ultimate recently, most players won’t even notice it. Her very high damage, coupled with her mobility from her passive, make Jinx an excellent choice of champion to carry with.


Sivir is a solid, strong pick in the bot lane. Her Q will shred tagets if it hits at max range (whilst hitting anyone else in the way) and her ultimate gives the whole team a fantastic engage. However, her spellshield is the most useful aspect of her kit. It prevents any ability at all from affecting Sivir (the shield is destroyed after one ability) which is very useful in lane against crowd control (Blitz/Thresh grabs) and in teamfights against many popular champions (for example, she can prevent an Amumu ult from stunning her).


Ashe was in a good place before her rework, but post-rework she is even stronger. Her new “minigun” ability will put out huge amounts of damage against structures allowing for some great pushing power. The lack of mobility isn’t a huge issue for skilled Ashe players as she can kite very easily with her Frost Shot and Volley. Her new Hawkshot allows for global vision on quite a short cooldown, giving the whole team excellent objective control.

Best LoL Champions for Support

Crowd control is the way of the support in this patch, with all top-tier supports having excellent crowd control in their kits. However, not all top-tier supports need to be tanks now with the re-emergence of Sona as an excellent pick.


Thresh has always been strong and this patch is no exception. His grab is an excellent crowd control tool both in lane and in teamfights and his kit allows him to peel very well for his AD Carry. Dark Passage allows for immobile champions, such as a Jinx or Ashe AD Carry, to escape from dangerous situations or quickly join a fight. The Box can be used in teamfights in a similar fashion to a Jarvan ultimate, zoning out high risk targets.


With her recent DJ Sona skin, Sona has become quite popular recently. Her kit is very strong with excellent AP scalings, allowing for huge damage on her Q and good healing on her W. Crescendo is a teamfight changing ability providing excellent crowd control.


The queen of crowd control, Leona can lock up any enemy champion for a very long time, rendering them useless. However as well as her crowd control, Leona can also put out a lot of damage – particularly when coupling her passive with her AD Carry. Leona also fits very well in to the tank meta and is useful as a frontline engage.   Who do you think are the best LoL champions? Let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear from you!

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