The Best League of Legends Champions

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The Best League of Legends Champions

When you’re playing League of Legends you want to win, if you don’t, you’re probably trolling – in which case why are you reading this? In order to snatch victory from your opponents, you need to make sure you pick the right champion for the job.

Finding a Champion that works is easier said than done though. Ask 100 different LoL players which Champion they think is best, and you’ll get 100 different answers. With so much debate over who’s best, who should you believe

To settle the matter, we’re looking at the champions with the highest win rate percentage in game. After all, the stats don’t lie! If a certain champion has a really high win rate over thousands of games, then it’s safe to say that it’s not the player who’s OP, it’s the champion. To support our claim for the best champion for each lane, we’ll be using in-game data and statistics to determine which Champions have the highest win rate. We’ll then be choosing ones indicative of what’s currently strong in the meta.

So it’s time to settle the age-old question, which champion is the best? Or in this case, which champion is the best for each individual role?

Best Top Lane Champion – Teemoteemo

Not only does Teemo have a win rate of 52%, but he has a reputation for making opponents as toxic as his darts. We still have to ask; What is it that makes Teemo a better top lane champion than say, Fiora?

Teemo has an immense amount of lane presence. The fact that he’s a ranged Champion means that he can poke most top laners for the entire laning phase. In addition to this, we can’t forget his ability to scarper out of combat – all the while cackling as he leads his opponent through a noxious minefield.

If all goes well for Teemo, he will have poked his opponent away from the farm, while easily getting fed himself. Of course, if he does struggle, he can always ask for the Jungler to give him a hand.

During team fights, Teemo can aid his team by increasing map awareness with mushrooms (Something often overlooked in lower elo: You can’t have victory without vision.)

He also helps serve as a secondary AP Carry, spreading his poison around the enemy team, and watching them slowly succumb.

Best Mid Lane Champion – Zilean

lol zilean

Taking first place with a win rate of 53.91%, the number one champion in the middle lane is Zilean. This might surprise you a bit as he’s rarely seen, but when he finally show’s up in your game, he’s deadly.

With his Time Bombs, Rewind and Time Warp abilities, Zilean can easily dominate his lane when played correctly. Not only are his Time Bombs a great harassment spell, but if used properly they can also provide a very useful stun.

To make things even more annoying for his opponents, Zilean can use his Rewind to reduce the cooldown of his Time Bombs and Time Warp by 10 seconds every time he activates it. His Time Warp also plays an important role in his high win percentage as it can be used as a handy crowd control on enemies or a speed boost on himself. To top things off, just when you think you’ve killed him, Zilean can activate his ultimate which will bring him back to life upon taking fatal damage. Oh, and he can also revive other players, so have fun trying to take down that fed Vayne twice in a row.

When not in the middle lane, Zilean can help support other players by giving them extra experience points, boosting their speed, and saving them from death. With his ability to play in multiple roles it’s no surprise, Zilean is a top mid laner.

Best ADC Champion – Twitch

twitch image

Although rats aren’t exactly the most popular animal in the real world, they most certainly are in summoner’s rift. With a win rate of 52.37%, the best ADC champion to play is most definitely Twitch.

Unlike other ADC’s who rely solely on raw damage (Jhin, Vayne, Caitlyn) Twitch has plenty of other sneaky abilities which can help him pull off some game changing plays.

His passive, ability – which deals damage over time to all the enemies he attacks – can often be the damage that deals the killing blow. When you think of how many times an enemy has got away on 40HP or less, that would never be the case if you were playing Twitch. Plus, it also helps you secure kills, making you even more fed!

One of his most notorious abilities is his Ambush, which allows him to become camouflaged for up to 14 seconds. In this time, he gains bonus movement speed and can easily reposition himself in lane, allowing him to wait for the perfect moment. When the camouflage is up, Twitch will gain bonus attack speed for 5 seconds which can be stacked with anything, including his ultimate.

With an AOE slow, the ability to deal extra damage to poisoned enemies, and an ultimate that grants additional attack range and damage, Twitch has all the abilities to make him the number 1 ADC.

Best Jungle Champion – Udyr

udyr lol champion

Udyr is definitely no joke when it comes to jungling. Although he’s a jack of all trades, he’s definitely not a master of none. abilities. His unique abilities mean he’s capable of surviving the new, – and more deadly – jungle, while also being capable of dueling most enemy Junglers.

His Phoenix stance also makes him an exceptional counter-jungler! You can clear out Raptors in a matter of seconds, and then Monkey Stance it out of there before anyone even notices your presence.

Many will claim that Udyr is a noob Champion, but in reality he needs a certain amount of skill to play. The ability to recieve all your desired bonuses by swapping between stances at the right time can be difficult. Especially when you take into account the fact that he also has to position in hectic teamfights.

Best Support Champion – Janna

lol janna image

When it comes to support, you want a champion that can assist your team with stuns and snares, as well as providing protection. With a win rate of 51.67%, Janna’s brilliance will blow you away.

Janna has plenty of useful skills that can have a huge advantage in game, from a shield to a knock up, Janna has something for every situation. Her Howling Gale allows Janna to summon a whirlwind which knocks up all enemies in its path. When in the middle of a team fight, this can be great at disabling and disorientating enemies. Her Eye of the Storm allows Janna to place a protective shield on an ally or herself that grants bonus attack damage and protects her from damage.

Her ultimate, Monsoon, knocks back all enemies and heals all allies within the radius every second for  3 seconds in total. When in a team fight, this ultimate can mass crowd control enemies and provide a much-needed heal to all of your allies. Combining all her skills together, Janna is an excellent support champion and it’s not hard to see why she is the best.

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