The Best League of Legends Cosplays

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The Best League of Legends Cosplays

Cosplay is a big industry around the world. If you thought dressing up was only for kids at Halloween then think again. Nowadays thousands of video game, film and comic fans from all over the world dress up as their favorite characters and show off their costumes at Cosplay conventions. With League of Legends being so popular, it was only a matter of time before people started dressing up as champions.

So just what is Cosplaying?

What Is Cosplaying?

Cosplaying is the practice of dressing up as a character from films, books, video games or comic books. Similar to dressing up for Halloween or fancy dress, Cosplayers take their outfits much more seriously. In fact, Cosplayers can spend thousands of dollars and man-hours on their costumes to make them as perfect and realistic as possible.

Since the release of League of Legends back in 2009, many Cosplayers have made some awesome League of Legends Cosplays. These Cosplays are so realistic and highly detailed that you’d think you’re actually on Summoner’s Rift!

The good thing about dressing up as League of Legends champions is that there are hundreds of them. 138 to be exact, and with new champions being released every year this brings plenty of new costume ideas for Cosplayers.

To give you an example of how great these Cosplays are we’ve handpicked the best League of Legends Cosplays for certain champions. We’ve also included details about the Cosplayer and where you can go to find more of their awesome work.

The Best Annie League of Legends Cosplays

Benny-Lee – Goth Annie

lol cosplay

This cool Goth Annie Cosplay features an incredibly detailed costume which also includes Tibbers. The Cosplayer is perfect for this costume and we don’t think they could have found anyone better. We love the scenery, custom-made Tibbers, and the overall theme of the costume.

Yelenaivy – Panda Annie

lol cosplay

This Cosplay features Annie in the Panda skin where Tibbers has been changed into a Panda. This Cosplay captures all the details of the skin perfectly. The background and digital effects also make this Cosplay extra awesome.

TitanesqueCosplay – Classic Annie

lol cosplay

Just from looking at this Cosplay you can instantly tell a lot of time and effort went into creating the costumes. We love this Cosplay because you can tell no expense has been spared on both Annie and Tibbers. (For those wondering it’s actually a tall guy in the Tibbers costume)

The Best Jinx League of Legends Cosplays

Kinpatsu-Cosplay – Classic Jinx

lol cosplay

This highly detailed Classic Jinx Cosplay features a custom-made weapon and a costume with all the fine details included. We can tell a lot of time has gone into making the loose cannon and we think it looks great!

Nadyasonika – Firecracker Jinx

lol cosplay

This fantastic Firecracker Jinx Cosplay includes both her loose cannon and minigun to make an awesome Cosplay. We especially love the detail on the weapons and her tattoos.

MilliganVick – Classic Jinx

lol cosplay

Another excellent example of a good Cosplay is this perfect Classic Jinx Cosplay. The costume includes everything as well as an awesome minigun and tattoos. We think the whole background and digital effects really make this Cosplay come to life.

The Best Ahri League of Legends Cosplays

ToukoCosplay – Foxfire Ahri

lol cosplay

This awesome Cosplay by ToukoCosplay brings the Foxfire Ahri skin to life. With a nice reddish theme, the colors blend in beautifully with the background scenery. We especially love the blue orb and all of her tails!

Yukigodbless – Challenger Ahri

lol cosplay

Some Cosplays are so good you need to take while to process the amount of detail in the costumes. This Cosplay is exactly one of them! With so much detail on the handcrafted armor and tails, it can take a while to soak everything in. We definitely love her glowing orb and those furry ears.

RinnieRiot – Popstar Ahri

lol cosplay

This stunning Popstar Ahri Cosplay ticks all the boxes from a great costume to a great cosplayer. We love the added details of the whiskers and the microphone as well as the pink tails.

The Best Lulu League of Legends Cosplays

Kurorochan – Classic Lulu

lol cosplay

This wonderful Cosplay captures the moment Lulu interacts with a butterfly that has just landed on her staff. The lighting and colors really bring this cosplay to life and we love the lilac hair that matches so well with the costume.

Nimdra – Winter Wonder Lulu

lol cosplay

Winter is a great time for sitting in front of the fireplace but it’s also a great time to show off your Winter Wonder Lulu Cosplay! This breath-taking Cosplay captures the Winter spirit perfectly with its bright blue colors. We love how her mesmerizing blue eyes match the overall theme of the costume and really bring it to life.

talyBb – Dragon Trainer Lulu

Dragon Trainer Lulu Cosplay
This fabulous Cosplay is one of our favorites as it includes everything that makes an amazing cosplay. The costume is highly detailed all the way down to the stitching and the cosplayers smile is the finishing touch. We think the scenery and background with the sun shining definitely makes this cosplay out of this world.

The Best Ashe League of Legends Cosplays

NunnallyLol – Freljord Ashe

lol cosplay

This Cosplay captures Ashe in the Jungle read to take aim at some enemies she’s spotted. The whole costume is based on Freljord Ashe and features a white and gold color theme. We love how her hair matches the overall costume and the background turns it into a great picture.

Yayacosplay – Heartseeker Ashe

lol cosplay

Love is in the air with this amazing Heartseeker Ashe Cosplay. This highly detailed Cosplay is one of the best we’ve seen and is perfect in every single way. From the custom-made bow and arrows to the handmade gloves and cape, this cosplay seriously has it all. The finished look? A League of Legends cosplay that’s bound to make you fall in love!

Missyeru – Classic Ashe

lol cosplay

This cosplay pulls off the Classic Ashe look perfectly. With her blue glowing bow and arrows, it’s like she’s jumped straight out of summoner’s rift. We love the added snow effects to give it that extra level of depth and the concentration on the Cosplayer’s face. If we were in the rift then we’d totally be jumping behind Braum’s shield about now.

C9 Sneaky – Pizza Delivery Sivir

c9 sneaky pizza delivery

Did someone order pizza? Well, Sneaky certainly did! This cosplay is based on the April fools skin pizza delivery Sivir and features the professional Cloud 9 ADC player “Sneaky” dressed up in all his glory. The attention to detail in this cosplay is superb and the pizza looks so real we could eat it! …wait a sec…

Jasper Sardonicus – Jayce

jayce cosplay

Have you ever seen a League of Legends cosplay so good that it looks like someone has just walked out of the game? Well, take a look at this! Based on the champion Jayce, cosplayer Jasper Sardonicus has managed to create this highly impressive cosplay outfit. With amazing detail on his armor and weapon, this cosplay definitely deserves a mention on our list.

We hope you enjoyed our list of League of Legends coplays! In the meantime, why not check out our range of League of Legends smurf accounts – we offer low prices and a 100% guarantee to help you save time in leveling up your smurfs.

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