Top League of Legends Players 2019

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Top League of Legends Players 2019

With so many excellent League of Legends players to choose from, it’s hard to pick just one pro as our favorite, however, we’ve managed to narrow it down to the top 4!

Cho “Mata” Se-hyeong

lol pro mata
Mata is something of a veteran in the competitive scene, having been around since Season 3. Since then, he’s achieved heights most pros can only dream of – for instance;

As of 2019, he has 5 Challenger accounts in Korea. The best part is that those accounts cover all 5 League of Legends roles. So, while we’re here struggling to get good enough at a single role so that we don’t feed, Mata is out there playing all of them like a god. This gives him a strong advantage over other Support players, which we’ll touch on shortly, but first let’s look at the most notable skills that makes Mata a top-tier Support and worthy of being known as one of the best League of Legends players.

Map Control

Mata knows the map like the back of his hand. Watch a single match, and you’ll see how he carefully eliminates enemy vision, while also moving his wards into strategic locations as needed, he doesn’t even mind replacing them constantly and hardly ever waits for them to time out.

This excellent map control leads to him knowing when the perfect windows to roam into other lanes will be, and this creates a massive gold advantage for him and his team. Most supports aren’t as confident during a lane swap, but Mata’s experience in all five roles means that he knows exactly how to play enemy top laners like a fiddle.


We know, this one seems silly – if you’re a professional player then it goes without saying that your mechanics are second to none, but again, he’s an expert of all lanes.

If you want to peel an Irelia off, then you need to know how she works, and what better way to know how she works than to play her? Master your enemy, master yourself. (Yes, we may have just ripped off a Lee Sin quote.)

He also has a great synergy with any ADC he works alongside with, being able to adapt to their playstyle, no matter what it might be – although he’s known for fighting alongside Imp as they share a love of aggression and never fail to assert lane dominance.

Bae “Bang” Jun-sik


Bang took his time getting into competitive play, and although he remained at the top of the Korean solo queue ladder, many assumed that’s as far as he’d go. They were wrong about that, but it took a special Support to plug the holes in Bangs playstyle, which is why we need to mention Wolf here.

Support and ADC are so intertwined that it’s often unfair to mention one without the other, and that couldn’t be truer than in the case of Bang and Wolf. Most ADC’s play a levelheaded, strategic game, and although Bang is capable of that, he usually relies on his gut feeling, swift reaction time and mobility.

This often goes against SKT’s rigorously thought out way of planning, but Wolf always managed to prevent his hectic playstyle from getting him killed; And we’d love to know how he manages to do it when Bang is playing Vayne and tumbling all over the place.

Bang has stated that “The most important thing for an ADC is to not die” and he sticks to this rule very well. When he first joined SKT, most people expected him to be sat in Fakers shadow, but since then he’s shown that he can keep up. All right, he might not be as good, but he’s still often relied on to be the primary carry.

Han “Peanut” Wang-ho

lol pro peanut

If there’s a player who leads the Jungle meta, it’s Peanut. If you had played Nidalee Jungle before Peanut helped make it mainstream you would have had four angry teammates threatening to report you. However, then Peanut landed on the scene, sniping down laners with Javelins from the undergrowth and pouncing in to secure the kill.

As for what makes Peanut stand out; He’s an excellent solo player, and is most comfortable farming the Jungle alone. It goes further than that though; He’s stated in interviews that he needs his teammates words in order to play. Otherwise, he thinks on his own and makes serious mistakes.

He’s also a firm believer that almost any champion can be played in any role, so long as you do sufficient research and practice the Champion a lot. Some might find Peanuts unusual picks refreshing as it breaks the meta, but there are many people who hate him for all the awful Nidalee junglers they used to have in their games.

Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu


Funnily enough, Deft attended the same high school as Faker. A high school that must be pretty proud of the fact that they taught the best mid laner in the world. (And debatably the best ADC)

The main reason Deft stands out from the crowd is because of his ability to spell weave. Spell weaving is when a player uses spells in time with auto attacks, animation canceling and movements to get the most damage possible. Taking that into account, it’s no wonder his favorite Champion is Ezreal, who is continually flinging out spells and auto-attacking.

Other players are better at different aspects of being an ADC, but it’s hard to deny that Defts Caitlyn and Ezreal are the best. It’s just too bad that the current meta has made him as useful as a chocolate teapot, but oh well, he’s still one of the best League of Legends players.

Overall he’s safer than other ADC’s, and because of this you won’t see him in as many highlight reels, but in terms of games won, he’s doing very well for himself.

Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok


If you’re surprised that Faker is here, you probably haven’t been following the pro scene for very long. This list is of course, completely subjective, but It’s difficult to deny the godlike status of Faker and the fact that he is the best lol player.

We’re not going to focus on what makes Faker good, because it can be summed up with ease; Everything. Although what we will do, is take a look at why he’s so brilliant.

What makes Faker so good is a very complex question, but the fact is that he sees the game in a way that very, very few people do. Like how some painters can produce breathtaking portraits, or how certain writers can weave complex narratives that are unrivaled.

Still, no one reaches Legendary status by sitting around, and Faker is known to put in more hours than almost anyone. He was also a massive Starcraft fan before League of Legends was released, and this gave him the knowledge of how to micromanage resources and handle high-pressure situations. Unfortunately, there is no secret to Fakers success, other than; Put in the hours.

Korean pros train far harder than any other region if you want to truly be good at something you need to be obsessed. Most of us play three games a day and moan that we aren’t Diamond, or we blame our teammates or lag.

If you want to reach the heights Faker has achieved you need to play religiously, you’ve got to wake up in the morning and train until you’ve given all you can until you’re exhausted. And that, is all there is to it.

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