League of Legends Infographic: Who’s the Best Yordle?

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League of Legends Infographic: Who’s the Best Yordle?

If you don’t know what a Yordle is then they’re super small creatures that rarely exceed 1 metre in height. Yordles are fun loving creatures in League of Legends that, although are small in size, aren’t afraid to put up a fight. Most Yordles currently live in Ruddynip Valley which is known as the Yordle Land, where Bandle City is located. Yordles have exceptionally longer life spans than humans, this is partially due to the innate magic within all yordles. 

Long live the Yordles!

Who Is The Best Yordle?

There are currently 11 Yordle Champions in League of Legends. We’ve put together an awesome League of Legends infographic for you to show which is currently the best Yordle:


As you can see as of the latest patch 6.12 the best Yordle is currently Veigar who currently has a win rate of 50.75%. This is a completely different story compared to Corki who has been the worst performing Yordle for the past 5 patches! Currently Corki has a win rate of 45.43% and actually had an even lower win rate of 42.09% back in patch 6.10! Talk about embarrassing…

For the past few patches Teemo has consistently been in the top 3 places making him one of the strongest Yordles. Veigar has also been in the top 3 and has claimed the number one spot twice! Clearly he must be doing something right with his dark magic.

Rumble has also been giving everyone a run for their money as he’s also appeared in the top 3 positions for the last 5 patches. He also has a secret crush on Tristana and has called his robot Tristy but shhh don’t tell her!

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