The Best Mid Laners in League of Legends Season 7

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The Best Mid Laners in League of Legends Season 7

If you want to win in League of Legends, then you need a good mid laner on your team. A mid laners job is to level as quickly as possible so they can help carry their team to victory. However, not all mid lane champions are made equally, some are far more powerful than others.

In order to dominate the mid lane, you need to make sure you’re picking the best champion for the job. With 35 mid laner champions available (and debatably more) it can be hard knowing which one to pick.

Since there are so many League of Legends “experts” out there, getting a straight answer from someone can be difficult. Instead of us giving you a long winded answer into who we think are the best mid laners in League of Legends, we’re leaving it to statistics.

Using data from, we’ve found the best mid laners with the highest chance of winning in Season 7. Looking at their win rate, ban rate and popularity, we can quickly work out which mid laners you should be playing now.

Here are the best mid laners in League of Legends for Season 7.

Best Mid Laners Season 7

ziggs image

5. Ziggs

  • Popularity: 2.7% (Fairly popular)
  • Win Rate: 53.2% (Above average)
  • Ban Rate: 0.1% (Very low)
  • Average Kills/Deaths/Assists: 5.9 / 4.9 / 7.3

Starting our list of the best mid laners is this little fluff of trouble, Ziggs. With his deadly AOE ultimate ability, Ziggs can score a pentakill in a flash making him an excellent member of any team. He also has great mobility and crowd control thanks to his bomb which can help him quickly take down towers.

Taking a look at his statistics Zigg is fairly popular with a popularity rating of 2.7%. Combine this with his very low ban rate of 0.1% and win rate of 53.2%, it’s clear to see why Ziggs is one of the best mid laners.

4. Talontalon champion

  • Popularity: 4.3% (Fairly popular)
  • Win Rate: 53.6% (Above average)
  • Ban Rate: 4.8% (Medium)
  • Average Kills/Deaths/Assists: 8.8 / 6.0 / 5.6

Next on our list of the best mid laners is the high damage assassin Talon. When it comes to high damage and mobility, Talon is an excellent choice. His Rake and Noxian Diplomacy allows him to constantly harasses his opponents in lane while his Assassin’s path and ultimate allows him to escape.

Looking at his statistics, Talon also has a relatively high popularity rating coming in at 4.3%. However, with great popularity also comes a high ban rate. Talon currently has a ban rate of 4.8% which is the 2nd highest on our list. However, that’s probably because he has the highest kill ratio out of everyone else and can be a huge threat on the rift.
malzahar mid lane champion

3. Malzahar

  • Popularity: 6.0% (Very popular)
  • Win Rate: 54.4% (High)
  • Ban Rate: 8.5% (High)
  • Average Kills/Deaths/Assists: 5.3 / 4.9 / 7.3

Moving on with our list, the next mid lane champion that’s dominating the mid lane in Season 7 is Malzahar. With his annoying voidlings, heavy DoT ability, and suppressing ultimate, Malzahar can be very difficult to play against. Hence why his stats are so high.

Malzahar’s current popularity rating is 6.0% which makes him a very popular pick. That’s most likely due to the fact that he has a high win rate of 54.4% and everyone wants in on his success. This also means that he has a relatively high ban rate and most players don’t want to face him in the mid lane. If Malzahar happens to slip through the bans in your game, then he’s a solid pick that could lead you to victory.
annie champion image

2. Annie

  • Popularity: 2.3% (Fairly popular)
  • Win Rate: 54.7% (high)
  • Ban Rate: 0.6% (Very low)
  • Average Kills/Deaths/Assists: 6.6 / 5.5 / 7.0

Just missing out on the number 1 spot as the best League of Legends mid laner for Season 7 is Annie. Having been around since the start of the game back in 2009, Annie has undergone many changes but is still super power in team fights. Thanks to her ultimate and friendly bear, Tibbers, Annie can AOE stun an entire deal while unleashing insane amounts of damage.

Her stats confirm this with her exceptionally high win rate of 54.7%. You might also expect a high ban rate with such a high figure, but somehow Annie rarely gets banned in game. Her ban rate of only 0.6% is rather low compared to others on our list, making it likely you’ll be able to play her almost every game.
aurelion sol image

1. Aurelion Sol

  • Popularity: 1.7% (Not very popular)
  • Win Rate: 55.4% (Very high)
  • Ban Rate: 0.6% (Very low)
  • Average Kills/Deaths/Assists: 6.4 / 4.8 / 8.3

Taking the number one spot as the best League of Legends mid lane champion for Season 7 is Aurelion Sol. You might disagree with the pick, but the stats and figures don’t lie. Averaging a win rate of 55.4%, there is definitely something about him that makes him so strong.

Maybe it’s his massive attack range or his array of crowd control abilities, whatever the reason, Aurelion Sol is definitely a champion you should be picking. With a ban rate of only 0.6% there’s also a good chance you’ll get to play him in the game. Most of the highly popular champions will get banned as people think they’re a threat when often their win rate is nowhere near a high. High win rate champions usually stay under the radar which makes them perfect for climbing ranked.

Now you know the best mid laners for League of Legends in Season 7, make sure you reach Gold or above to unlock your special end of season rewards!

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