Best League of Legends Pro Player Ever

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Best League of Legends Pro Player Ever

Ever since the launch of League of Legends back in 2009 the pro scene has exploded with hundreds of professional players battling it out to be crowned number 1. But of course, there can only be 1 League of Legends superstar!

We’ve researched hundreds of players from around the world in our attempt to find the best League of Legends pro player. To make our decision, we’ve factored in several things such as age, experience, achievements, statistics and generally popularity. Without further ado here are our top 5 pro players in League of Legends.

5. Aphromoo – Zaqueri Black (Counter Logic Gaming)

Coming in at number 5 on our list is the American multi-laner Aphromoo. With over 6 years of professional League of Legends experience, Aphromoo has played with 9 different teams and has played 2 different roles competitively.

Aphromoo first hit the League of Legends pro scene back in 2011 when he first started playing for Team Rez. As the game and pro scene progressed, Aphromoo found himself rapidly changing teams. In fact, he played for 7 different teams during the 2012 season before settling with Counter Logic Gaming in December 2012. All this time Aphromoo was playing ADC in the bot lane and his popularity as a player quickly rose thanks to his streaming. Upon joining Counter Logic Gaming, Aphromoo switched his main role to support in order to fill a needed space.

Since January 2014 Aphromoo has been in the starting roster for all Counter Logic games as the main support player. His favorite champions are Sona, Lulu, Thresh and Blitzcrank.

Teaming up to play the bottom lane with fellow Counter Logic team member Doublelift, the duo earned the name “Rush Hour” by many fans and are considered the strongest duo lane in North America.

Many of his notable wins are against the North American team Team SoloMid. Aphromoo has helped Counter Logic Gaming win the 2015 NA LCS Summer Playoffs and 2016 NA LCS Spring Playoffs after defeating Team SoloMid twice.

With a long career as a professional eSports player and having played 2 different roles at a professional level, Aphromoo definitely deserves a mention on our list.

4. Bjergsen – Søren Bjerg (Team SoloMid)

Narrowly avoiding number 5 on our list is the European mid laner Bjergsen. Having lived in North America since November 2013, Bjergsen has been the mid laner for Team SoloMid for over 3 years.

From a young age Bjergsen has been in the League of Legends spotlight ever since joining Western Wolves back in April 2012. At only 16 years old Bjergsen was just getting to grips with the pro scene, and hardly anyone knew his name. Within the first year of joining the team, he quickly transferred to several others including Team-LDLC and Copenhagen Wolves.

It wasn’t until Bjergsen joined Copenhagen Wolves that he started receiving a lot of attention from fans across Europe. Known for his Zilean and Azir picks in the mid lane, Bjergsen quickly picked up plenty of impressive stats that caught the eye of a North American team, Team SoloMid.

His popularity greatly increased when he became the permanent mid laner for Team SoloMid at the age of just 17. Since then he’s been the foundation of the team helping them secure plenty of wins against rivals such as Cloud9 including the 2015 NA LCS Spring Playoffs and 2016 NA LCS Summer Playoffs.

He also won the 1v1 2015 All-Star event in Los Angeles after defeating competition from Clearlove and PraY. In the finals, he beat Doublelift 2 – 1 to claim the 1st place and a spot on our list!

3. MaRin – Jang Gyeong-hwan (Afreeca Freecs)

One of the oldest players on the list, MaRin secures his place as number 3 due to his experience and mastery of champions. Having been involved with the South Korean World Champions SK Telecom T1 for numerous years, it’s obvious MaRin was going to be included somewhere in this list.

Starting his pro career in 2013 at an old age of 22, MaRin joined SK Telecom T1 2 as a substitute player. A few months later the team was completely rebuilt around MaRin and was renamed to SK Telecom T1 S. After a disappointing performance; the team failed to make it out of the 2014 HOT6iX Spring Champions, which was bad news for MaRin as he had never placed in any competitive finals.

In the early 2015 season, SK Telecom were forced to merge two of their teams together to make SK Telecom T1. With their original top laners departure from the team, MaRin was given the starting position for the top lane and a chance to show off his skills.

Throughout his time at SK Telecom T1 he helped the team win 2015 SBENU Spring Playoffs, Summer playoffs, and 2015 World Championship. In addition to this MaRin was also in the line-up for the 2015 All-Star 5v5 event.

Although MaRin no longer plays for SK Telecom T1 he’s hoping his new team Afreeca Freecs is going to be just as successful. Considering he has only been with the team for less than a month only time will tell how successful the team will be. With years of experience playing competitively at a high skill level with undisputedly one of the best teams in the world, MaRin has earned his place on our top list.

2. Uzi – Jian Zi-Hao (Royal Never Give Up)

Considered the best ADC by numerous people due to his knowledge of game mechanics on champions such as Vayne and Lucian, Uzi has proven his abilities by placing in the World Championship Finals twice consecutively.

Starting his career back in October 2012, Uzi joined Royal Club and his legacy was set in stone from his first appearance. While with Royal Club in his two years he helped, his team reach the World Championship finals twice consecutively. Although they lost to SKT1 and Samsung Galaxy his skills did not go unnoticed, and many fans praised him for his incredible ADC plays.

After placing in the World Championship finals twice but not winning, Uzi decided to switch teams which turned out to be a bad move. After playing with his new team OMG, it was apparent that the team had problems integrating him into their existing roster.

After an agonizing season 5, Uzi joined Royal Never Give Up in a bid to finally win the World Championship. His dreams were quickly smashed as RNG was knocked out in the quarterfinals finishing 6th.

Although Uzi has never won the World Championship title, due to his age we think he has plenty of opportunities left. With the experience of playing competitively at such a high skill level it shouldn’t be hard for him to find a suitable team that will take him all the way to the summoner’s cup. With his knowledge of game mechanics and a determination to never give up, Uzi is by far one of the best League of Legends pro players out there.

1. Faker – Lee Sang-hyeok (SK Telecom T1)

Known as the Messi or Ronaldo of eSports, there are plenty of reasons why Faker is number 1 on our list. At the age of 20 he’s already won 3 World Championships with his team SK Telecom T1 which is 3 times more than many pro players win in their entire pro career.

Fakers pro career started back in 2013 when he was dominating the Korean solo queue and caught the eye of SK Telecom who decided they wanted to build a team around him. Originally dubbed SK Telecom T1 2 they exceeded all expectations and ended up placing 3rd in the OLYMPUS Champions Spring 2013.

In just 1 tournament Faker had secured his place as the best mid laner in the world thanks to his aggressive play style. Later on the team was merged together to create SK Telecom T1 and managed to win the Season 3 World Championship on their first attempt. During the tournament, Faker crushed the competition and put up an impressive performance earning him the best player in the world by many fans and fellow players.

During his time at SK Telecom T1 Faker has helped win many tournaments for his team. To date he has helped his team bag 14 1st place placements and 3 2nd place placements.

Along with his fellow teammate Bengi, they are the only 2 players to ever win 3 World Championships. A feat that is not only very impressive but unlikely it will be beaten for a while. Without a question of a doubt, Faker is by far the best player in League of Legends and with many years left of competing who knows what records he will set and break.

If you need another reason why Faker is the best League of Legends player in the world then just watch this video!

Don’t agree with our list? Let us know below!

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