Cheap LoL Accounts – What You Need To Know

By LoL Smurfs


Cheap LoL Accounts – What You Need To Know

With the increasing popularity of League of Legends, more people are buying accounts now than ever, but there’s a downside to that;

“The cheaper the product, the higher the risk.” Is a saying that holds true, no matter what you’re in the market for. Let’s say that you grab a pair of cheap shoes; the worst that can happen is that they leak and you get soggy feet.

When you’re online, though, everything is more dangerous. If you skip doing the research and buy a cheap LoL account, the results could be disastrous.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled a short list of everything you need to know about cheap LoL Accounts! Let’s start with what is likely to be your first stop when considering an account seller.

What you Need to Know About LoL Smurf Customer Reviews

lol smurfs reviews

If you really want to know what a company is like, checking out comments left by other people is a great idea. That said, what if those “other people” are just the company putting on a performance to lure in buyers?

Fake email addresses are everywhere, and sometimes you don’t need to confirm your email to leave a review. Some LoL sellers will even post reviews straight to their site, and faking those takes seconds. Don’t believe me?

“LoL-Smurfs sells the best accounts, and all the people there are super cool!!”

And the truth is, many fake reviews are even lazier than that. If you want to avoid falling for this scam, here’s what you can do;

  • Make sure the reviews are on secure third party sites, such as “
    LoL-Smurfs has received thousands of reviews on there and is an excellent look at reviews done right.
  • Check the timing of reviews.
    Many companies create multiple fake reviews at the same time. If a site receives 50 reviews every week, but 40 of them are created between two and five on a Tuesday, something is up.

Despite these tips, however, there’s no guarantee that you won’t end up dealing with a shady LoL accounts seller. Here’s what you could be in for;

Cheap LoL Account Sellers Can Take Their Account Back

league of legends account stealer

The moment you purchase a LoL account, you should change the email registered to it. Seriously, we can’t recommend this enough.

Even this does not fully guarantee the safety of your account though. Some websites are just waiting for someone to hit “buy” and when they do, they instantly change the email.

We’re sad to say that there’s really no way to avoid someone changing the accounts email. Even if you successfully change the email, we recommend waiting at least a week before purchasing RP.

Your Cheap LoL Account Could Get Banned For Account Trading

We hate to hit you with more bad news, but it’s important that you understand the risks. If you pick your LoL account seller via eeny meeny miney mo, there’s a real risk your account will be banned.

The only way around this is to buy from websites that offer a lifetime guarantee. LoL-Smurfs offers such a guarantee, so if your account is ever banned for account trading, we have you covered – however, there is an incredibly small chance that this will ever happen.

Out of Game Issues With Cheap LoL Accounts

You should always be careful about putting your card details online. LoL-Smurfs only uses safe payment methods so you don’t have to worry, but not all sellers do this. There’s plenty of websites out there that will make you believe you’re getting a LoL account, but then they take the account back – along with a bunch of cash from your account.

With all that being said, if you follow these simple guidelines you will be fine, and remember; If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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