DJ Sona Review – The New Ultimate Skin

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DJ Sona Review – The New Ultimate Skin

Since she was announced, there’s been a huge amount of hype in the League of Legends community around Sona and her DJ Sona ultimate skin – but does it live up to the hype? Let’s take a look at what 3250RP gets and ultimately find out if the DJ Sona skin is all it’s promised to be.

DJ Sona Overview

dj sona skin


DJ Sona is a bit different to other League of Legends skins, in that you actually get 3 different skins in one, which vary depending on what style you choose. Styles can be changed at any time in game, with each style having unique visuals and their own soundtrack. Teammates can also listen to DJ Sona’s tunes at any time by activating the audio button next to her name on the scoreboard. DJ Sona’s varying styles are at the heart of this skin, so let’s look at them in greater detail.

DJ Sona’s styles

  • Kinetic – A techno beat reminiscent of old-school Daft Punk songs. Ideal for quick skirmishes.
  • Concussive – A heavier beat along the lines of dubstep. Great for late game team-fights.
  • Ethereal – A cool, calming melody. Great for relaxing farming and the early game.

Each style begins with a base beat, which is built upon when DJ Sona first activates each of her four abilities. Therefore the “full” beat for each style is unlocked at level 6, after all 4 abilities have been used for the first time.

DJ Sona Music

Each style has a unique music track, which as mentioned previously builds throughout the game until all abilities have been activated at least once. Players can change style at any time by pressing “Crlt+5” – this will change both the visual and music style. It takes around two seconds for DJ Sona to change styles, so don’t do it in the middle of a team-fight! We’ve included examples of her music below:

Kinetic Music

Concussive Music

Ethereal Music

DJ Sona Music Download

You can download DJ Sona’s MP3 files direct from the League of Legends website. A .zip file containing the soundtrack for all three styles can be found here.

DJ Sona Abilities

There is so much detail in this skin that it would be almost impossible for us to mention everything here. The videos below show each of the three styles in full, along with all attack and ability animations.

Kinetic Style Abilities

Concussive Style Abilities

Ethereal Style Abilities

We highly recommend giving these videos a watch in order to see just how awesome this skin really is!

DJ Sona Artwork

As it is an ultimate skin, DJ Sona comes with her own summoner icons and profile borders (one for each style). We’ve included examples of the artwork below, just click to get the full image:

dj sona kineticdj sona etherealdj sona concussive


DJ Sona Desktop Wallpapers

Riot have also created some excellent desktop wallpapers featuring DJ Sona. The images are in 1920×1080, although can be downsized for those on lower resolutions. Click the thumbnail below to view the full image:

dj sona wallpaper dj sona wallpaper dj sona wallpaper

Is it worth it?

There’s no way around it – DJ Sona is a very expensive skin (as are all ultimate skins). In fact, we could buy a full game for the price of just the skin. However, if you’re an avid League of Legends player like we are then you will find this skin absolutely awesome. It’s easily the best skin that Riot have ever produced and if you main support is a must buy. If you don’t play support then despite being an amazing skin, it’s a big investment to justify.



  • Amazing visual artwork
  • Top quality music
  • Essentially 3 ultimate skins for the price of one


  • Very expensive
  • Difficult to justify if you don’t play support


Our Rating: 4.5/5 – it loses half a star for the price tag.

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