EU LCS Season 5 – Everything you Need to Know

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EU LCS Season 5 – Everything you Need to Know

This post is now outdated because most of these rosters are no longer correct. We are now in the season 6 Summer Split which you can read about here: EU Summer Split Preview / NA Summer Split Preview


With Season 5 now well underway for ranked players in League of Legends, it’s time to turn our attention to the elite of the LoL world – The League Championship Series (LCS). For those of you unaware of the LCS, it is the top level of League of Legends play (above Challenger Tier), with pro gamers from all around the world competing to be the best team in their region. League of Legends competitive play is split in to different competitions, depending on geographical location. These are:

  • EU LCS (Europe)
  • NA LCS (North America)
  • Champions Korea (South Korea)
  • LPL China (China)
  • LMS Taiwan (Taiwan)

Competitive leagues contain between 8 and 12 pro teams. For the purposes of this post, we will be focusing on the EU LCS and what they have in store for us in the Season 5 Spring Split.



The EU LCS scene represents teams from the EUW and EUNE servers, and contains 11 teams in total. Despite an EU LCS team (Fnatic) winning the first ever LoL World Championship, none have been able to repeat this feat. However, the region is growing stronger every split, with high profile pro’s such as Rekkles and Froggen among the best in the world in their positions. There have been some major changes in EU LCS teams from the end of Season 4 to the start of Season 5, including many roster changes, re-brands and the loss of the legendary commentary team Joe “Don’t call me Joe” Miller and Deman “I DO NOT BELIEVE IT!” Smith. Let’s take a brief look at what’s changed:

Copenhagen Wolves


Copenhagen Wolves have been in every LCS season since its inception, but have struggled in recent years to compete at the highest level. With previous players including well-known figures such as Bjergsen and Deficio, Copenhagen Wolves will be hoping to bring back the glory days this season and push for a high position finish.

Copenhagen Wolves Roster:

  • Top – YoungBuck (Netherlands)
  • Mid – SorenXD (Denmark)
  • Jungle – Airwaks (Swizterland)
  • ADC – Freeze (Czech Republic)
  • Support – Unlimited (Bulgaria)

Elements Previously playing under the Evil Geniuses brand, then known as Alliance, Elements have now been rebranded again due to sponsorship restrictions. Alliance were dominant throughout their time in the LCS, winning the summer split for Season 4, and surely hope to continue their excellent form under the new brand. After picking up Rekkles from Fnatic who is considered one of the best ADCs in the world, Elements certainly have every chance of going all the way and winning the split.


Elements Roster:

  • Top – Wickd (Denmark)
  • Mid – Froggen (Denmark)
  • Jungle – Shook (Netherlands)
  • ADC – Rekkles (Sweden)
  • Support – Nyph (Germany)

Fnatic The old guard of the EU LCS – Fnatic have been in every single LCS split, and were world champions in season one. A run of dominance came to an end at the end of the Season 4 summer split where they lost to Alliance, ending a run of three consecutive split wins. Infighting and team disputes ultimately led to an almost complete roster change for Fnatic, with Rekkles leaving for Alliance/Elements, xPeke leaving to form his own team with sOAZ (Origen) and Cyanide retiring. YellOwStaR is the only remaining Fnatic member from season 4, leaving the current roster with a lot to prove if they are to win over the Fnatic fans.

Fnatic Roster:

  • Top – Huni (Korea)
  • Mid – Febiven (Netherlands)
  • Jungle – Reignover (Korea)
  • ADC – Steelback (France)
  • Support – YellOwStaR (France)

Gambit Gaming After being considered one of the best teams in the world over the past few years, Gambit fell quickly from prominence to being involved in the relegation fight for the Season 4 LCS Summer Split. With EDward now back in the team after returning from a stint in the NA LCS, things are looking up for Gambit. However, they will find it hard to replace mid laner Alex Ich who they seriously missed last split, after he left to join NiP. Can Cabochard bring Gambit back to their glory days?


Gambit Roster:

  • Top – Cabochard (France)
  • Mid – niQ (Poland)
  • Jungle – Diamondprox (Russia)
  • ADC – P1noy (Denmark)
  • Support – EDward (Armenia)

Giants Gaming A new team not previously seen in the LCS, Giants Gaming won promotion via the EU Expansion Tournament in pre-season 5. With a strong and talented squad, their all-Spanish roster will be looking to make an instant impact in this LCS split.



Giants Gaming Roster:

  • Top – Werlyb (Spain)
  • Mid – Pepinero (Spain)
  • Jungle – Fre3deric (Spain)
  • ADC – Adryh (Spain)
  • Support – Rydle (Spain)

H2k Formerly representing the Cloud 9 brand as Cloud9 Eclipse, H2k Gaming won promotion to the EU LCS via the EU Expansion Tournament in pre-season 5. After previously losing out to Supa Hot Crew in the 2014 summer promotional tournament, they will now be determined to prove their worth among Europe’s elite teams – particularly with their acquisition of Ryu, considered one of the greatest Korean mid laners.


H2k Roster:

  • Top – Odoamne (Romania)
  • Mid – Ryu (Korea)
  • Jungle – Loulex (France)
  • ADC – Hjarnan (Sweden)
  • Support – Voidle (Estonia)

Meet Your Makers Previously known as Supa How Crew, Meet Your Makes underwent a rebrand after falling in to the relegation bracket and losing Impaler, their star jungler. After winning the relegation bracket and avoiding relegation to the EU Challenger Series, Meet Your Makers will be hoping to achieve a solid mid table finish this split.



Meet Your Makers Roster:

  • Top – Mimer (Sweden)
  • Mid – SELFIE (Poland)
  • Jungle – H0R0 (Korea)
  • ADC – MrRalleZ (Denmark)
  • Support – Nisbeth (Denmark)

ROCCAT: ROCCAT entered the LCS in the 2014 Spring Split, and have been in both the summer and spring split semi-finals. With a few roster changes after narrowly missing out on Worlds last year (finishing 4th), ROCCAT will be hoping for a top 3 finish this year and the chance to represent Europe at the World Championship in October.



ROCCAT Roster:

  • Top – Overpow (Poland)
  • Mid – Nukeduck (Norway)
  • Jungle – Jankos (Poland)
  • ADC – Woolite (Poland)
  • Support – VandeR (Poland)

SK Gaming: After finishing second in the 2014 LCS Spring Split to Fnatic, SK lost some momentum and finished fourth in the summer split. Despite their slip ups, SK Gaming secured a spot at Worlds in South Korea after winning in the playoffs. Despite a poor showing at worlds where they crashed out in the group stages, SK Gaming will be hoping that they can achieve a top 3 finish this year and secure a second consecutive spot in the World Championship Series.


SK Gaming Roster:

  • Top – Freddy122 (UK)
  • Mid – Fox (Sweden)
  • Jungle – Svenskeren (Denmark)
  • ADC – FORG1VEN (Greece)
  • Support – nRated (Germany)

Unicorns of Love: After taking the Challenger scene by storm, Unicorns of Love earned their way in to the EU LCS after beating Millenium 3:2 in their promotion series. A win over TSM at IEM San Jose signalled to the rest of the world that they are a team to be taken seriously, despite the strange (although admittedly awesome) name. Unicorns of Love will be hoping for a solid mid-table finish this split.


Unicorns of Love Roster:

  • Top – Vizicsacsi (Hungary)
  • Mid – PowerOfEvil (Germany)
  • Jungle – Kikis (Poland)
  • ADC – Vardags (Sweden)
  • Support – Hylissang (Bulgaria)

So there we have it, a brief overview of the EU LCS teams for the Season 5 Spring Split. Who do you think will win this split? Will the new Fnatic roster bring them back to prominence, or will Unicorns of Love surprise everyone to win? Let us know in the comments below – and check back soon for our NA LCS overview!

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