EU LCS Season 6 Summer Preview

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EU LCS Season 6 Summer Preview

With the MSI (Mid-Season Invitational) coming to a close and no EU team reaching the knockout stages, this has had a great impact on the seeds going into worlds. The first place team of the summer split will automatically qualify for Worlds as the first seed from the EU, which will now be in pot 2 thanks to G2 at MSI.

If the results from the spring split are anything to go off we should be looking a fierce competition between G2, Fnatic, Origen and H2k.

The main LCS competitions based on geographic regions are as follows:

  • EU LCS (East and West Europe)
  • NA LCS (North America)
  • Champions Korea (South Korea)
  • LPL China
  • LM Taiwan

In this case we’ll be looking at the teams for the upcoming EU LCS Summer split. If Europe isn’t your thing then you can check out our preview for the NA LCS right here.

EU LCS Summer Preview

Before we consider the teams for the EU LCS It’s important to remember this key rule changes to how the LCS will be played. The games are now going to be a best of two format, which means each team will play each other 4 times across the split in two BO2 matches. This will result in either one team winning or a draw between the two teams. You can read more about this change here.



The team Elements was recently purchased by German football team FC Schalke 04, read their statement on the acquisition here. The lineup for Elements has drastically changed compared to their 2015 team, especially with their big players Froggen and Rekkles leaving. Sprattel has also returned after being swapped out in the 4th week last year for the substitute support Nyph. Although the roster for their spring LCS team was stated to be one of the worst in the league, they started out the first 3 weeks strong with a 3-3 record.

  • Top – Steve (France)
  • Jungle – Gilius (Germany)
  • Mid – Eika (France)
  • ADC – MrRalleZ (Denmark)
  • Support – sprattel (Sweden)



With the recent announcement of YellOwStaR rejoining the team and the addition of ADC Rekkles, who is considered one of the best ADCs in Europe. Fnatic are currently looking very strong after finishing 3rd place in the EU LCS spring split. Fans are hoping Fnatic can replicate their winning streak from last year’s LCS Summer split, where they achieved an incredible 18-0 record.

  • Top – Gamsu (South Korea)
  • Jungle – Spirit (South Korea)
  • Mid – Febiven (France)
  • ADC – Rekkles (Sweden)
  • Support – YellOwStaR (Frances)

G2 Esports



After qualifying for the 2016 EU LCS Spring split last year, the team finished first claiming the $50,000 prize and making them one of the strongest teams in EU. The highly debated G2 has just recently competed in the MSI tournament with a poor performance finishing in a disappointing 5th place. All eyes will be on G2 at the upcoming summer LCS, where hopefully G2 can show their true skill and regain their fans support.

  • Top – Kikis (Poland)
  • Jungle – Trick (South Korea)
  • Mid – PerkZ (Croatia)
  • ADC – Emperor (South Korea)
  • Support – Hybrid (Netherlands)

GIANTS! Gaming


After finishing in 6th place at last years summer LCS, GIANTS also came a disappointing 10th place in this year’s spring split. To try and improve their performance GIANTS have added Maxlore and NighT to their roster to give them an extra edge in the upcoming competition.

  • Top – SmittyJ (Germany)
  • Jungle – Maxlore (UK)
  • Mid – NighT (South Korea)
  • ADC – S0NSTAR (South Korea)
  • Support – Hustlin (Sweden)



With last years success of finishing in 3rd place for both the 2015 summer and spring splits H2k are looking like strong competitors this year. Recently they came in 2nd place in the 2016 spring split and finished 4th in the spring playoffs claiming a 10k prize. With the recent arrival of their new ADC Freeze, H2k will be looking to stomp the competition in the upcoming summer LCS.

  • Top – Odoamne (Romania)
  • Jungle – Jankos (Poland)
  • Mid – Ryu (South Korea)
  • ADC – Freeze (Czech Republic)
  • Support – VandeR (Poland)



After losing the first place in the LCS spring playoffs to G2, Origen are looking to replicate their success of reaching the finals and take the first place. With xPeke still on the substitute list as the mid laner, maybe they will decide to bring him back to the main team. Whatever the decision Origen will be a strong team to look out for at the LCS summer splits.

  • Top – sOAZ (France)
  • Jungle – Amazing (Germany)
  • Mid – PowerOfEvil (Germany)
  • ADC – Zven (Denmark)
  • Support – Mithy (Spain)

Team Roccat


With the recent arrival of Parang and Raise, Team Roccat will be looking to improve on their abysmal performance of 9th place in the LCS spring split. Even at last years 2015 summer split the team finished in 5th place, which was an improvement of 8th place in the spring split a few months earlier. Hopefully these new changes will bring some new light to the team and they will be able to put their past behind them.

  • Top – Parang (South Korea)
  • Jungle – Airwaks (Switzerland)
  • Mid – Betsy (Sweden)
  • ADC – Steelback (France)
  • Support – Raise (South Korea)



Splyce are one of the newest teams in the EU LCS and were only formed at the end of last year. This roster is looking forward to its first summer LCS split in Europe. With their disappointing start to their professional career finishing 8th in the LCS spring split, Splyce will be looking to show fans they have what it takes to reach the top 3. The new addition of their support Mikyx at the end of the spring split should hopefully increase their chances.

  • Top – Wunderwear (Denmark)
  • Jungle – Trashy (Denmark)
  • Mid – Sencux (Denmark)
  • ADC – Kobbe (Denmark)
  • Support – Mikyx (Slovenia)



Vitality are another new team in the LCS that has only recently finished playing their first spring split and are looking to achieve big things in their first summer EU LCS split. The team finished 3rd in the LCS spring split which was a great achievement considering the team was only founded at the end of 2015. With no team reshuffles from the original line up lets hope they’ve been practising enough to show fans they can be the number 1 seed in Europe.

  • Top – Cabochard (France)
  • Jungle – Shook (Netherlands)
  • Mid – Nukeduck (Norway)
  • ADC – Hjärnan (Sweden)
  • Support – KaSing (United Kingdom)

Unicorns of Love


Currently the future is unknown for Unicorns of Love as there are currently THREE unfilled spaces in the team with the most recent member Fox leaving on 16th May. Unless they can find almost a whole new team in a few weeks it seems Unicorns of Love might have trouble when playing 2v5. Report Mid, Jungle and ADC AFK anyone?

  •  Top – Vizicsacsi (Hungary)
  • Jungle – Currently unfilled
  • Mid – Currently unfilled
  • ADC – Currently unfilled
  • Support – Hylissang (Bulgaria)

Rumoured Rosters for EU LCS Summer

There are some rumours going around about the complete rosters but please keep in mind that any of the bold players are not confirmed.

  • Fnatic: Gamsu / Spirit / Febiven / Rekkles / YellOwStaR
  • G2 Esports: Kikis / Trick / Perkz / Zven / Mithy
  • Giants!: SmiityJ / Maxlore / NighT / S0NSTAR / Hustlinn
  • H2k: Odoamne / Jankos / Ryu / Freeze / Vander
  • Origen: sOAZ / Amazing / PowerOfEvil / xPeke / HolyPhoenix / Unfilled
  • ROCCAT: Parang / Airwaks / Betsy / Steeelback / Raise
  • Schalke 04 (Elements): Steve / Gilius / Fox / MrRallez / sprattel
  • Splyce: Wunderwear / Trashy / Sencux / Kobbe / mikyx
  • Unicorns of Love: Vizicsacsi / Move / Exileh / Vertias / Hylissang
  • Team Vitality: Cabochard / Mightybear (Korean) / Nukeduck / Hjarnan / kaSing

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