The Funniest & Craziest Smurf LoL Videos

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The Funniest & Craziest Smurf LoL Videos

There are so many players nowadays with smurf accounts it’s inevitable there will be some funny smurf LoL moments in game. Whether it’s a pro player single handedly destroying the other team or a pro getting outsmarted by a noob, some of these moments are too funny. Lucky for you we’ve trawled the web and found the funniest smurf LoL videos for your viewing pleasure. So sit back and enjoy these funny moments.

Dyrus Pls

In this video, professional LoL player Dyrus from Team SoloMid who is known for playing top lane plays on his smurf account with some low elo players. Although Dyrus is the most experienced player on his team even he can’t help but fall for this old trick. As soon as it happens he knows he’s been had but enjoys the moment anyway.

When Your Team Won’t Peel

In this funny smurf LoL video, YouTuber ‘Feedtheshark’ has a whole channel dedicated to playing Fizz smurf matches. When you’re in a team fight all your team needs to be together to get involved and win the battle. Of course not everyone in low elo understands this and would rather watch their team die which is exactly what happens in this video.

The Lucky Escape

In this video professional LoL player Bjergsen who is the mid laner for Team SoloMid plays Zed in the mid lane. He pretty much destroys everyone as he’s playing against lower elo players. This funny moment happens when Bjergsen think’s he’s easily secured a kill only to get out played and leave everyone shocked.

The Baits

In this video Rabia also known as ‘Nightblue3’, a professional player who used to play jungle for Team SoloMid plays Master Yi in the jungle. In this clip he gets baited into a fight that looks too good to be true and ends up getting rekt. No matter the skill level of the player there are sometimes opportunities that are just too good to let escape.

Just When You Thought You’d Got Away

This videos features professional streamer BoxBox playing on one of his many smurf accounts with his favourite champion Riven. BoxBox gains a clear lead during the game until he gets a bit too greedy and overreaches resulting in this funny moment of cat and mouse.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these funny smurf LoL videos. If you’re looking for a high quality smurf account with IP and RP be sure to check our store below to see our range of smurf accounts.

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