Galio Rework 2017 – A New Colossus Hits the Rift

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Galio Rework 2017 – A New Colossus Hits the Rift

A new colossus is finally here! The new Galio Rework is finally live!

Released way back in 2010, fans have been hoping for a Galio rework for many years. His outdated appearance and abilities have been very hard to fit in the current meta and pro players have not been showing him the love in games.

Now players prayers have been answered and the new Galio has finally been revealed!

Featuring a major rework of his visuals and abilities, Galio has been changed dramatically to the extent where if you haven’t played in a while you wouldn’t even recognize him!

To help you understand the Galio rework, we’ve put together a useful guide to cover his new abilities and how you can fit him into your team.

Let’s see what the new Galio has to offer!

“I only wake up when it’s time to squash something. And i’m awake right now.”

Galio’s New Look

Galio rework old and new

The first thing you’ll notice about Galio is his new look. The old Galio looked remarkably like a gargoyle and was constantly in a floating state. The new Galio rework has completely transformed him into a huge magnificent winged warrior.

From looking at his splash art you can easily see the size of the new Galio standing over 100 feet tall he’s incredibly big. Obviously, in game he’s been scaled down or else it would look a bit ridiculous, but it’s an entirely new look compared to the old Galio.

By default, he now has huge golden wings which Galio uses to blow away his enemies and launch himself up in the air. The old Galio was… well let’s say nowhere near as magnificent and awe inspiring. In fact his low-quality model and texture was appalling and his sluggish animations didn’t help either.

Luckily those days are gone, and the new visuals on Galio are a big improvement.

But the visuals aren’t the only thing that have been changed, let’s take a look at his new abilities.

Galio Rework – New Abilities

Galio Visual Work

Like every major champion rework in League of Legends, there are always new spells and abilities introduced. In this case, Galio is no different; featuring 4 new abilities and a passive, these new spells are bound to have a huge impact in the game’s meta.

Passive – Colossal Smash

Galio’s next basic attack deals bonus magic damage in an area, scaling with his bonus attack damage and magic resist. The cooldown is reduced whenever Galio’s spells hit a unique champions (once per spell).

Galio Passive

The first ability that has been changed in the Galio rework is his passive. Formally known as Runic Skin which granted Galio 50% of his magic resist as ability power the new passive, Colossal Smash, is a big change for Galio.

As you see from the description above, Galio now deals bonus magic damage in an area when attacking enemies. The magic resist damage scaling is still included, but this passive looks a lot more useful compared to his old one. This basically means Galio can deal more damage when attacking enemies face to face.

Q – Winds of War

Galio fires two gusts of wind that deal magic damage. Where the windblasts converge, a vortex that deals additional damage is formed, including bonus damage based on the target’s max health.

Galio Q

The next ability to be replaced in the Galio rework is Resolute Smite. Now called Winds of War, the spell fires two gusts of wind that converge together and hit the target. Upon hitting enemies where the winds converge enemies receive additional damage based on the targets max health.

Unlike Galio’s old Righteous Gust ability, this spell is a lot harder to hit but the rewards are a lot higher. Instead of going in a straight line the player must aim it so the 2 gusts hit the enemy at the right spot and this dealing additional damage. If you happen just to hit them with 1 gust then it will still do damage but nowhere near as much.

W – Shield of Durand (Passive)

If Galio avoids taking damage for a moderate period, he gains a shield that absorbs magic damage.

(Hold): Holding down the W key causes Galio to enter a defensive stance, gaining damage reduction but moving significantly slower. This channel can’t be interrupted even if Galio gets hit with a crowd-control spell.

(Release): When W is released, Galio taunts nearby enemy champions. The taunt’s range and duration extend based on how long he remained in a defensive stance.

If you’ve played Galio before then you’ll probably remember how awesome his ultimate was. Taunting everyone and forcing them to attack you while your teammates destroy them, how fun. Unfortunately Galio’s ultimate has been drastically changed, but the good news is some of his ultimate is still in the new Galio.

When the spell is available players can hold down the W key to enable his shield. This shield puts Galio into a defensive stance where he takes less damage but moves alot slower. Upon releasing the key Galio taunts nearby enemy champions forcing them to attack him. Unlike his old ultimate Galio doesn’t send a shockwave of damage to his enemies but this ability has a much shorter cooldown which means you can troll your opponents much more often!

E – Justice Punch

Galio hops back to wind up for an epic haymaker. After a brief delay, he charges forward, dealing magic damage to enemies and knocking them up. Galio’s charge stops upon colliding with a champion or terrain.

Galio Rework E

The one thing the old Galio lacked pretty bad was a gap closer. Considering Galio is a melee champion that relies on getting close to his enemies to deal damage, having a gap closer is essential. Well, now he has one!

Pressing E now allows Galio to charge into the action and knock anyone up in his way. Similar to Vi’s Vault Breaker, Galio can now dive into the action without the constant struggle of being kited. We think this is a great addition that allows Galio to be an even better tank.

R – Hero’s Entrance

Galio designates an ally’s current position as his landing spot, granting them Shield of Durand’s damage reduction for a few seconds. He then leaps high into the air, torpedoing to the place his targeted ally was when Galio activated Hero’s Entrance. When he lands, he deals magic damage to all enemies in the area and knocks them up. The knock up lasts longer for those in the center of the landing zone.

Galio Ult

To complete the new Galio rework, Galio’s ultimate has had a complete makeover. Instead of his old taunting ultimate, Galio now has an amazing upgrade. Not only goes this ultimate act as a gap closer but it’s also a great AOE stun.

With a huge radius this spell is very useful for a number of occasions. As you can see from the video above you can jump a large distance easily while protecting and knocking up any enemies in the area. This spell is definitely great for team fights and can easily increase your chances of winning due to the large AOE crowd control.

Playing as the New Galio

Galio Rework Skins

As you can see, the new Galio rework has significantly changed the visuals and abilities of Galio. This also means his in-game presence has changed greatly as well. Galio used to be a kind of support champion that was very tanky and relied on team fights to show his true power.

Now Galio is a lot more focused on fighting opponents in close quarters thanks to his numerous gap closers and increased melee damage from his passive. If you used to think Galio was just a support champion then think again!

These new changes mean a lot for League of Legends and how he is used in team compositions. With this new rework it will be interesting to see how many pro players decide to use him in professional games such as Worlds.

Now you know everything there is to about the new Galio rework, it’s time to go out there and destroy your opponents!

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