The Ultimate List of LoL Gaming House Tours

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The Ultimate List of LoL Gaming House Tours

With professional League of Legends teams now bringing in huge amounts of money (and with several teams earning over $1million in the past few years), gaming houses are vastly different from the small, dark, cramped basements that they used to be. We’ve put together a collection of the best League of Legends gaming house tours from the top teams in each region (EU, NA and Korea) to give you an insight in to the life of professional League of Legends players and how they live and train.

When we first published this post it was Season 4. Since then eSports has moved on greatly and we feel it’s now time to update this post with some new exciting house tours – Here’s a collection of tours from modern League of Legends teams. If you like to relive history then you can find the older post below the new one.

Tours from 2016

NA: TSM Gaming House Tour 

TSM Continue to be a top team in the NA scene and have an extremely strong roster going into the Season 6 Worlds tournament. They have had a lot of gaming houses but this one is probably the coolest. You can check it out in the video above, or check out their previous gaming house tours down below.

NA: Immortals Gaming House Tour (Spring)

During the spring season Immortals were considered unbeatable (until they lost in the playoffs). More recently they have been out of form. Here is their gaming house that led them to such success in Spring and the tour is given by ex TSM ADC WildTurtle and the lovable Travis.

NA: Immortals Gaming House Tour (Summer)

Immortals decided to move to a new house in the summer and in this video you can see the ex-fnatic player Huni give Travis a tour around their new digs.

KR: SKT T1 Glance Over Tour

Here team Razer let us in on the SKT T1 training area in Korea. This isn’t exactly a tour but it’s almost impossible to find tours of gaming houses in Korea. Probably because their players spend around 15 hours a day training.

KR: TSM Gaming Boot-camp Tour

This isn’t exactly a gaming house but can give you an idea of the kind of comforts that League of Legends players can find on the road. It looks like Doublelift could work on his map awareness to find that pool though.

NA: Echo Fox LoL Gaming House Tour

Even though Echo Fox weren’t the best team to grace the North American scene they had a pretty sick setup. It’s nice to see that a team cares about their players and looks after them – Check out the gaming tour video above, it’s well worth the watch.

EU: 360 Degrees Video from Roccat

This is one of the coolest gaming team tours because it uses the new technology where cameras can now capture images from every angle. This creates an interactive video where users can move the camera to watch the video from whatever angle they want. If you don’t understand then just watch the tour above – You’ll love it.

Tours from 2015

NA: TSM Gaming House Tour (old)

TSM are arguably the biggest team in North America and are the current NA LoL champions. They’ve had quite a few gaming houses over the years – you can check out one of their previous house tours here. Their latest gaming house is quite impressive, check it out with a tour courtesy of TheOddOne!

NA: Cloud9 Gaming House Tour

It’s all been happening at Cloud9 recently, with Hai leaving the team after they lost to TSM in the Season 5 Spring Split final. However, despite losing C9 are still one of the biggest teams in the NA scene and their gaming house definitely shows that.

NA: Team Liquid Gaming House Tour

Team Liquid were new on to the NA LCS scene this season and are in their first gaming house. Out of all the NA gaming houses this one is by far our favorite – it looks a great place to live!

EU: Fnatic Gaming House Tour

Fnatic haven’t done an actual gaming house tour since they changed their roster at the start of this season, but the video below gives a good idea of their current setup, filmed from the point of view of everyone’s favorite top laner – Huni!

EU: Giants Gaming House Tour

After beating Reason Gaming in the relegation playoffs to stay in the LCS for another split, Giants are starting to become a more well known name in the EU LoL Scene. Their gaming house is situated in central Berlin, and you can find a tour of it above.

EU: Orgien Gaming House Tour

Origen are a recently promoted Challenger Series team who will be competing in the EU LCS next split. Founded by ex-Fnatic mid laner xPeke and with his old teammate sOAZ in the top lane (as well as ex-TSM jungler Amazing in the roster), Origen will no doubt be challenging for the LCS title this summer. Their current gaming house, based in Tenerife, is the best we’ve ever seen! They’ll be moving to Berlin for the new split though, so look out for a new tour coming soon.

KR: SKT T1 Gaming House Tour

Season 3 world champions SKT T1 are the only Korean team who have done a gaming house tour within the last few years. The setup is really quite different to those in the western scene and is definitely worth checking out!

Which gaming house is your favorite? Could you live in one or does it sound awful to you? Let us know in the comments below!

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