How to Get to Diamond in League of Legends

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How to Get to Diamond in League of Legends

League of Legends can be a very competitive game, especially if you play with your friends. There’s no better feeling than knowing you’re the highest rank in your friend’s group as it gives you that sense of pride and accomplishment. But if you’re not the highest rank then don’t worry, that can all be changed with some hard work.

Everyone wants to be a Diamond tier player in LoL as it shows you have great skill and understanding of the game. It’s actually possible for almost anyone to become a Diamond player as long as they put in the work. So if you’re eager to get to Diamond and are not afraid of putting in some serious work then we’ve got everything you need to get you there.

Here is the easiest way to get to Diamond in League of Legends.

Tips to Get to Diamond in League of Legends

Update Your Battlestation

gaming pc league

Did you know that your computer and equipment actually have a huge impact on your game? If two identically skilled players were playing head to head and one had a much faster computer, the chances are they would win. But why?

In a game like League of Legends, response times are very important. This is the ability to identify what is going on in the game and react to it by making a move and using your abilities. The slower you are to respond in game, the easier it will be for your enemies to counter you. Have you ever played League of Legends with 400 ping? The difference is very noticeable. Playing with 400 ping will make you feel like you’re not in sync with the game and everything you do will take as long.

Do you think it’s a coincidence that everyone at eSports competitions use the same computer and are located in the same room? Definitely not. By giving everyone the same PC with the same specifications, this rules out any advantages a player could get by having a faster PC. By being in the same room this allows the event holders to set up a local area network (LAN) which means they don’t need to use the internet. By doing this it greatly reduces everyone’s ping as they can physically host the match in the arena. This means super fast response times and absolutely no lag!

If your computer is outdated and slow then the chances are it could delay your reactions. This means you won’t be able to react as fast, giving you a massive disadvantage. So how can you fix it? It’s not as hard or expensive as you think.

Going Under the Hood

If you want to get to Diamond in League of Legends, then it’s important to keep your PC in pristine condition and regularly update it. As new technology is released old technology usually becomes cheaper which is the best time to purchase some upgrades! So what makes your PC run League of Legends fast and how can you make yours faster? Here are the main parts of your computer you’ll want to keep up to date.

Graphics Card

1080ti gaming gpu

The graphics card is the part of your computer that is responsible for the graphical output and keeping the game running smooth. Compared to other games, League of Legends isn’t that graphically demanding meaning you don’t necessarily need to have the most expensive graphics card in order to play it. While you’re playing League of Legends be sure to check the top right of your screen. This will list your frames per second (FPS) whilst playing the game. If you constantly get less than 60 FPS then you might want to consider getting a new graphics card or lowering your settings.

A cheap graphics card should do the trick for most people, but if you have a larger screen such as a 4k or curved one you might need something more powerful. Depending on your budget you should look at AMD cards if you want something cheap and cheerful. If you don’t mind spending some big bucks for some outstanding performance then look at Nvidia graphics cards. If you happen to have an expensive monitor with a super high refresh rate (144hz+) then you’ll want to make sure you constantly get that FPS, or there’s no point having it. By monitoring your FPS in game, you can determine if you need a new graphics card or not.

Hard Drive

samsung ssd

If you’re not a big techy, then hard drives are devices that store information on them and access the information when required. This means every time you load up League of Legends it needs to be accessed from your hard drive. If you’ve ever experienced really slow loading times, then it could be down to either your hard drive or CPU (which we will cover later).

It’s best to check which type of hard drive you actually have as there are 2 main types. The first type is a mechanical hard drive and normally comes in sizes of 500GB to 1TB or more! Mechanical hard drives have been around for many years and are a good cheap storage solution. The downside is they can be really slow which makes loading games a nightmare. Luckily there is another type of hard drive.

The second type of hard drive is a solid-state drive. Also known as an SSD, these drives are a lot newer and although they cost more money there are numerous benefits. The most obvious benefit is the speed increase. The increase can range from 200% to 500% so the next time you’re waiting for League of Legends to load, imagine it loading in a fraction of the time! If you want a fast PC then you definitely need an SSD. They can be bought in small sizes which is perfect if you just want to play League of Legends off it. Just by installing one in your PC you’ll instantly notice the difference and won’t be the last person joining summoner’s rift!

cpu intel 7700k

The core of your PC is the central processing unit, or CPU. The CPU does all the maths and calculations your PC requires in order to function. Depending on how old your PC is the chances are you will have a dual core or quad core. If you do have a dual core then it’s probably best to upgrade to something more modern as technology these days has greatly improved.

If your League of Legends takes ages to load with an SSD then it’s probably your CPU’s fault and you should look into upgrading to a more modern one. Anything above 4 cores should be more than enough to add some much-needed power to your games.

The Tools of the Trade to Reach Diamond

As a League of Legends player, your mouse and keyboard are like a tennis player’s tennis racket or a soccer player’s boots. Both of them can have huge impacts on your game and making sure you have the best is vital if you want to get to Diamond.

The Mighty Mouse

gaming mouse
The mouse is a vital part of your equipment as you need it to land all those juicy skill shots. There are many things that make a good mouse but we’ll keep it brief and to the point. The first important thing is the shape of your mouse. Different gamers prefer different shapes as they hold their mouse in different ways. Making sure you match your grip to your mouse shape is important as playing with the wrong shape can be a nightmare. If you need help finding the right shaped mouse for you then check out Razer’s cool mouse selector.

There are also two types of mice, wired and wireless. Although wireless mice are a good option when it comes to gaming, nothing beats wired. Not only do they have a faster response time but they also don’t require a battery to be charged or changed. Imagine your mouse disconnecting or running out of battery half way through a game… gg ff at 20.

Many mice nowadays are also specifically designed to suit gamers needs. If you have a million shortcuts and hotkeys bound to your keyboard then why not move some over to your mouse? Many mice such as the Razer Naga Hex V2 has extra buttons on the side which you can bind spells and abilities to them. This makes it easier to get all your skills off when you’re in an intense group fight.

The Keyboard Warrior

gaming keyboard
Another equally important part of a gamer’s arsenal is their keyboard as you need it to use your abilities. The two main types of keyboards at the moment are mechanical and regular. Regular keyboards are the really cheap ones you can pick up in a store for almost nothing. They work fine but are lacking a lot of the good features of mechanical keyboards.

Mechanical keyboards are more aimed at gamers have special switches inside them to make them more responsive. This means the key is activated without having to press it down as much, which means your skill shots and abilities will go off faster. In addition to being faster and more responsive mechanical keyboards can also include additional macro keys which can be used when playing.

If you need help choosing a mechanical keyboard then be sure to check out this helpful post over at Reddit.

Turbocharge Your Internet

fiber cable internet
Now your PC is up to date and you have all the right equipment and gear, it’s time to look at another important factor, your internet speed, and latency.

There’s a very interesting statistic from that shows players in higher tiers have much lower ping and latency than lower tiers. As you can see players who are unranked have an average ping of 88 ms, jump over to challenger tier and you’ll notice that number is 27 ms. It’s almost like lower ping actually makes you a better player, imagine that! So if you want to get to Diamond tier or higher, making sure you have a good internet connection is essential.

The first thing to do is check your ping using the useful tool from Any ping over 60 might be considered high but it’s important to know what your average ping normally is. If you constantly get high pings then it could be to do with your internet provider and it would be best to contact them. Fibre connections also have lower latency compared to normal ADSL so if you ever get given the choice, pick fiber!

The ping testing tool is also useful to use before you play any game. You’ve all probably heard of someone in game moaning about having high ping, well by using this you can check your ping BEFORE joining a game. If your ping is waaay too high then you can save yourself the frustration and loss by waiting until it’s reduced.

If you’re currently using wireless internet then beware. By switching to wired internet you can reduce your ping by a considerable amount without having to do anything. Wireless internet might be more convenient with no wires but in order to send and receive the signal it takes a lot longer. Not to mention the chance of random disconnects during a game. The best way to play is with a wired connection, just using that alone can give you a massive advantage over your enemies.

Information is Power

heimerdinger information
If you want to take League of Legends seriously, then investing time and money in your learning is important. There are plenty of guides online available for free but normally they won’t cover every aspect of the game. If you want to find some nice fresh and regularly updates guides then be sure to check out They offer plenty of guides aimed at League of Legends in general as well as specific champion guides.

If you’re looking for something a bit more in-depth and premium then the guys over at offer great in-depth guides that cover all aspects of the game. Taught by many professional League of Legends players such as Aphromoo and Doublelift to name a few, the guide is split up into 4 sections. Each section contains professionally produced HD videos with the tutor teaching the lesson in an easy to understand way.

In the first section, champion episodes focus on specific champions in the game. If you’re looking to master your favorite champion then this is the best place to start. The second section, counters focuses on pro players and their mindset in game. These episodes breakdown LCS matches and will focus on the strategies used by professionals. The third section focuses on all the fundamentals of the game and helps you understand the core basics to make you a great player.

You’ll learn all the foundations required to get you to Diamond in a simple and easy to understand format. Finally, the last section appropriately titled “genius” is a module that allows you to ask questions to master and challenger tier players. Simply send a message and the pros will get back to you as soon as possible.

Of course, buying a premium guide involves a cost. But it’s not as much as you’d think. For only $6.99 you can get access to the guide for a month to see if it’s for you. If you enjoy it and want to commit full time then you can buy a yearly subscription for a discounted price of $4.99. The guide is regularly updated every week with new content from pro players and keeps you updated with any major game changes.

You might be thinking why bother buying a League of Legends guide when I can just get one for free? Well, you might be able to get one for free but the chances are it won’t be as comprehensive as this one! If you really want to get to Diamond then you might as well give it a go. If you don’t buy it then you’re only going to spend your money on another skin you don’t need.

Get Some Private Tutoring

lol coaching players

Guides can be very helpful and useful but if you want to take it to the next level then you should consider private one on one coaching. One on one coaching provides a much more personalized experience that allows coaches to identify your weaknesses and help you improve your game.

There are many websites that offer personal one on one coaching in League of Legends. On these websites, you can select which role you want to focus on studying or even specific champions. Coaches are available on all different regions from all over the world and usually start from Diamond tier. If you want to learn from the best of the best you can actually get coached by Challenger tier players as well!

Although they might be expensive and can cost a lot depending on how experienced they are, there really is no faster way to improve in League of Legends. Do you think you’d learn something new from playing with a challenger player for an hour? The chances are you probably would and you’d be able to use this new knowledge to improve your own games.

Learn From the Pros Themselves

If private tutoring is too expensive for you then why not try the next best thing, learn from the pros themselves. If you make your way over to you’ll see there are plenty of free live streams that you can watch of professionals playing League of Legends.

If you actively watch these pros play then you’ll soon pick up some new tips and tricks from watching them. At anyone one time there are numerous professional players online that can you watch play in every lane. Some high skill professional players that you can learn a lot from are:

If you’re looking for a fully comprehensive list of professional players on then be sure to check out this awesome list. The list is constantly updated when any players change teams and it alerts you whenever a player starts streaming.

Practice Makes Perfect

Now you have all the information you need to get to Diamond tier you need to take action and get practicing! Just because you’ve learned a few new tips and tricks doesn’t mean you’ll instantly get to Diamond on your next promo matches.

Practice takes serious effort and work. The more you play the better you will get, as simple as that. You should also spend time keeping up to date with any new patch changes or game updates. By keeping on top of the game like this you will definitely see an improvement over time. It might take weeks or months but you should start to notice an improvement in your gameplay and rankings.

There’s no better way to practice than with a League of Legends smurf account. Having a smurf account lets you practice in different regions with different champions under a completely new name. If you don’t want to risk your current ranking trying out a new champion or strategy then you need to get a smurf. If you keep using the same strategy you’ll just keep on getting the same results. To view our range of smurf accounts be sure to visit our store below!

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