Has IronStylus just left Riot?

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Has IronStylus just left Riot?

IronStylus aka Michael Maurino, a Senior Concept Artist at Riot games has reportedly cut ties with the company. Although there has been no official statement from Riot or Michael speculation started when IronStylus changed his Twitter name from @RiotIronStylus to just @Iron_Stylus. His Twitter bio has also been changed to “Former Senior Concept Artist @ Riot Games. Currently spreading my wings in the big wide world.”

From these sources it seems pretty clear IronStylus is no longer working with Riot games. Although he’s left Riot his contributions and champions will still be seen in game.

Many players on Reddit have been speculating on his reason for leaving with some suggesting he’s been offered a better job from another company. While others have been speculating that he’s just looking for a new challenge and wants to try something new instead. Whatever the reason it looks like he’s gone for good.

IronStylus worked on designing numerous champions and helped create the concept art for several skins and splash screens. He was also an active contributor on the League of Legends forums and encouraged other players to share their ideas about new champions and skins.

His last contribution to League of Legends before he left was working on the new visual update for Taric. Due to the new update changing the visual appearance of Taric altogether the splash screens for the different skins had to be remade. Since IronStylus mostly does the concept art for champions he most likely contributed to these and the new character design.

IronStylus Contributions to League of Legends

Since IronStylus has been working at Riot for many years he’s had the chance to contribute to many different champions throughout League of Legends. IronStylus has been credited for designing the champion Quinn, earning him the name ‘Birdman’ on the League of Legends forums.

Another champion IronStylus is famous for is his contributions towards Leona. He helped design the original champion and later went on to help design an array of skins including the Pool Party and Iron Solari skin.

IronStylus had an almost cult-like following on the League of Legends forums which dubbed themselves the Iron Solari. This is probably due to IronStylus’s favourite champion being Leona (afterall he did help design her). The group helped inspire the Locket of the Iron Solari as well as a Leona skin with the same name, which IronStylus helped contribute to both.

He has also contributed to the design of many other League of Legends champions and skins. Below are all the champions and skins he has helped design or had some kind of input towards.

  • Ahri (Classic)
  • Braum (Initial-CeeCee)
  • Diana (Classic, Lunar Goddess)
  • Fiora (Classic, Classic VU)
  • Garen (Steel Legion)
  • Graves (Classic)
  • Lux (Steel Legion)
  • Master Yi (Classic VU)
  • Quinn (Classic)
  • Sejuani (Classic, Classic VU)
  • Skarner (Classic)
  • Sivir (Classic VU)
  • Talon (Classic)
  • Trundle (Classic VU, Traditional)
  • Viktor (Classic)
  • Volibear (Classic)
  • Xerath (Classic)

As you can see it’s a pretty big list and IronStylus’s contributions can be seen in many champions throughout the game.

Wherever IronStylus has gone he will definitely be missed by fans. With a player on Reddit posting “I once sent him a message to help me name my parrot he responded with some cool names. What a cool guy,really sad to see him leave.” Some other players shared their memories of playing with him in game with one posting “I will always remember playing vs him in a normal game. He was Leona and his adc was a drunk Twisted Fate. They got smashed but they were having a great time, it was fun!”.

Although it’s a sad day for some fans his champions and work will live on forever in League of Legends.

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