How Big Is League of Legends?

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How Big Is League of Legends?

Many people believe that League of Legends is massive – both in terms of active players, and in terms of download size! The truth however, is not so straight forward.

League of Legends has become barely recognizable from its early days. With all the new Champions and graphical updates, it’s no wonder that the game’s become so big!

Despite LoL already being big, Riot continue to put out updates every few weeks, which might seem small and inconsequential. However, after a while, they definitely start to pile up. This increases the amount of time required to download the game, along with decreasing the amount of space available on your PC.

How Long Does It Take To Download LoL?

lol download speed test

Your download time will vary, depending on which part of the world you live in.

As of 2018, League of Legends currently requires around 10-11GB of bandwidth to download. You can use this handy little tool to help determine how long your download should take!

In general, it takes most people roughly two hours to download – Which isn’t too bad, considering some games require your PC to be left on for many more hours!

We recommend you have 12 GB of disk space free, although generally, it’s the patching which eats up a large chunk of time.

What Is The PBE?

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In addition to the main LoL client, a test server is also available for download. This server is known as the public beta environment – or PBE for short.

You will want to download this client if you’re interested in checking out new Champions, skins and more, before they hit the live server! Plus, not everything will make it to the main version of the game.

This means that you might be one of the few people to experience aspects of the game in their original form! There are certain abilities that you might see, that your friends never will, although this doesn’t come without a downside.

The game will be unfair. The entire point of having a test server is to ensure that all new changes are balanced before going live – this means that a lot of the time, changes will be unbalanced.

You’re going to frequently run into rage inducing Champions, and overly OP items. If you’re someone who easily tilts, then you should probably stay away from the LoL PBE. Still, you get to see a version of the game that most others never will, and that might be worth it! (Plus, you get to try out a ton of new skins, all free of charge.)

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, then read our next section to discover how long it takes to download!

How Large Is The PBE Download?

The public beta environment is only slightly larger than the regular client. It will take a little longer to download, and will use up a bit more space – but only about 500 megabytes worth!

However, you will still need plenty of space to install it. Click here for a helpful guide on how to get started, and be sure to select the correct region!

How Big Is League of Legends Compared To Other Games?

Dota 2

dota 2 roster

The debate over whether Dota 2 or LoL is better has raged on for ages, but which is bigger?

We recommend you have at least 15 GB of space available for Dota 2, whereas for League of Legends, we only recommend 12 GB. Does that mean Dota 2 is better?

Not necessarily. A game being larger doesn’t mean that it’s superior, it simply means that there’s more stuff included – that ‘stuff’ may or may not be good.

In essence, it comes down to quality over quantity, and some people find Dota 2 to be unnecessarily complex. Although, you may very well be looking for that sort of game. It also depends on what kind of PC you have.

If you have little room for games on your PC, then League of Legends wins this battle!


overwatch roster

The recommended free disk space for Overwatch is a whopping 30 GB! That being said, it is an entirely different game than Dota or LoL.

Overwatch currently has 27 maps, compared to League of Legends’ 2 main maps. Although the maps on LoL are big, they have a hard time matching up to the sheer quantity that Overwatch has.

Plus, Overwatch has many game modes that increase the size of the game, ranging from Assault to Escort!

We need to take more than just the maps and game modes into account though. For instance, the heroes of Overwatch don’t have many more abilities than the Champions of LoL, but the graphics style is incredibly different – and that may be a contributing factor to the size of the game.


fortnite image

Your first thought might be that League of Legends is larger than Fortnite, but the size difference might surprise you!

Fortnite’s recommended free disk space is 20 GB, which seems insane! After all, Fortnite doesn’t have a bunch of maps, and its graphics style is very cartoony: So why is it so large?

For starters, Fortnite has a vast array of skins to offer, with more being added all the time! It’s not just skins though, there’s also dances and other cosmetic changes that help inflate the size of the game.

Plus, it’s worth remembering that the map is huge, especially when compared to Summoners Rift!


gta image

As can be expected, the recommended free disk space for GTA V is 65 GB! Which makes sense when you consider the realistic graphics, multitude of missions, and large map.

This is without a doubt a giant of a game, but even this falls short of some other titles, such as Final Fantasy XV, with its recommended free disk space of 90 GB!

With that said, it’s time for a concrete answer to the question “how big is League of Legends?”

The truth is, it’s pretty average. Although some players complain about the size of the game, it’s tiny when compared to some of the above titles!

We’d definitely say it’s worth it too, for a relatively small amount of disk space, you gain access to unlimited hours of fun!

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