How To Get To Diamond In LoL Season 6

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How To Get To Diamond In LoL Season 6

Most League of Legends players have one clear goal when it comes to ranked: getting their account to diamond division. Only around 2.5% of the games players have the majestic diamond border in their loading screen and with problems like ELO hell it can feel like you’ll never become one of them. We’ve created an easy to read post to help you get to diamond in League of Legends in season 6. Here are our 5 top tips.

Tip One: Pick your Main Champion Wisely



Becoming a god on just two champions will make you much more likely to get to diamond than playing a wide variety of champions. Unfortunately becoming good at one champion isn’t enough to get to Diamond this season because of the new dynamic champion select. Not only will you be playing against people in their main positions but you’ll need to be prepared to play a secondary position. This means you have to become good at a champion which can play in multiple positions, can carry the game, is strong enough to be influential but not so strong to be regularly banned and also can’t be nerfed. A great example of a champion which fits all of this criteria is Vayne. She can easily play top lane and ADC, she has a fantastic kit which can’t really be nerfed and she can easily carry games if you become good at her. Picking the right champion to main will help you get to diamond in League of Legends season 6.

Tip Two: You won’t get to Diamond if you don’t fix your Mistakes

Blaming your team isn’t going to help you and ELO hell probably doesn’t exist. You should download a game recorder and watch your own games back. This way you can highlight your own mistakes and improve your overall game. Without analysing your own League of Legends plays you can’t expect anything to change. You can’t win every game but you can definitely improve yourself every game. After regularly watching your own games you’ll spot your bad habits or patterns which are holding you back.

Tip Three: Know when you shouldn’t play League of Legends

Every game you lose takes you further from your goal to get to diamond so it’s important that you know when you are going to be at your prime. Take regular breaks, exercise (something as simple as walking), ensure you are well hydrated and make sure you don’t go hungry. Making sure you remain healthy and happy is going to drastically improve the level of your play and could be the difference between Platinum 1 and Diamond 5 at the end of the season. Another thing you should look out for is League of Legends induced tilt. We recently wrote an article on how to avoid League of Legends tilt which we recommend you check out.

Tip Four: Read a Guide on how to get to Diamond

There are plenty of great guides out there on the Internet that can help you get to Diamond in League of Legends. We’ve previously discussed this topic but here are three of our favourites for you to consider!

how to get to diamond

Bronze to Diamond in 60 Days

The Bronze to Diamond in 60 Days guide is excellent at teaching you how to get to Diamond in LoL. It includes the LoL Builder’s Guardian Angel, an app that imports the best Diamond player builds right in to the game, allowing you to play like the pros. It also contains a fantastic eBook with all the tips and tricks on how to get to Diamond.

Click here to view the Bronze to Diamond in 60 Days guide

lol strategy


Ciderhelm’s Learn The League

Learn The League is a guide on how to get to Diamond in LoL with more of a strategic focus than other guides. It includes over 150 awesome high quality illustrations such as tactical maps and plenty of video clips to explain hard to understand concepts. This guide is ideal for players who already have good mechanical skill but need to practice their gameplay strategy.

You can check out Learn The League here

LoL Guides Summoner School

The Summoner School program contains a free 5 day course that shows you how to get to Diamond in LoL. The course covers topics such as carrying, winning 4v5, last hitting and many more. It really is an awesome course and we highly recommend it – plus it’s FREE for 5 days!

You can check out the LoL Guides Summoner School here

If you’d rather read a free guide on how to get to Diamond then you can find loads of awesome websites which feature professional players (such as lolking or lolclass).for completely free.

Tip Five: Communicate with your team

lol flaming

League of Legends is a team game and as the human race currently lacks the technology to read minds we have to rely on communication. By using smart pings and chatting without flaming you’ll find that your win rate improves dramatically. It can also help you win if you try to keep your team together. You may feel silly trying to stop an argument between two strangers on the Internet over a game of League of Legends but you won’t win the game if your team falls apart. People who are angry or stressed are likely to suffer from tunnel vision or tilt and make mistakes that can only lead to further arguments. By ensuring your entire team remains calm you’ll have the maximum chance of winning that game.

Tip Six: Learn from Professional Elo

When you want to become good at something one of the best ways is to learn from someone who is already good at it. You wouldn’t be happy if you got taught mathematics by a drama teacher and it’s the same with League of Legends. If you want to get to diamond then you’ll need to learn from people that have already got there.

Thankfully there are tonnes of professional players who stream on services such as twitch and you can find lots of awesome replays on YouTube. By watching professional streamers and games you’ll pick up new tips on positioning, farming and other important aspects of the game. All of this will help you climb the ranked ladder.

Tip Seven: Practice on Alternate Accounts

lol smurf



If you want to learn a new champion or need to have practice a certain combination then you shouldn’t do this on your main account. It could cost you hundreds of LP before you become good enough to start winning again and this is LP you might never make back. It’s a great idea to have a second League of Legends account (known as a smurf) which you don’t mind losing on. This can help you improve at the game and ultimately get to diamond on your original account.


Of course if you are really struggling you could always look at using elo boosting to get out of ELO hell and start climbing yourself.

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