How to Get to Master in League of Legends

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How to Get to Master in League of Legends

After following our guide to reach Diamond you’re probably looking to set your sights higher and reach the Master league now. Well your prayers have been answered and we’ve got the perfect guide on how to get to master league.

5 Tips to Get Master GAREN-teed

#1: Watch Professional Streams

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The first thing to do if you’re wondering how to get to master is to study professionals playing the game.

You can learn a great deal of tips and tricks from professional online streamers.

Most high ELO streamers stream daily giving you plenty of time to watch them play. Most streamers also allow you to post questions in the chat so you can pick their brain and get some detailed answers.


If you’re struggling to find someone to watch you can find a huge selection of live broadcasts on by going to the League of Legends section and arranging by viewers. A lot of streamers also have their own YouTube channels so be sure to check them out. 

By watching other professionals you can pick up new ideas for certain champions and find which are currently the strongest. Watching professionals also gives you tips on how to increase your CS, and real time commentary on what they are thinking. So get your notepad, get on to and start paying attention! Stop posting kappa faces and ask the streamer some questions on how to improve.

#2: Find a Champion You’re Comfortable With for Each Lane

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When playing high level games you need to make sure you’re versatile and have good knowledge of all lanes and roles. If someone takes your spot then you don’t want to let the team down by being terrible.

From watching the professional streamers on you should have a good idea of who is a popular strong champion to use for each lane. Make sure you have a range of champions you can pick and feel comfortable playing in each role. It’s always better to play one champion against lots of opponents than playing hundreds of champions inconsistently.

This is a great game plan to use if you are wondering how to get to master.

#3: Practise on Alternative Accounts

The best way to learn a new champ is to practise on a new account to stop you from losing LP on your main account. Would you risk your current rank and LP playing a champ you’ve tried before? Probably not.

Practising against bots is very unrealistic as there is no skill involved and they can be easily beaten. The same thing applies to normal games, most players don’t take it seriously and won’t be of the same skill level. 

By buying a smurf you can jump straight into ranked action and get some proper practise with some new champions you’ve never played before. Once you feel comfortable with that champion you can begin to play it on your main account. You’ll notice a lot of streamers have smurf accounts which they play on which confirms this is a great method on how to get to master.

#4: Record Your Games


Another great tip on how to get to master league is to record your games. Why would you want to do that you might ask? Well recording your games can give you lots of information that you can review after the match.

You can use software such as FRAPS or Camtasia to capture video in game. By watching the recording after your game you can see what mistakes you made and how you can stop them from happening again. If you analyse the match you can track down what you are doing wrong in your gameplay and which bits need improving. Once you have analysed your games and found some key points you can improve on, you need to dedicate some time to improving them.

If you can’t find any points that you need to improve on then get your LoL friends to watch the video instead. They should be able to highlight some points in your gameplay that need improving. As a last resort you can actually also get a professional LoL mentor to watch your video and give you tips, for a price of course. The other benefit of recording your gameplay is you can start to create a collection or montage of all your top plays. This will help motivate you when you hit a losing streak in the future which will happen!

#5: Know When to Take a Break

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If you’re wondering how to get to master then this tip alone will help you improve your gameplay immensely.

Continuously playing matches can be bad for your gaming performance. If you’re on a winning streak then by all means keep playing! You’re probably in the right state of mind and feel like you can defeat anyone!

On the other hand, if you’re on a losing streak then you’re probably in a bad mental state with lots of negative thinking and feelings. The best way to stop this vicious cycle is to stop playing and take a break. During your break you can relax and have a think about what is going wrong. You can always come back later in the day refreshed and ready to pwn some more noobs!

Now Go and Get Master!

So there you have it, all the secrets on how to get to master league.

If you follow this guide religiously you’ll definitely see an improvement in your gameplay and will put you closer to reaching your goal. If you’re currently practising your champions then you should consider get a secondary smurf account so you can play ranked matches without any consequences. Smurf accounts nowadays are fairly cheap and save you all the time of leveling up another account to level 30. Be sure to check out our store below to see the range of smurfs we have to offer.

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