League of Legends How To Get To Diamond Guide

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League of Legends How To Get To Diamond Guide

We’ve revisited some of the tips in this post as well as added more in our newer posts: How to get to Diamond and How to get to Master.

Getting to Diamond is the ultimate goal for any LoL player, but just how to you get to Diamond in LoL? Well it’s not easy, that’s for sure – but anyone can do it with the right mindset and strategy. We’ve included some information on how to get to Diamond in LoL below to help you on your journey. Who knows, this time next year you could be in Diamond I – Good luck!

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How to get to Diamond in LoL Guides


There are many guides out there teaching you how to get to Diamond in LoL. Some of these are very worthwhile, whilst some are a complete waste of time. Below we’ve listed the 3 best guides that teach you how to get to Diamond in LoL, we strongly recommend that you give them a go!

Bronze to Diamond in 60 Days

The Bronze to Diamond in 60 Days guide is excellent at teaching you how to get to Diamond in LoL. It includes the LoL Builder’s Guardian Angel, an app that imports the best Diamond player builds right in to the game, allowing you to play like the pros. It also contains a fantastic eBook with all the tips and tricks on how to get to Diamond.

Click here to view the Bronze to Diamond in 60 Days guide

Ciderhelm’s Learn The League

Learn The League is a guide on how to get to Diamond in LoL with more of a strategic focus than other guides. It includes over 150 awesome high quality illustrations such as tactical maps and plenty of video clips to explain hard to understand concepts. This guide is ideal for players who already have good mechanical skill but need to practice their gameplay strategy.

You can check out Learn The League here

LoL Guides Summoner School

The Summoner School program contains a free 5 day course that shows you how to get to Diamond in LoL. The course covers topics such as carrying, winning 4v5, last hitting and many more. It really is an awesome course and we highly recommend it – plus it’s FREE for 5 days!

You can check out the LoL Guides Summoner School here

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Main a Champion

Maining a champion is a great way to get to Diamond in LoL. When picking a champion to main it makes sense to pick a strong champion – check out our post on the strongest LoL champions to help you decide. Of course, fully mastering a champion is only one part of helping you get to Diamond, strategy and mechanical skill will still be required to compete with the best.

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Watch the pros

Watching pro players and professional games is a great way to learn how get to Diamond in LoL. Watching streams by pro players on sites such as Twitch.tv and Azubu.tv will help you to understand the meta-game in greater detail and improve your strategic gameplay. You can also use the Abios eSports Match Ticker to keep track of pro games as they go live. Professional level LCS games are also an excellent learning tool to learn map strategies – just remember though that the current pro scene meta will often different to the meta in lower divisions, so you may have to adjust your gameplay accordingly.

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Ask for help

This is something people often forget, but one of the best ways to get to Diamond in LoL is to ask for advice from higher ranked players. This could be players on your friends list or even asking pros for advice during their streams. Other places where you can ask for advice on how to get to Diamond in LoL are community sites such as the League of Legends or Summoner School subreddits. Of course, if asking for advice you must be prepared to take criticism of your current play style – something a lot of people struggle with!

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Buy a LoL Smurf

If you’re trying to get to Diamond in LoL, buying a LoL Smurf can be very helpful. A LoL Smurf will allow you to practice new champions and strategies without harming your rank on your main account. Alternatively, some people find they are stuck in “ELO Hell” on their main account and wish to start fresh with a smurf. Plus, when buying a LoL Smurf it is already level 30, so you can jump right in to ranked play! Click here to buy a smurf from LoL-Smurfs.com and benefit from our unique special warranty.

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