How to Record League of Legends – The Essential Guide

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How to Record League of Legends – The Essential Guide

Have you ever wondered how to record League of Legends? The last time you got a pentakill did you record it? The chances are you didn’t, but don’t worry, most players don’t record their games mainly because they don’t know how. Luckily we’re here to change this by teaching you how to record League of Legends.

Whether you want to start making a YouTube gaming channel or you just want to record your matches to review later, recording in game has plenty of benefits. Recording your plays in game can be an excellent way to store all your highlights which can then be used in any way you want.

If you’re having a losing streak and need a boost, then watching your old highlights or matches where you destroy everyone is what you need. It brings back your confidence and reminds you that you can play the game well. Not only does this get you pumped and psyched for the next game but you can also upload these clips and movies to online streaming websites.

Many people have built successful YouTube channels just by posting League of Legends gaming footage and compilations. If you have hours and hours of footage, then you could look at making a gaming channel or just show off to your friends.

No matter what you want to use the footage for the first step is learning how to record League of Legends. There are a few different ways to do this each with their own benefits and downsides. We’ve listed the most popular and easiest ways on how to record your games in League of Legends.

The Best Way to Record League of Legends Using In Game Software

The first and easiest way how to record League of Legends is to use screen capturing software. The process is fairly simple, you download some software and install it, then press record when you want to record your game. Most software is free while others can be bought for a few dollars.


how to record league of legends fraps

Available online for 27 GBP, FRAPS has been the go to capture software for many years. This easy to use software gets rid of all the unnecessary menus and settings while still being able to record perfect footage. Simply install the software and jump in game. Once in game you will notice a yellow FPS counter in the top right. Press F9 and the numbers will turn red; this means it’s recording.

To stop recording simply press F9 again and the footage will be saved to your computer. Easy! The software allows you to record as long as you want (assuming you have enough space on your computer). Once you’ve got all the footage, you’ll need to use an editor to piece the clips together. Luckily there are plenty of free ones online that can do the job just fine. record league of legends games is a new piece of software that allows users to record, upload and share video clips of their favourite moments with other players. Think of it like an Instagram for gamers. The software is free to download and use which makes it an excellent choice.

The software currently supports numerous games and allows fans to follow their favourite pro players to keep up to date with the pwnage. If you’re looking to make a colleague of your top plays and show them to your friends, then has got you covered.

Although this is the easiest method, it does have its drawbacks.

Depending on how old your PC is the recording software might affect its performance. While recording on your PC you might notice a significant slowdown. This is because the software is trying to record and write to your hard drive while you are playing the game, this can often make your game feel slower and laggy.

We said it was the simplest method, but we didn’t say it was the best! If you want to record in real time without any lag then you should look at the second method, using a built in capture card.

How to Record League of Legends Using a Built-in Capture Card

If you want to recording your footage but still have smooth gameplay then you’ll want to consider getting a built in capture card. These physical cards are installed into your computer and record in-game footage while maintaining a steady frame rate on your computer.

Elgato game capture HD 60

capture card

Available for $180 USD the elgato game capture HD 60 allows players to record any game in stunning HD quality. The device also records at 60 FPS which means your footage will be a lot smoother and enjoyable. All files are automatically encoded to help reduce the size without losing any quality.

To use the device just plug it in via USB and the elgato game capture card will automatically be recognised and do all the work for you. Recording isn’t the only thing it can do; then it’s also possible to live stream using the device.

Elgato game capture HD 60 PRO

capture card

Similar to the HD 60, the PRO version takes capture cards to the next level. Thanks to it’s PCIe interface this capture card allows a higher quality bitrate and the option to live stream and record at the same time! If you want the ultimate capture card that allows you to record your games in high quality while you’re playing then the HD 60 PRO is the best choice.

Although this is the best way to stream and record live footage of you in game the price of the cards can be a bit off-putting. If you need a cheaper alternative but still want smooth gameplay while in game then you’ll need to use the built-in replay feature.

Record League of Legends Games Using the Built in Replay and Recording

With the start of season 7, Riot released a new in game patch update which includes a special new feature, the replay function. Available in game, the replay function allows players to review, highlight and record any matches.

Here’s how to record League of Legends:

  • Download your replay from the End of Game Screen or Match History
  • Watch replays from the current patch using the new replay mode, with the functionality you’re used to from spectator mode
  • Find major events with the annotated timeline, which mark events such as kills, takedowns and dragons
  • Capture video clips of your in-game moments using the built-in recording functionality
  • These highlights will be stored on your hard drive as a .webm video file. These files can be viewed by opening them in any browser and shared to social media along with all your dank memes

If you want to just upload a few short clips of you getting a quadra kill or penta kill then the replay function is the best way. Just download the file after the match and run it in the replay editor. If you want to record the whole game then you can always use some of the software mentioned early.

Add Some Spice to your League Replays

Recording videos and showing off your skills can be fun, but sometimes you do to do something different to stand out from the rest. If you go on YouTube you’ll find thousands of League of Legends videos and compilations of players skills.

To stand out you need to do something different and have something exciting for viewers will enjoy. A good way to do this would be to use a special rare skin while playing a champion. Why watch a normal Twisted Fate when you can watch a cool PAX Twisted Fate!

If you’re looking for a rare and unique skin to spice up your videos, then you should check out the LoL Skin store.

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