How to Tell if Someone is a Smurf in LoL

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How to Tell if Someone is a Smurf in LoL

If you’ve been playing a game and noticed a player is considerably better than everyone else then they might be a smurf. But how can you tell for sure? Some players also like to tell everyone how they’re in Diamond league and how they’ve been playing for years. Normally players like that end up feeding all game. So how can you tell a smurf in LoL? Here are the top ways to tell if they really are a smurf or not.

How to tell if someone is a Smurf in LoL?

They Have Almost Perfect CS

One of the most obvious giveaways if a player is a smurf or not is the amount of creep score they have in the game. Experienced high skill level players understand the mechanics of the game well compared to other players and they know how to last hit. A lot of new lower skilled players struggle to last hit for many reasons such as bad internet, delayed reactions or overestimating the damage.

Smurfs in LoL also know how to farm when they are losing lane and will have considerably more CS than anyone on their team. So next time you’re playing a game, keep an eye out on the CS of your teammates and enemies. If someone has a considerably higher CS than everyone else then they’re probably a much higher skill level and are possibly a smurf.

They Have the Most Kills

Experienced players in League of Legends understand when to go for a kill and when to play defensive. Smurfs in LoL are usually much better players and understand the champions inside out, making it much easier for them to kill other players. When playing in lane smurf players will tend to put pressure on the enemy as much as possible and punish them for their mistakes. If you feel your opponent is poking you way too much or constantly harassing you in lane then you’re probably up against a smurf. This is a great way how to tell who is a smurf in LoL. Just from looking at the aggressiveness of the player as well can give you a big clue. If they are super aggressive and keep diving you every few minutes then they’re probably used to doing it at a much higher skill level. The next time you see someone getting a pentakill then they’re probably a smurf. Be sure to stay with them to get as many assists as possible!

They are Always in the Right Place 

Have you ever been diving your opponent in top lane when suddenly your teammate from mid teleports in? Or you’re trading blows with the enemy in mid and your jungler arrives out of nowhere? The chances are your teammate has good map awareness which is not common for new players as they are more focused on their lane only. Smurf players in LoL will know the map well from playing the game for a long time. They can also anticipate what the other team and players are going to do before they do it, such as dragon or baron. Some of the better players are also really good at dodging skill shots and make the person firing them look like a complete noob.

They Use Wards

Let’s be honest, on low level games wards are a mysterious item that no has ever heard of yet alone use. Lower skill players don’t see the value in wards and would rather save up the extra gold to buy their Homeguard boots. Whereas higher skilled players completely understand the importance of wards and make sure the map is well warded. If you have a player on your team that’s always buying wards and warding the map then they’re probably a smurf. Smurfs in LoL sometimes like to give advice to lower skilled players and will encourage other players to buy wards to make sure they have enough to cover the map.

They Call the Shots 

Sometimes smurf players in LoL like to call the shots to their team. This can be a good thing, especially if that player is much better than you as it’s like having your own coach. By listening to smurf players on your team, they can decide which lane to push and if you’re team should take certain towers or not. Smurfs in LoL will normally tell the rest of their team when to do the dragon or baron, as other players have trouble understanding when is a good time. If someone on your team seems to keep calling the shots and tries to take control of the match, who knows you might be playing with YellOwStaRs smurf!

As you can see there are many ways to tell if someone in your game is a smurf or not. Smurfs in LoL are found in all different leagues and levels of play so they specifically found in just a certain league. If you’re thinking of making a smurf account then save yourself the time of leveling one from scratch, we have a large collection of smurfs in our store. Most of our accounts also come with bonus IP and RP which you can spend on whatever you want.

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