How To Win At League Of Legends Champion Select

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How To Win At League Of Legends Champion Select

While good personal skill and great teamwork will help a team achieve victory on the Rift it’s also important for you to start playing the game in champion select. Poor team compositions and weak champions will cost your team the game before you’ve even hit the first creep. We’ve used Teemo the swift scout to find some of the top tips from around the internet to help you become a master of League of Legends champion select.

Don’t be afraid to Dodge


If you want to win at League of Legends champion select you need to learn to dodge. If you are a confident player then you know that you can win most games. Even the best players in League of Legends don’t have win rates of over 75% but you won’t get a win rate that high if you aren’t dodging games. While you can be the best player in the game you can’t do much with a team mate that’s AFK or trolling. Dodging saves you this large loss of LP and allows you to remain at the same MMR. If you are in a promotion series then you unfortunately can’t dodge but at least you can mute everyone and focus on your game alone. Toxic abuse will only cause you to tilt and dodging keeps your mind-set positive and avoids tilt.

Counter Pick (but only when you can)

Counter-picking is a big part of League of Legends. Most champions have someone who excels against their kit and can lead to a very difficult match up for the weaker champion. Some people will always default to the counter of who they face in lane but this isn’t a good idea because you should play champions you are comfortable on. We recommend picking up 3 or 4 champions to ‘main’ who can all counter each other. This way you’ll always have a counter pick available (even if it’s only a weak counter pick) to all potential lane opponents without picking a champion you don’t feel confident on.

On the other side if you are forced to first pick your lane then don’t feel bad because you’ve been counter picked. If you pick a champion you play regularly and are confident on then you’ll know your way around the champion enough to avoid losing. While winning your lane is nice it’s sometimes almost impossible against certain champions and going even in this situation is okay. Don’t force yourself into situations or plays that you really shouldn’t be doing. If you need to take a risk then go for it but if the game is going well enough without you being top of the scoreboard then just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. A negative attitude will only stop you winning at League of Legends champion select.

Communication is Key

If you want to win at League of Legends champion select then you have to speak to you team. While language barriers, social anxiety and toxicity can make this difficult you should at least try some basic phrases. Thankfully the new champion select removes some of these barriers but it’s still important to discuss team compositions and in game tactics. Try to pick what your team needs from what you already have. Don’t pick a full AD or full AP team and always make sure you have one or two tanks. Pick CC if your team lacks it and if you decide to go for an all in composition pick a champion that can burst or initiate. Don’t pick an all in champion if your team is deciding to play a poke composition. If someone is toxic in the champion select then you should just ignore them until you can mute them. Try to keep team moral up or it could impact the game. If you want to win at League of Legends champion select then you need to make sure you make clear the team’s goals and objectives so that everyone is on the same page. If the other team hasn’t done this then you have a huge advantage going onto the Rift.

The bottom line to win at League of Legends Champion Select


The TL:DR here is to act like a team. If you try to create a team composition or notice that someone in your lobby is trolling then just dodge. It’s not worth wasting your time, potentially going into tilt and reducing your MMR because someone on your team is having a bad day. Start playing comfort picks over counter-picks you’ve never played and communicate with your team. Create a clear strategy or goal and build a team composition around it. If you follow these tips you’ll be win more League of Legends champion selects and this will mean you’ll win more League of Legends games.


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