Is League of Legends Finally Dying In 2019?

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Is League of Legends Finally Dying In 2019?

League of Legends is a huge game with a huge community and millions of eager fans. Like most successful things in the world, there are always people who question how long their success can go on for.

This raises the question by many League of Legends players, “Is League of Legends dying?”.

Just like Apple and their iPhones or Uber and their taxis, big and successful companies can’t last forever? Or can they?

We’re here to take a look at the evidence and decide if League of Legends is dying or not. From player numbers to data and trends, we’ve researched everything you need to know.

Here’s why League of Legends won’t be disappearing anytime soon.

LoL Player Base is Up

popular league of legends

A common method that many game developers, critics and reviewers use to determine if a game is growing or shrinking is the game’s player base. By looking at the numbers every year or month, it’s relatively easy to determine if a game’s popularity is rising or decreasing. The only hard bit is finding the numbers…

If you read our post that covers the League of Legends player numbers, then you should know that the year on year player base is up. Having around 11.5 million monthly players in 2011, the number has since grown to over 100 million!

League of Legends Player Count

league of legends players

As you can see, so far every year has seen a reported increase in the League of Legends player base. If you were to plot this as a chart, then it would look something like this.

Notice the straight line going up? This indicates a positive growth in the player base. Does it look like League of Legends is dying? Nope.

For us to even consider that League of Legends is dying you would have to put in a lower number than before. Even then it would still be in an uptrend and would require another lower year until you got some confirmation. For now, the player base is up, and it’s likely to continue.

Tournaments are Getting Bigger Every Year

e sports arena

As you probably know, League of Legends has a strong eSports scene that first started in 2011. The first major League of Legends professional tournament was dubbed the World Championship and has taken place every year since 2011.

In recent years the World Championship has evolved into one of the largest eSports tournaments of the year. Every year the event gets bigger with more teams, more players, bigger venues and more coverage.

To see just how far the World Championships have come, let’s take a look at some of their stats.

Is League Of Legends eSports Dying?

2014 World Championship Stats

  • 288 million total cumulative daily unique impressions
  • 179 million hours of live eSports viewed
  • 27 million unique viewers watched the finals
  • Peak concurrent viewership of 11 million viewers

2015 World Championship Stats

  • 334 million total cumulative daily unique impressions
  • 360 million hours of live eSports viewed
  • 36 million unique viewers watched the finals
  • Peak concurrent viewership of 14 million viewers

2016 World Championship Stats

  • 396 million total cumulative daily unique impressions
  • 370 million hours of live eSports viewed
  • 43 million unique viewers watched the finals
  • Peak concurrent viewership of 14.7 million viewers

league of legends worlds compared

As you can see, all the of the facts and figures were reported first hand from Riot themselves. If you look closely, you’ll also be able to see that everything has gone up year on year. The total viewers, concurrent viewers, hours watched and total unique viewers have all gone up.

If League of Legends was dying then surely the stats would prove it? The stats have only gone up every year, and there are currently no signs of it slowing down. If the 2017 World Championships put in some bad numbers, then it might be questionable, but since the data is not out yet we can only wait and see. Our guess would be that the figures are likely to be record-breaking yet again.

LoL Reddit Subscriber Growth

reddit banner

Our final stat to prove that League of Legends isn’t dying comes from Reddit. As you probably well know, Reddit is a huge online discussion board where millions of people come to discuss topics, movies, politics and games.

League of Legends has had it’s own Reddit board since around 2010 back when it only had a few subscribers. Since then, literally millions of people have subscribed to the subreddit. This show’s 2 things. Number 1: there are millions of active players and these statistics help confirm Riot’s stats from earlier on. Number 2: it shows

According to stats from Reddit Metrics, the League of Legends subreddit has seen exceptional growth in the past few years. In fact, the subreddit recently reached 1 million subscribers. Just take a look at the chart below.

league of legends reddit growth

Notice anything familiar? Such as the increasing line? As you can see the subreddit has seen tremendous growth since 2013 and shows no signs of slowing down.

So, is League of Legends dying? Definitely not! After looking through all the hard cold data and stats it’s hard to disagree.

What do you think? Have we missed out any data? Let us know in the comments.

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