Jax vs Darius – Who’s The Best?

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Jax vs Darius – Who’s The Best?

If you’ve been playing League of Legends for long enough, then you should know about the two fearless warriors: Jax and Darius. Often found in the top lane, these champions are incredibly durable and can dish out some serious amounts of damage.

But what happens when you put them both up head to head? Who’s better and why?

To answer the question, we’re going to take an in-depth look at both champions and dissect their abilities to determine which should have the upper hand. We’ll then take a look at historic win rates to get an idea of who’s better and if it matches with our findings. Want to know who would win between Jax vs Darius? Well you’re about to find out.

Jax vs Darius: Jax’s Skillset


Known as the Grandmaster at Arms, Jax is a tanky champion that can unleash a wrath of damage once he’s built up his passive. The ability, known as Relentless Assault gives Jax bonus attack speed every basic attack which stacks up to 8 times. By the times he’s got 8 stacks his overall attack speed can increase by up to 88%.

Being a melee champion, it’s essential that he’s equipped with some kind of gap closer or else he would just get kited around the battlefield. Jax’s gap closer is called Leap Strike and allows him to jump to a ward, friendly minion or enemy champion while dealing physical damage. Not only is this a good engage ability, but it’s also a great escape.

One of the spells that really makes Jax the champion he is has to be his Empower ability. When activated Jax’s next basic attack or Leap Strike will deal bonus magic damage and have an increased range. Empower also resets Jax’s auto attack timer which allows him to get in extra attacks and time his hits even more precisely.

Another of Jax’s most useful abilities is his Counter Strike ability. When activated Jax will enter a defensive stance and miss all attacks for 2 seconds. After this period Jax will then stun everyone in an AOE area while dealing damage. Not only is this great for 1v1 scenarios, but it works even better in group fights.

Finally Jax’s ultimate is all about dealing extra damage while being super defensive. With his passive Jax will deal additional damage every 3 hits. Combine this with his passive ability to increase attack speed, and you’ve got a champion capable of dealing extraordinary amounts of damage. When activated his ultimate will also give him bonus armor and magic resistance for 8 seconds which also makes him incredibly tanky. Great for when you’re playing in the top lane.

Jax vs Darius: Darius’s Skillset


Now that we’ve had a quick look at Jax’s abilities, let’s compare them with Darius’s.

Darius’s passive applies a deadly damage over time bleed with can stack up to 5 times. Upon applying the full 5 stacks or killing an enemy with his ultimate, Darius also gains Noxian Might which gives him up to 200 bonus attack damage. Not only is this great at dealing additional damage but a lot of the time it will often deal the killing blow to enemies running away.

When Darius has enemies in range he will start to use him Decimate ability to deal maximum damage. This AOE damage ability damages everyone around him in a radius as well as healing him at the same time. Not only is this great in 1v1 fights but also in team fights as it allows him to deal maximum damage.

When Darius gets close to enemies, he often uses his Crippling Strike to stop enemies from running away. The ability slows enemies movement speed by 90% for 1 second which often gives enough time for Darius to catch up.

If Darius is already far away from an enemy then he’ll use his gap closer which is known as Apprehend. With a range of 535 units, Darius can grab anyone in front of him and pull them back. After a successful Apprehend most players will usually follow up with Crippling Strike to stop enemies from running away. If Darius misses then the spell will still go on cooldown and Darius won’t have a gap closer for up to 24 seconds.

Finally, Darius’s ultimate is the iconic Noxian Guillotine which is also known as the dunk. When activated Darius deals true damage and a percentage of his AD. For each passive stack of Hemorrhage on the target the damage will be increased by 20% up to 100%. If his ultimate kills a champion then the ability will be reset and he’ll be able to cast in again on another enemy. This ultimate is what makes Darius one of the scariest top laners.

Jax vs Darius: Winning as Jax

winning as jax

If you want to win as Jax when fighting against Darius then there are a few important things you need to learn. The first thing is that Darius is a slow champ with a starting run speed of 340 compared to Jax’s 350. It might not seem like a lot but it’s enough to make a difference.

If Darius misses his gap closer, then you can either decide to take the lead with a surprise attack or retreat to safety knowing he can’t get you. However, since both champions are melee based, you’ll have to get in his face eventually. It is possible to harass Darius as Jax but involves a lot of precise timing. After he’s used his Apprehend you can enable Empower and Leap Strike in before following up with Counter Strike. This will cause damage to Darius without getting any back. You’ll also stun him for a second and should be able to get some more auto attacks / Empowered ability off on him. Once you’ve dealt the damage, you can either commit to the fight or escape with Leap Strike again and repeat the process. Leap Strike only has a 6 second cooldown from the initial landing. When you combine this with the 2 second Counter Strike and 1 second stun you only have to wait 3 seconds before it’s available again.

If at any time Darius catches you with his Apprehend you can also escape by Leap Striking to a nearby minion or ward. Since Apprehend only slows down movement speed by 90% for 1 second, it does not affect any other gap closing abilities.

If you happen to go face to face with Darius then remember to pop your ultimate to go into full defensive mode. By increasing your bonus armor you’ll be able to last a bit long which will allow you to unleash more auto attacks and damage. When playing against Darius it’s all about taking the lead in the fight with your damage combos. If anything ever goes wrong then you can also Leap Strike out, reset and try again.

Jax vs Darius: Winning as Darius

winning as darius

Jax might have a few advantages over Darius, but there’s still a way to beat him. Darius initially starts off with lower attack damage than Jax but by level 18 he’ll have significantly more. In addition to this, Darius also has a large attack range of 175 units compared to Jax’s 125. This means that trading blows isn’t as hard as you imagine, especially when you do it early on.

One of the hardest abilities to play around will be Jax’s Counter Strike and Leap Strike. Early in the game Counter Strike will have a cooldown of around 16 seconds while Leap Strike will have a 10 second cooldown. Keeping track of when he’s used them and when they’re on cooldown is essential if you want to win. Once Leap Strike is down you can be a lot more aggressive with your Apprehend and Crippling Strike as you know there is no chance he can escape.

If you can harass him enough and keep applying your passive then over time you should be able to wear down his HP. Eventually you should be able to DUNK him with your ultimate. The good thing about Darius’s ultimate is that is applies true damage. This means it ignores armor and any other defensive stat. Considering Jax’s ultimate gives him bonus armor, it makes it pretty much useless when up against your ultimate.

Jax vs Darius: The Winner

So who’s the winner? Who would win in a fight against Jax vs Darius? Well for starters it depends on the player, a bad Jax will also lose against a good Darius. However, what if they were even players?

From comparing abilities and stats we we’d have to give it to Jax. Not only does he have a better skill set but he’s also more mobile and deals a lot of damage. Sure Darius’s ultimate deals a hefty amount of true damage, but you have to build up your passive on the target to do a decent amount. Jax, on the other hand, can trigger his Empower every 3 seconds which deals additional damage, increases his attack speed and makes his ultimate passive more likely to trigger.

In addition to this, we’d rather have a 1 second stun over a 1 second snare any day. The ability for Jax to pull off his Leap Strike, Empower, Counter Strike, Leap Strike combo can give Darius a hard time. Sure Darius can Apprehend or Cripple Jax, but it’s all useless when he can just jump away. Not to mention that Jax has a significantly faster attack speed and can pull off a lot more auto attacks in a short space of time.

Combining all of Jax’s abilities and features, we think it’s clear that he’s the winner!

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