LCS Big Plays – The Best of Season 5

By LoL Smurfs


LCS Big Plays – The Best of Season 5

With season 5 now well underway, let’s take a look at the “LCS Big Plays” from the past 5 weeks of action. We’ve included the top 5 Big Plays from both the EU and NA LCS scenes so what are you waiting for – go ahead and check them out!

Top 5 NA LCS Big Plays:

TSM Lustboy brings out the Nami plays

An awesome Nami bubble and flash from TSM Lustboy to save TSM WildTurtle!

Dignitas Backdoor Team Coast

Team Coast go for the Baron and it backfires horribly! DIG Gamsu manages to stop the recalls of Team Coast, allowing Dignitas to rip through the base and take the nexus. That’s what we call a #LCSBigPlay!

Team 8 with an awesome teamfight 

Team Impulse look to be winning the fight with Team 8 on the backfoot. A fantastic wombo-combo of a Malphite ult from Team 8’s CaliTrlolz and the Orianna Shockwave from Slooshi turns the fight in an instant, and Team 8 emerge victorious.

TSM Tower Siege

TSM siege Team Liquid’s top lane tower with all 5 members. Team Liquid look to turn the fight, but TSM pull out the big plays and win the fight.

Doublelift with the Kallista plays

Awesome from Doublelift and great teamwork! Doublelift uses his Kallista ult in tandem with the Blitzcrank grab to pull XiaoWeiXiao out from the midlane before nuking him. Our favourite #LCSBigPlay so far!

Top 5 EU LCS Big Plays:

Fnatic’s Huni brings out the Rumble plays 

The situation looks grim for Fnatic’s Huni as MYM tower drive for a 1v4 in the hope of getting first bloog. However, an awesome Rumble play turns the fight around and gives Huni first blood – amazing play!

Gambit turn around a tower siege 

A dire situation for Gambit with their top tower under siege and Diamond getting caught out of position. Gambit turn the fight around with a world-class Cassiopeia ultimate from Cabochard – truly an LCS Big Play!

The baits from Fnatic’s Febvien

Odoamne gets baited by Febvien’s Zed plays. H2k commit to a fight but some great teamwork from Fnatic means they are quickly overrun and Fnatic mop up with 2 kills and the bot lane outer tower.

Froggen with the Zhonyas

Amazing timing by Froggen to activate his Zhonyas at exactly the right moment. There was no way Froggen could escape the 1v4 from Unicorns of Love, but he still manages to get a kill on the enemy mid-laner out of it. Impressive!

Amazing Mega-Gnar timing by Odoamne 

Odoamne looks to surely be dead, but his timing on he Mega-Gnar transformation is absolutely perfect. He turns the fight in his favour and gets the kill – a great #LCSBigPlay!

Your favourite LCS Big Play

What was your favourite LCS Big Play so far in Season 5? Or do you think we’ve missed any that should be included in this list? Let us know in the comments below or via our Twitter and Facebook pages and we’ll include the best suggestions!

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