Are You Ready for the LCS Summer Playoffs?

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Are You Ready for the LCS Summer Playoffs?


With the 31st July marking the end of the 8 week summer split all eyes now turn to the start of the LCS summer playoffs. Now the summer split has ended we have an idea of who will be heading to the playoffs to fight to represent their region at Worlds. Here’s everything you need to know about both the EU and NA upcoming summer playoffs.

What’s the LCS Format?

The League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) is one of the most important events of the esports calendar. Each NA and EU LCS league is made up of 10 teams facing every other team twice for a total of 18 matches. The competition is split into 2 parts, the spring and the summer leagues. The NA region plays their matches in the best of 3 format, while the EU play theirs in the best of 2 format

The LCS playoffs for the event consist of 6 seeded teams in a single elimination knockout tournament. All matches are the best of 5 with individual matches to determine the 3rd and 4th place.

How Does a Team Qualify For Worlds?

There are a few ways a team can qualify for worlds. The first way is if they win the summer split they will automatically qualify for Worlds as the first seed from their region. The second way to qualify is to accumulate the most championship points throughout the season, this allows the team to qualify for worlds at the second seed.

In the event that more than 1 team are tied in the standings at the end of the summer split, then the team that gained the most points in the summer split will be considered the winner. The final spots for the Worlds will be determined at the NA and EU Regional Qualifiers with the winners going through as the third seed from their regions.


Following the end of NA Summer split the 6 teams that have qualified to go through to the LCS playoffs are as follows:

  1. Team SoloMid
  2. Immortals
  3. Cloud9
  4. Counter Logic Gaming
  5. Team Liquid
  6. Team EnVyUs

The first match will take place on August 13th with Cloud9 vs Team Envy. Cloud9 showed strength during the summer split finishing in 3rd place overall with 12 wins to 6 losses. Team Envy on the other hand barely managed to finish in the top 6 with a joint 8 wins and 10 losses with team Apex Gaming. We’re not very envious of their results!

The second match will take place the day after on 14th August with Counter Logic Gaming vs Team Liquid. Both teams did reasonably well in the summer split with CLG finishing above Team Liquid by 1 place. We think this match will be very close to call with CLG possibly having a slight advantage going into the match.

Soon after this on the 20th August the semi-finals will begin with the second place bye Immortals facing off against whoever wins the first quarter finals match between Cloud9 and Team Envy.

The other semi-final match will take place the day after on the 21st August with the first place bye Team SoloMid vs whoever wins the CLG vs Liquid match.

The match for third place will take place on August 27th with the two losing teams from the quarter finals battling it out to claim the 3rd place.

The final for the NA summer LCS will take place on August 28th with the winners from the semi-finals securing that automatic qualification for Worlds.


Similar to the NA LCS the 6 teams that have qualified for the EU summer LCS are as follows:

  1. G2 Esports
  2. Splyce
  3. GIANTS! Gaming
  4. H2k-Gaming
  5. Fnatic
  6. Unicorns of Love

The first match for the EU LCS will take place on 13th August at a different time from the NA LCS. The match will be against Giants who finished in 3rd place and Unicorns of Love who finished in 6th place. Going into the match Giants have a clear advantage unless Unicorns of Love have any tricks (or Unicorns) under their sleeves.

The day after on August 14th H2K and fan favourite Fnatic will take stage to determine who will go into the semi-finals. Both teams finished the summer split with identical stats so we think this one will be a very close call.

The first semi-final match will take place on August 20th with the second place by team Splyce taking on whoever won the previous quarter final match between Giants and Unicorns of Love.

The second semi-final match will take place on August 21st with the first bye G2 Esports taking on the winner of the H2K vs Fnatic match.

Like the NA playoffs there will also be a third place match taking place on August 27th between the two losing teams from the quarterfinals.

Finally the final for the EU summer playoffs will be on August 28th with the winners taking that prestigious first place seed into Worlds for Europe.

We hope you’re as excited as we are for the LCS summer playoffs. To keep up to date on all the latest League of Legends news be sure to bookmark our blog page and check regularly!

End of Season and Worlds

With the LCS Summer Playoffs coming up – this marks the end of the regular season. Come October, the best teams from each region will come together in the USA to battle each other to become World Champion. Shortly after this the season will end and players will be rewarded with their victorious skin and border.

Unfortunately you’ll only get the victorious skin if you’re in Gold position – something that not all players can get. If you’re struggling to get to gold then you could always look at taking some League of Legends boosting to help you get out of ELO hell.

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