League of Legends Trivia: 11 Mind-Blowing Facts

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League of Legends Trivia: 11 Mind-Blowing Facts

League of Legends is a huge game full of history and lore. If you’re a big LoL fan then you probably know a few facts about the game and its history, but the chances are you don’t know everything!

To give you some cool trivia facts to impress your friends, we’ve handpicked some of the least known League of Legends Trivia. Covering a wide selection of current and historic trivia, there’s plenty of facts that you’ve never heard of.

Get ready to have your minds blown with our top League of Legends Trivia picks!

League of Legends Trivia Facts

League of Legends Fact #1:

League of Legends was initially called League of Legends: Clash of Fates before it’s release but ultimately the Clash of Fates was dropped when Riot decided the name was too long winded. At the time, Riot had already released several trailers for the upcoming game but decided to keep them anyway.

League of Legends Fact #2:

Although the game was released on October 27, 2009 the beta actually ran from April 10th, giving a few lucky players the chance to play the game early. Everyone who participated in the beta was awarded the King Rammus skin which is now one of the rarest skins!

League of Legends Fact #3:

The champions Vi & Jinx both come from Piltover yet both are completely opposite characters. Vi is a bad girl gone good (sorry Rihanna) and Jinx has just been pure crazy from day 1. Interestingly enough, if you look at the splash art for both champions, Vi is in a sunny Piltover, while Jinx is in the same spot with the city on fire. There’s actually even a few rumors that Vi could be Jinx’s sister!

vi jinx

League of Legends Fact #4:

SK Telecom T1 are the only team to have won the prestigious LoL World Championship 3 times after winning in 2013, 2015 and 2016. From the team, Faker and Bengi are the only 2 players to have won the championship 3 times with constant reshuffles seeing players replaced.

League of Legends Fact #5:

Singed was actually the first champion that began development in League of Legends but wasn’t released in the first batch of champions in game. He was in fact released nearly 2 months after the first batch. Another interesting fact about Singed is that in his default splash art he holds his shield in his left hand. Yet every other splash art he holds it in his right hand. Did someone at Riot make a mistake? Or are they just playing with us?!


League of Legends Fact #6:

Everyone loves Poros in game. They’re cute and playful, but just like gremlins, when you feed them Poro Snax, strange things happen. If you feed a Poro a snack as Braum while you’re on the Howling Abyss, the Poro will magically grow a mustache! How about that for an in game Easter egg?

League of Legends Fact #7:

When it comes to making the game, there are plenty of League of Legends voice actors behind the scenes that bring the game to life. Although there are hundreds of champions, not every champion has it’s own voice actor. Some actors are actually the voice of multiple champions. Currently, voice actor Karen Strassman holds the record for the most voiced champions as she voices 5 different champions in game – Zyra, Cassiopeia, Fiora, Shyvana and Elise.

League of Legends Fact #8:

Every champion in League of Legends has it’s own unique sound effects that make them stand out. From Vel’Koz’s laser beam to Katarina’s flying daggers, when you hear a ultimate you can usually tell who it is. The people behind the sounds are Foley’s, who are often used in films to make sound effects. When creating Zac’s squishy bouncy sounds, it actually required dog food and beans inside a condom that was vigorously slapped against a wall. The next time you’re playing Zac, be sure to picture that as you bounce around!

League of Legends Fact #9:

Teemo was inspired by the grinning smile emoticon that people love to use in chats. As crazy as that might sound, Teemo is actually an anagram of the word “emote”. Mind = blown.

League of Legends Fact #10:

The famous “BF Sword” is actually a reference to the 90’s classic DOOM. Originally released in 1993, the game included an uber weapon dubbed the “Big F****** Gun” (BFG). Well, Riot wanted to get their point across about how big this sword was so they eventually decided to call it the BF sword, which is definitely understandable.

League of Legends Fact #11:

Over the years there have been many League of Legends bugs that have come and gone, but don’t worry, there are new ones popping up all the time! One of the most memorable League of Legends bugs is the minion swarm that was caused by Heimerdinger and his turrets. By positioning his turret in a certain way, minions would queue up before being released in a massive stampede. With so many minions it’s hard to do anything!

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