League of Legends Attack Move Tutorial

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League of Legends Attack Move Tutorial

No matter how many years you’ve been playing MOBAs, there’s one technique that everyone is trying to master.

Known as the attack move technique, it’s this technique which often separates amateurs from the professionals. Learning the basics can be done in a matter of minutes, but becoming good at it can take a lifetime.

To help speed up your learning path and to help you progress from noobie to pro, we’re taking a look at the League of Legends attack move technique. We’ll be looking at why it’s so important to master, and what you can do to become better at it.

Let’s start by looking at why attack moving is so important in League of Legends in the first place.

Why Attack Moving Is So Important

When it comes to playing League of Legends, positioning is often everything. Without being in the right position, you can’t attack enemies, use your abilities, or even see them! What’s the point in having a fully kitted out champion if you can never attack your enemies?

Attack moving in League of Legends is a technique that has been around long before League of Legends. In fact, this technique was first found in games such as Warcraft when the original Defense of the Ancients mod was released. Players noticed that by canceling attacks, they could skip the animations and therefore increase their efficiency. This means they could get off more attacks on a champion, while also moving. And in turn, the attack move technique was born!

To understand the power of the attack move technique you only need to use it for a little while to see why the pros use it. Usually when a champion auto attacks in LoL they are stationary as moving the champion cancels any attacks. For new players, many of them don’t know that it’s even possible to cancel these auto attacks, but the pros do.

By canceling these auto attacks, players can easily get more control over their champion which allows them to move at the same time as attacking. Obviously, this gives players a huge advantage. Not only can they attack faster, but they can also move while doing so. This is what separates the newbies from the pros.

Attack Move: The Basics

lol champion attack radius

Now you have a good understanding of what the attack move technique is. How exactly do you do it?

To get things started, the attack move technique always starts off with the initial attack. Usually, the target is already within range to stop your champion from running over there on a crazy auto path. As a rule of thumb, if you want full control over your champion then you need to put in all the work and make them move your way.

Once the first attack has been completed, and the projectile or model has hit the target and caused damage, you’ll want to right to move. This is usually just a few pixels away from where you are currently standing and will cause your champion to move a little in that direction. While your champion is moving to their new position, you simply right-click a target you want to attack whether it’s a minion or enemy champ.

This new command to attack will automatically cancel their movement and tell them to start attacking the target. When using this technique quickly, you’ll see how much more efficient your champion will become at attacking. Not only does this technique reduce the number of unnecessary animations, but it also allows players to kite enemies without taking any damage. Compared to the usual technique of just standing their and auto attacking, it’s clear that attack move has plenty of advantages.

Here’s a quick video of the attack move technique in action here.

Practice Makes Perfect

Although we can give you endless tips and ideas on how to attack move, ultimately you’ll never get better unless you practice. This means actually joining a real game against real players and practicing your technique until it’s perfect. If you think you can just play against bot opponents, then think again.

Not only are bot opponents very easy to play against, but they are also very predictable and are often too passive. If you want to practice under real-world situations, then you need to play ranked games. Now we’re not saying just jump into a ranked match and risk losing your MMR, that would be silly!

The best thing to do is to play on a second account such as a smurf which will allow you to practice without any negative consequences. The chances are the first time you try to attack move; you’ll suck. However, by continually doing it you WILL get better.

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