League of Legends Best Reworks

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League of Legends Best Reworks

People change, and if a game wants to hold an audience’s attention, it must change with them. When a Champion is released, it’s usually quite popular, but what happens when the meta shifts?

That once-popular mid laner might vanish completely, considered useless by the community. While a small percentage of fans continue to play this Champion, it will go neglected by most players.

We’re about to look back at some of the most recent Champion reworks, along with a couple of older ones, to see how they’ve faired. First off, let’s look at The Sheperd of Souls.

Yorick Update – 9/8/2016

lol updated yorick lol champion

When the gravedigger first hit the Rift back in 2011, it was to much excitement. His ability to summon Ghouls got much attention, as did his unique appearance. Unfortunately, he didn’t’ fit any niche as well as other Champions could. It wasn’t long before Yorick got buried beneath new and shinier champions.

Classic Yorick was not a Champion you wanted on your team. His skills were clunky and outdated. As for his graphics? They looked as old as Yorick himself is. Overall, it was a big mess, and for the longest time, no one wanted to touch him.

Eventually, though, a group of brave Rioters dug Yorick up in the hopes of reviving him. A couple of bits had to get tossed out, but the core feel of him remains intact – his Ghouls.

Periodically, dead enemy units spawn graves, and when Yorick uses his “Awaken” ability, they all return to life as Mistwalkers. These zombies, while resembling ghouls, don’t have any special abilities – they simply run forward and take down anything in their way. This, combined with Yorick’s ultimate, turns him into an undead bulldozer.

Speaking of his ultimate; When you hit R, Yorick summons the “Maiden of the Mists.” A dark, warped creature that attacks using a chunk of Yoricks attack damage. The thing is, it can be set free to charge down a lane. This works in much the same way that the Rift Herald does, only the Maiden doesn’t charge.

Long tendrils of necrotic energy ooze from the Maiden of The Mists, draining life from you, easily as scary as the Rift Herald. If you see Yorick coming at you with both the Rift Herald and Maiden of the Mists, you’d better ping for help, and fast.

Swain Update – 2/7/2018

swain updated lol champion

With this update, we got to say good riddance to Swains moldy lemon-colored robes. His ridiculous blue mohawk was replaced with long grey hair, streaked with white highlights. It’s not just his looks that have changed though, he moves differently too.

Old Swain hobbled around on a cane, but Swain’s new and improved version sees him strutting around like a battle commander. Which, incidentally, is what he is, and his black armor makes that clear.

As with all reworks, some things had to stay – Swain is a frontline mage, he drains life from people, and he can root them. Oh, and he has birds, that’s quite a big part of his kit.

The connection with his Ravens remains strong, but really plays up the demonic side of them. Now, whenever a nearby enemy dies, the bird’s feast. Swains link with his Ravens means that he too, feasts, granting him some HP. He can also snatch up people’s souls by right-clicking on them while they’re immobilized. He then consumes this fragment of soul, healing him even further.

His ultimate works pretty much exactly as it used to, but now it doesn’t last forever. When the ultimates timer runs out, Swain’s mutant bird form explodes. This explosion deals damage to every enemy around him, assuming any of them are still alive.

What makes this one of the greatest reworks is the way it kept Swain’s old identity and feel while adding a few much-needed tweaks. Definitely one of our favourites, and we expect to see much more of Swain going forward.

Kayle and Morgana Update – 2019/03/06

kayle and morgana update
These two sisters are always mentioned together, and since they were reworked at the same time, it’s only fair that we discuss them together! Kayle also happens to be the first Champion ever to be reworked in LoL, giving her a special place on this list!

In March of 2019, these two Champions underwent some serious visual reworks – and rightfully so, given how old they both are!

While both Champions received changes, Kayle got a couple more than Morgana (History repeating itself with Kayle getting all the goodies, leaving Morgana to suffer.)

Let’s start with the darker of the two siblings, before moving on to her shining sister.

Morgana Rework

First off, Morgana’s Q will still root you for an ungodly amount of time. In fact, the only ability to be touched in this rework was her ultimate. Previously, Morgana didn’t receive movement speed from moving toward enemies while her ultimate was active.

Visually, Morgana is still purple enough to make Lulu envious, but this rework added a few shades of pink to her costume. The main change, however, is her legs. Before this rework, Morgana wore a gown that concealed her legs entirely – and it was actually revealed that her legs were never drawn in the first place! Overall, her outfit now looks much more modern and realistic.

Morgana’s abilities also got a light touch up. Spells now have splashes of pink and blue, plus they just look crisper. While there have been no drastic changes, her abilities have received some much-needed touch-ups.

Kayle Rework

This Kayle rework was made around the idea of getting more powerful over time. Of course, all Champions get stronger as time passes, but it’s even more obvious with Kayle. Unlike in the past, Kayle no longer has an ability that temporarily turns her into a ranged Champion. These days, she’s a normal melee Champion, until reaching a certain level, that is.

The first form of Kayle’s passive is known as “Zealous” and is the one she receives at level 1. Zealous grants Kayle stacks with each auto-attack. When she reaches max stacks, Kayle gains a bonus to movement speed when moving toward enemies – a bit of a parallel with Morgana’s ultimate.

At level 6, Kayle is granted the second form of her passive; Aflame. As the name suggests, Kayle flings waves of fire with each auto-attack, dealing bonus magic damage.

At level 11, Kayle becomes “Arisen” and turns into a fully ranged Champion. At level 16, Kayle is completely evolved and becomes “Transcendent.” At this stage, her flaming attacks deal bonus true damage.

She also receives visual changes in line with these power spikes! These include; The growing of wings, the growing of more wings, and the removal of her helmet! Her helmet is also more reminiscent of Pantheon post rework. In fact, some people who had only seen the splash art thought that she was Pantheon’s sister or something!

Her ultimate, while already awesome, also got a couple of tweaks. It maintains the classic “Invulnerability for herself or a member of her team” ability, but now also draws down a storm of swords that deals damage to all enemies in the way.

Visually, her new sword is stunning, and her armor shines with righteous, holy fire. She has never looked more like a Paladin than she does now, with her detailed angel wings – however, her personality is much crueler too. Some people dislike this more diabolical version of Kayle, but most people enjoy the more morally grey take on this shining exemplar of justice.

2019/8/8 – Pantheon Rework

lol updated pantheon

No longer does this beefy Spartan have to suffer from pizza feet! The sandals worn on his laughably oversized feet have been replaced with hard boots, and his body has changed too! His physique now resembles that of an actual human, and the strange red glow has been removed from his skin.

His shield has gone from a basic orange circle to a detailed bulwark that has plenty of shape and definition. The beads of orange light behind his helmet are also gone, which is actually more creepy! Before you knew he had eyes, you knew he was watching you. Now? You have no idea what lies beneath the helmet.

In terms of his abilities, we have a lot to unpack! Don’t worry, most things have remained the same, but they’ve all got a fresh coat of paint.

First off, we have Grand Skyfall, *ahem*, we mean “Grand Starfall. The reason we touch on Pantheon’s ultimate ability first is because that’s what he’s known for. That red circle of death that spreads around you as he comes rushing in like a meteor – truly scary.

For the most part, Grand Starfall is the same, but with a few tweaks. Instead of coming In from above, Pantheon now soars in from the side. After tossing down his spear, he then flies toward it in a line. While enemies might be able to get out of it, the indicator that Pantheon is coming in is not as obvious. This is a slight buff, in addition to looking far more epic than just dropping down on someone.

Pantheon’s passive ability now gives his next basic skill a buff after five basic attacks or ability uses. Don’t worry though, his ability to block everything from tower shots to Soraka bananas remains intact.

This ability is now called “Aegis Assault” and reminds us of Braum’s shield. It works much the same way, but instead of reducing damage from a certain direction, it blocks damage – only for Pantheon, mind you, but it’s an excellent ability regardless.

Unfortunately, we don’t have time to go over every Champion rework, but we truly believe that these are the best. Some reworks turned Champions that were deemed unplayable into many player’s top picks! Those are the ones we’ve focused on today, and those are the ones we hope you appreciate the most! Did we leave any great Champion changes out? Let us know down below!

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