League of Legends Collectibles For Every Die Hard LoL Fan

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League of Legends Collectibles For Every Die Hard LoL Fan

If you’re a super fan of League of Legends, then the chances are you probably have some kind of collection already. No matter if it’s a plush from the Riot store or a fancy Twisted Fate statue, League of Legends super fans are always looking for the next thing to add to their collection.

To help you make that important decision, we’ve scoured the web and handpicked the best League of Legends sculptures, figures, and jewellry just for you. No matter if you’re buying for yourself or a friend, we’re confident there will be something perfect for everyone.

Here are our favorite League of Legends collectibles.

Must Have League of Legends Collectibles

To make things easier on your quest for your next collectable, we’ve split up the collectibles into certain categories to help you find what you’re looking for. Maybe you’re in need of a new plush or want to add a new figure to your collection, whatever you need, just check out the different sections below.

League of Legends Figures

Figures and models are great for collecting as they look awesome anywhere in your house, office, or dedicated memorabilia room. Although there aren’t any life sized League of Legends figures available just yet, these figures are just as good!

Sivir Statue

sivir statue

Have you ever seen something League of Legends related that you just had to instantly buy? Well this is one of them! This epic and incredibly detailed hand made Sivir figurine is pure perfection. Handmade in Russia and standing 8 inches tall, this Sivir figure has incredibly high detail with no seams on any of the sides. Available from the online crafting store Etsy, this figurine is a must have for any die hard LoL fan.

Gnar Figure

gentleman gnar figure

If you want to add a special edition collectible to your LoL collection then get your credit card ready. This awesome gentleman Gnar figure is currently available on the official Riot store, but there’s no telling when it will be removed. Featuring the loveable Gnar with a top hat, cup of tea and monocle, this figure is pure cuteness. Standing at 4.5 inches tall it’s around the same size as your mug but remember what happens when Gnar gets angry…

League of Legends Plushies

Plushies are a fun thing to have around your house and are particularly popular with young kids. But who said only kids got all the cool stuff? If you want a squishy and huggable toy for yourself, siblings or pets, then these are a must have.

Poro Plush

poro plush

Everyone LOVES Poros right? There’s no denying their cuteness, which makes it no surprise they have been turned into numerous Plushies. Although there are Poro Plushies available on the Riot store, this plushie is extra special because it’s been handmade by a diehard fan.

Available on Etsy, this user has single handedly created plenty of adorable Poro Plushies for people all over the world. Made from a range of cotton and yarn, these soft and cuddly plushies are perfect for any League of Legends fan.

Tibbers Plush

tibbers plush

If you’re looking for something special and unique to add to your League of Legends collection, then why not get a Tibbers Plush? You probably already have lots of Annie related collectables but we bet you don’t have Mr. T himself. Available on the official Riot store, this Tibbers plush is 16 inches tall, almost as big as the real Tibbers himself! Featuring his trademark button eye and stitching, the next time someone asks if you’ve seen Tibbers you can present them with this.

League of Legends Jewelry

When it comes to jewellry and League of Legends you probably don’t think the 2 go together, especially if you’re a guy. Well that’s where you’re wrong, League of Legends jewellry is a thing and there are plenty of cool items out there.

Kindred Necklace

kindred necklace

This handmade Kindred necklace is perfect for League of Legends couples and besties. Handmade in Italy, this Kindred necklaces features both the lamb and wolf insignias from the champion in game. Split into 2 pieces, the necklace can be shared with friends or worn as 1 whole piece, whichever you like. Available from the online crafts store Etsy, this necklace is great for a birthday present or just to add to your collection.

Diamond Tier Pin Badge

diamond tier pin badge

Do you want to show people how pro you are? Are you sick of people asking you what league you’re in? Then you need this sweet Diamond Tier pin badge. Hand crafted and painted in Germany, this badge features amazing colors and an encrusted gemstone right in the middle. No matter if you keep it at home on display or wear it proudly while you’re out and about, this pin badge looks great anywhere.

League of Legends Sculptures

Sometimes League of Legends figures can be very expensive *cough* $250 Twisted Fate statue *cough*. Instead you can get just as good as a collectible item for a much cheaper price if you buy a small sculpture. Here are our top LoL sculpture picks.

Mini Poro

mini poro figure

Like we said before, everyone loves Poro rights? And what’s better than having your own hand sized Poro you can carry around with you or have sitting on your desk. Handmade in the USA, this Mini Poro is a great collector’s item you won’t find anywhere else. Available in 2 styles, these little Poro sculptures don’t exactly blow the bank and cost around the same as an in game skin.

Poro King

poro king figure

Legend has it if you collect enough Poros you eventually turn into the Poro king himself! Well now the secrets out it’s time to add another Poro to your collection. Inspired by the Legends of the Poro King game mode in LoL, this sculpture has everything covered. From the shiny gold crown to those lush eyebrows and beard, this sculpture is a must have for every League of Legends collector.

Shaco Mask

shaco mask

If you want the ultimate League of Legends collectible, then you need this incredibly detailed Shaco Mask. Not matter if you’re planning a Shaco cosplay or just love to joke around, this mask is for anyone who wants to petrify their friends and family. Handmade in Chile, this mask looks great on your wall or on your face. Whatever you choose, be sure to keep it protected at all times, this mask really is special.

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