League of Legends Hats For Every Die Hard Fan and Cosplayer

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League of Legends Hats For Every Die Hard Fan and Cosplayer

No matter if you’re a die-hard LoL fan or an active cosplayer, everyone needs a League of Legends hat in his or her life. There’s nothing better to get you in the gaming mood than a cool LoL cool Teemo or Corki hat.

To help you sift through the hundreds League of Legends hats, we’ve painstakingly researched and found the best picks just for you. Whether you’re planning a Halloween party, getting ready for worlds, or just need something LoL related in your collection, we’re here to help.

Here are our top League of Legends hats for every die-hard fan.

Teemo Hat

Teemo hat with goggles

The first hat on our LoL hats list is this awesome Teemo hat. Taken straight from Teemo himself, this hat is as real as it gets. Made from super soft material and featuring his trademark blue feather and goggles, this hat is perfect for every Teemo fan. The hat also includes an embroidered League of Legends logo on the back as well as two little ears that stick out.

Available on Amazon for shipping worldwide, grab yourself something cool to impress your friends!

Rabadon’s Deathcap Hat

rabadons deathcap hat

Next up on our list of League of Legends hats is this interesting Deathcap. Based on Rabadon’s Deathcap from in-game, everyone knows the power of this legendary item. Standing 24 inches tall with its big glowing eyes, this hat is sure to attract attention wherever you wear it. Perfect for Halloween, parties, or giving you an edge while in game, this hat is definitely for APCs only.

If you want to increase your ability power by 20% then this LoL hat is a must buy!

Corki Hat

corki cosplay hat

Moving on with our list, if you main Corki in game, then this is something you need in your collection. This Corki hat is perfect for everyone who can appreciate the flying marksman in and out of the rift. Including his famous moustache and flying goggles, everyone will love this detailed Corki hat.

Available to purchase on Amazon, this is certainly a hat you should be adding to your collection.

Rammus Hat

rammus cosplay cap

If you prefer to stay in the jungle while playing LoL then this is an excellent hat. Made after one of the deadliest junglers out there, this Rammus hat is perfect every LoL fan. Featuring his classic spikes and brown shell, the hat also includes two arms that come down on each side. Combine this with his deadly eyes on the top and this hat is easily a fan favourite.

Teach your foes a lesson in jungling while wearing this detailed Rammus hat today.

Big Poro Hat (With Gloves)

poro cosplay with hat and gloves

Unlike the other hats on our list, this hat is definitely a two in one. Not only does this Poro hat feature a cute Poro to place on your head, but it also comes with two paws to keep your hands warm.

Handmade in Portugal, this Poro hat has had plenty of love and skill painstakingly crafted into it. Made from genuine fleece and fur, this super soft League of Legends hat will leave you feeling like a fluffy Poro in no time.

Support your fellow League of Legends fans and artists by buying this incredible Poro hat from Etsy.

Veigar Hat

veigar hat

If you’ve seen Veigar in game then you should be able to remember his ridiculously oversized hat. Have you ever wanted to own one yourself so you can show it off to your friends? Well good news, now you can!

This impressively detailed Veigar hat stands at 23 inches tall and includes its own hat buckle. Unfortunately, the evil laugh is not included. If you want to show everyone how evil you are, then there’s nothing better than with this evil overlords hat!

Available from Amazon and shipped worldwide, this hat is perfect for every occasion.

Now you know the best League of Legends hats, it’s time to start your very own hat collection. With plenty of hats suitable for every occasion, you can bring a bit of LoL into your life with these cool collectibles.

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