League of Legends Hoodies To Show Your Love For The Game

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League of Legends Hoodies To Show Your Love For The Game

Let’s face it, League of Legends and apparel often don’t go together. There are plenty of League of Legends hoodies out there but most of them are too generic and cringey. Who wants to walk around in a hoodie with the League of Legends logo on it? Not very cool.

If you have a deep love for LoL and want some cool League of Legends hoodies that make you stand out, then you’re in luck. We’ve separated the cringey from the cool and have hand picked the best League of Legends hoodies out there.

League of Legends Jinx Hoodie

jinx hoodie

The first hoodie on our list is this cool fully printed Jinx hoodie. Instead of having just a picture of Jinx on the front, the entire hoodie is covered in colorful print to make you stand from the rest of those normies.

If you main Jinx in the bot lane then this hoodie is an essential piece of apparel you should have in your collection. Perfect for gaming tournaments, comic-cons and even cosplay events, this hoodie will certainly make you stand out from everyone else.

Reasons Why I Lose Hoodie

reasons why i lose hoodie

Don’t you just hate it when you lose a game in League of Legends. Of course, it was NEVER your fault, it was always down to somebody else. Let every know why you lost your games with this hilarious League of Legends hoodie.

Featuring the top 8 reasons why people lose their games, this hoodie is bound to raise some smiles while you’re wearing it. And if anyone asks “Why did you lose your game?” then explain it to them with a guided tour of the checklist.

League of Legends Poro Hoodie

poro hoodie

Every who plays LoL knows how cool Poros are. Those cute little guys are all over the howling abyss and only multiple when you feed them! To show everyone how cool Poros are there’s no better way than with this sweet hoodie.

Featuring a Poro stack on the front, this hoodie is sure to get you lots of attention while you’re out and about. Ideal for striking up conversations with random people in the street, this hoodie will unleash the Poro within you.

League of Legends Garen Hoodie

garen hoodie

When it comes to Garen, you either hate him or love him. His 1 shot ultimate and annoying spin 2 win ability makes him fun to play with and a nightmare to play against. Known for his Demacia catchphrases, this hoodie basically sums up Garen in 1 simple image.

Featuring an anime cartoon style drawing, Garen has never looked cuter. If you main top lane and enjoy playing a lot of Garen, then this hoodie is perfect for you. Not only does it look awesome, but it also tells everyone you’re not afraid to spin 2 win.

Don’t Talk To Me Hoodie

don't talk to me hoodie

Shaco players can be super sneaky and annoying. With their jack-in-a-boxes, daggers and clones, they can be really annoying to hunt down and kill.

This funny League of Legends hoodie is a great twist on a popular meme. Originally from the Metal Gear Solid franchise, this hoodie has made it even better by making it LoL related. Obviously not everyone is going to understand the saying so expect a lot of normies to ask you questions. You have been warned!

I’m SO OP Hoodie

I'm so op hoodie

The last hoodie on our League of Legends hoodies list is this simple but attention-grabbing hoodie. Have you ever wanted to tell people how overpowered you are but struggle to find the words? Well now you can. This hoodie basically screams alpha male and will instantly impress anyone who catches you wearing it.

Not only does this hoodie tell everyone about your elite skills, but it will also let everyone know who’s boss. Assert your dominance with this OP as hell hoodie!

Hopefully, some of these hoodies have grabbed your attention, and you’ve spotted one or two that you love. Now grab your favorite and wear it with pride! Show everyone how much of a LoL addict you truly are.

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