League of Legends Movie: Fantasy or a Possibility?

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League of Legends Movie: Fantasy or a Possibility?

Have you ever gone to the cinema hoping to see a League of Legends movie trailer?

League of Legends is so much more than just a video game. With a huge online community of over 100 million players and plenty of trivia and background lore, League of Legends is an entire universe.

This brings the question:

Will there be a League of Legends movie?

Yes, no, maybe?

Some might argue that video games never make good films, but then look at the success of the recent Warcraft movie. $433 million dollars revenue on a $160 million dollar budget is certainly impressive.

Others might argue that there isn’t a good enough plot to make a film, but then just look at all the detailed lore available for all of the champions.

We think there definitely should be a League of Legends movie, and here’s why.

Why a League of Legends Movie?

league of legends movie scene

Video game movies can be very hit or miss. Take the Far Cry video game, with 5 different releases over the years it’s certainly popular enough in the video game world. However, when it comes to movies it’s a different story. Back in 2008 they released a film based on the video game, simply titled Far Cry, the result? A huge loss.

Grossing less than 1 million dollars on a budget of 30 million, it was a complete flop.

An important thing to learn from this is that before a video game movie is released there needs to enough research and planning to determine if it’s likely to make money. There is no denying that League of Legends is a highly popular video game. With millions of monthly players there definitely is a large player base to target.

But are they likely to be interested in a League of Legends movie? Most likely yes.

Riot have been producing plenty of League of Legends cinematics throughout the years showing off new champions, updates and monsters within the game. One of their YouTube videos “Warriors” currently has 74 million views while they have plenty of other videos that have surpassed the 10 million mark. There is no denying that the demand is there.

Following the success of the Warcraft movie, it could soon be time for a League of Legends movie.

In 2016 Universal Pictures released the highly-anticipated film Warcraft. Ever since 2006 there had been plenty of rumours and talks of a Warcraft film. Initially scheduled to be released in 2009 the film was delayed several times in 2011 and 2013 before finally after nearly 10 years of planning the film was released.

The film itself is entirely based on the Warcraft video game series and lore which became even more popular when World of Warcraft was released.

The film was considered a huge success by many critics, with a current rating of 7/10 on IMDB it’s certainly no Dark Knight or Interstellar but a score of 7 is definitely respectable. In terms of profitability the film also pulled through on that. With a budget of $160 million dollars the film grossed $433 million in the box office making it a huge success. Even more interesting is where most of the box office revenue came from. In fact, over $220 mill of the $433 million revenue came from China alone. If this tells you anything it’s that Asia love a good video game movie!

What Would the Movie be About?

lol champion fight

If there is going to be a League of Legends movie, then there needs to be a gripping and interesting plot. Many players play League of Legends but few actually know the lore and history of every individual champion. This would be a great way for Riot to promote the history of the game and characters while putting on a fantastic show for viewers to watch.

With so many champions in the game the plot could literally be on a whole range of different things. A ranked team trying to make it to Challenger? The background story of certain popular champions? Or perhaps how they all ended up on the rift? With possibly hundreds of different ideas for a plot this would be one of the toughest decisions.

Most people who want to watch the movie would most likely already be League of Legends fans and would have more idea what is going on. However, at the same time in order to be a success, the movie needs to cater to non-LoL players as well. Whatever Riot comes up with we hope it’s a hit with both players and non-LoL players.

Who Would be in the Movie?

millie as annie league of legends movie

Finding the perfect cast for a movie can often make or break it. A brilliant script with bad actors can leave audiences feeling confused and disappointed. On the other hand, a poorly written script with top actors can be much more bearable. If Riot want to impress fans, then they need to make sure they get their casting right.

Considering this would be the first ever League of Legends movie to be released, Riot could take 2 different approaches when casting the roles.

If they’re feeling ambitious and think the film will be a huge success, then they could look at casting some A-list Hollywood actors. This could be anyone from Jennifer Lawrence to Johnny Depp or even Matt Damon. Since a lot of people will see a film just based on the cast alone, it’s crucial that Riot gets the casting right. They might have to splash out a lot more money to get A-list actors to work for them, but this could also dramatically increase the film’s popularity.

The second way in which they could cast members would be using lesser known actors. If they’re not 100% sure the film is going to be a success and want to try a pilot film on a lower budget then this would be the way to do it. Similar to the original Star Wars film A New Hope, the director George Lucas purposely picked not very well known actors for the roles. Not only did this mean he didn’t have to pay them as much, but it also meant he could get plenty of new faces for his films.

To get you thinking about the possible cast for the League of Legends movie, here are a few suggestions:

Potential League of Legends Movie Cast

Lucian – Wesley Snipes

wesley snipes as lucian league of legends movie

Known for his role as Blade in the classic film trilogy of the same name; we think Wesley Snipes would make the perfect Lucian in the League of Legends movie. Known for his action fighting and general swag, there are the 2 things that Lucian is made out of.

Annie – Millie Bobby Brown

milly bobbie brown as annie league of legends movie

After her rise to fame playing the popular Eleven in the Netflix hit Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown is the obvious choice to play Annie. However, if they’re planning on making a League of Legends movie then they should make it soon, children grow up oh so quick nowadays!

Lux – Margot Robbie

margot robbie as lux league of legends movie

Known for her role in the latest Marvel hit Suicide Squad, Margot Robbie is the perfect person to play Lux thanks to her bright blonde hair. In addition to her uncanny resemblance, Margot can also do a range of different accents to impress her audience.

Sion – Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson

mountain as sion league of legends movie

When it comes to playing big scary monsters, there’s only really 1 person for the job. If you’re a big fan of Game of Thrones, then you’ll know exactly who this is. With his massive physique and height, this guy would make the perfect Sion!

Xin Zhao – Orlando Bloom

orlando bloom as xin zhao league of legends movie

Having starred in the Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings franchises, Orlando Bloom knows a thing or two about being in blockbuster movies. He’s also pretty good at fighting on screen which would be essential if he was to play Xin Zhao in the League of Legends movie.

Vi – Ruby Rose

ruby rose as vi league of legends movie

After rising to fame in the original Netflix series Orange Is the New Black, we think Ruby’s cool tomboy style would make her a perfect Vi!

Twisted Fate – Keanu Reeves

keanu reeves as twisted fate league of legends movie

Having been in one of the biggest films of his time, the Matrix, Keanu has plenty of experience playing a number of different roles on the big screen. From his visual appearance, we think he could pull off playing Twisted Fate really well.

Veigar – Warwick Davis

warwick davis as veigar league of legends movie

Know for his incredibly small height, (107 cm), Warwick Davis has appeared in plenty of big movie franchises such as Star Wars and Harry Potter. If they need an actor to play a Yordle in the movie then look no further, here’s your man! On a side note we don’t think Warwick would make a good Warwick…

Graves – Hugh Jackman

hugh jackman as grave league of legends movie

Having made a name for himself playing Wolverine in the X-Men films and stand alone films, Hugh Jackman is a man of many talents. With his appearance from Wolverine, we think he could definitely pull off the gun slinging Graves.

Katarina – Scarlett Johansson

scarlett johansson as katarina league of legends movie

Known for her role as Black Widow in the Marvel Universe, Scarlett Johansson would make a perfect Katarina in the League of Legends movie. With her red hair and catsuit as shown above, we don’t think you could get any closer to pulling off the Katarina look.

Taric – Chris Hemsworth

chris hemsworth as taric league of legends movie

When it comes to strapping young men with chiselled abs and long blonde hair you’re probably thinking of Taric right? Well when it comes to playing Taric on screen we think Chris Hemsworth would be a great choice. Known for playing Thor in the Marvel universe, his appearance is oddly similar to Taric’s.

League of Legends A New Dawn

If you can’t wait for a League of Legends movie to come out then we totally understand how you feel.

To help battle your excitement, be sure to watch this awesome League of Legends cinematic released a few years ago by Riot. Titled League of Legends a New Dawn, this is probably the closest thing to a League of Legends full movie they have released. With lots of epic fights and featuring lots of your favorite LoL champions, it’s definitely worth the watch!

League of Legends Movie – Fan Made

Also be sure to check out this fan made League of Legends movie trailer!

Now you know everything about the possible upcoming League of Legends movie, play League of Legends now on your own smurf below…

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