League Of Legends New Champion: Jhin

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League Of Legends New Champion: Jhin

The League of Legends new champion is an assassin marksman who specialises in dealing tonnes of damage in small bursts. Jhin is a criminal psychopath who believes murder is art, using his gun as a paintbrush he would brutally turn murder into a theatre and send the most powerful messages of terror. Khada Jhin is League of Legends new champion bringing exciting new mechanics and a unique playstyle that no other marksman has. His unique passive causes his basic attacks to use ammunition and his attack speed cannot increase. After four auto attacks he must reload which takes him 2.5 seconds. The fourth auto attack will always critically strike but it deals less damage (150% as opposed to 200%). This makes him a burst marksman who must calculate if he can kill his enemy before he runs out of ammunition.

New League of Legends Champions Abilities

Jhin has an array of complicated abilities which work together to create the intricate killer himself. All of his abilities are about making a show out of death so the League of Legends new champion has lots of new effects and awesome abilities. We’ve listed you his 4 abilities and his passive below:

Passive: Whisper

The League of Legends new champion can deal a lot of damage in burst and is quite mobile but he lacks sustained damage and his critical strike damage is less than the standard 200%. Interestingly the maximum modifier for his critical strike is uncapped as the attack speed component is not affected by the attack speed cap. This makes sure that attack speed is a relevant stat for this marksman.

Q: Dancing Grenade

Dancing Grenade is a targeted chain area of effect ability and applies spell effects as an area of effect ability. It can also be blocked by both Braum and Yasuo – but this is a fantastic ability to poke the enemy marksman when they come in to farm. We recommend that you cap this ability first.

W: Deadly Flourish

Deadly Flourish is easy to dodge and very similar to the Jinx Zap ability. We recommend that you use this ability to help you kite enemies while you reload your weapon.

E: Captive Audience

The League of Legends new champion can place down traps similar to Teemo mushrooms. They are an AoE damage and are blocked by spell shields.

R: Curtain Call

Curtain Call is Jhins masterpiece. It has an extremely long range is an excellent ability to start or finish fights. It deals tonnes of damage but you have to be careful because it can be blocked by Yasuo and Braum.

Jhin Playstyle

Jhin plays very differently in lane to the traditional marksman. He cannot constantly poke like most other champions and he must carefully choose his moments to deal impactful damage without hindering himself. We recommend that you use your first three bullets to last hit, and the last one (which will critically hit) should be spent on your lane opponent.

His attack range is average which makes him easy to harass. You can also harass the enemy champion using his dancing grenade. Jhin will spend most of his lane under his tower because he doesn’t have the attack speed or ammo required to push the lane back against his opponent. This means you have to be perfect at last hitting under towers or you’ll vekills.Outside of lane Jhin is a fantastic skirmish champion. He can easily kite champions thanks to his traps and his movement speed bonus from his passive.

Prolonged team fights will punish Jhin if he can’t kill the enemy marksman in one burst so we recommend that you play him in a skirmish based composition. His ultimate is a game changer but once used he does become an easy target for assassins. Strong positioning and good communication will quickly make the enemy team fall behind.

You can make advantage of this by preparing your lane for a jungle gank using your Lotus traps. The pushed up enemies will have nowhere to go and you’ll pick up some easy cation with your team will be valuable when using curtain call. If Jhin picks up a kill in the team fight he can very easily snowball. His dancing grenade will deal extra damage if it gets a killing blow and Lotus traps will appear under the corpses of his enemies further adding to the carnage of the fight. His ultimate can be a great way to pick off fleeing enemies although it’s also a fantastic tool to start the team fight because the slow will allow the rest of your team to run in and mop up the enemies.

Jhin works extremely well with champions that have high CC such as Nautilus and Morgana. The peel that these champions provide as well as the constant sources of damage to trigger his W passive help Jhin dominate the game. Jhin is also a high CC marksman which can help champions with high damage and little mobility get into the fight and destroy the enemy team – People like Darius and Nasus. Jhin will struggle against Yasuo and Braum as they can block most of his spells. He’ll also struggle against champions that can all in or lock him down such as Jarvan IV or Talon. In lane we feel that the League of Legends new champion Jhin will struggle against Lucian because his mobility allows him to dodge most of Jhins abilities while he can easily out damage him.

Jhin Items

Jhin benefits from Attack Damage and Critical Strike chance. This makes him perfect for items like Infinity Edge and Essence Reaver. He also benefits from Attack Speed due to his passive which means that items such as Rapid Firecannon make an excellent addition to his kit.

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