League of Legends Pop Figures To Bring Your Desk To Life

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League of Legends Pop Figures To Bring Your Desk To Life


If you’re a League of Legends superfan, then the chances are you’ve collected a bit of merchandise over the years. Maybe you’ve already raided the local Gamestop and cleared their shelves -however, if you’re still looking for some League of Legends collectibles to add to your collection, then you’ve come to the right place.

League of Legends pop figures are essential for anyone who wants to show off how much they love LoL. Not only are they inexpensive compared to other LoL merchandise, but they also look great anywhere. If you’re looking for a new figure to put on your desk or shelf, then we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for. With numerous Pop Vinyl figures available, everyone can have their favorite LoL champion right next to them as they battle on the rift.

Here are the top pop figures you need to bring your desk to life.

Braum Pop Vinyl Figure

braum vinyl figure

The first figure on our list is this awesome Braum pop figure. With a face (and mustache) like that, it’s kind of hard not to want him in your collection. Standing at 10cm tall, this mighty Braum will protect your desk or shelf from any nasty invaders. If you main Braum and want to show your appreciation for this dashingly handsome champion, then this LoL figure is a must-have. Complete with a superb paint job and extraordinary detail, you won’t be disappointed with this purchase!

Jinx Pop Vinyl Figure

jinx vinyl figure

Next up on our list of League of Legends pop figures is the absolutely insane Jinx. Complete with her own invisible standing mount to help keep her stable, you’ll never have to worry about Jinx falling into your fish tank again. For the die-hard LoL collectors, this figure also comes with its own sealed display box which will keep Jinx in pristine condition for the many years to come. And of course, those entirely pink eyes only add to Jinx’s natural craziness!

Thresh Pop Vinyl Figure

thresh vinyl figure

Thresh is known for being a harvester of souls, and for his eerie green glowing effect. This pop figure manages to capture that uniqueness down to the smallest detail. With his finely crafted lantern and hook, it’s clear a lot of effort has been put into making this figure. If you need a champ to support the rest of your figures, then this Thresh figure is as good as it gets.

Ashe Pop Vinyl Figure

ashe vinyl figure

Let’s face it; your pop figure collection would be incomplete without this awesome Ashe figure. Standing at 10cm tall, this figure includes Ashe’s unique crystal bow, as well as her gold-plated armor to make her really stand out from the rest of the figures. Ideal for super LoL fans and ADC mains, these figures look even better when next to a whole team. What’s a team without an ADC? A joke obviously! Add this impressive Ashe figure to your collection and show people you mean business.

Miss Fortune Pop Vinyl Figure

miss fortune vinyl figure

Next on our League of Legends pop figures list is this mega pirate hunter Miss Fortune. Although you can’t pirate this pop figure, you can add this fierce warrior to your collection for only a few bucks. Known for her red hair, pirate hat, and her double muskets, this figure is an excellent tribute to the pirate hunter we’ve all grown to love. So what are you waiting for? Shiver your timbers and add Miss Fortune to your collection today.

Lee Sin Pop Vinyl Figure

lee sin pop vinyl

This pop vinyl figure is so incredible, you should be careful that you aren’t blinded by its awesomeness. Featuring the blind monk himself, this figure has excellent detail, and really brings to life the Lee Sin we all love (and hate). With the embroidered symbol on his headband and super detailed snake tattoo, its likeliness to the in-game character is definitely impressive. Protect your fish, computer, and precious books with this cool Lee Sin figure.

Vi Vinyl Pop Figure

vi vinyl figure

Next on our League of Legends pop figure list, but certainly not least, is Vi; a strong warrior who’s not afraid to deliver a fistful of JUSTICE. With her pink hair, massive gauntlets and even a small tattoo under her eye, this figure is as good as it gets. If you’re looking for a detailed figure that gets everything right then look no further. Complete with a display box and invisible mount stand, this figure is ideal for any hardcore LoL fan.

The Best League of Legends Figures On The Riot Store!

If you’ve already collected the pop figures listed above, or can’t find your favourite Champion amongst them, don’t worry!

The Riot Store is an excellent place to pick up some of the best League of Legends collectables – of course, they might be a little more pricey, but how much do you really want that Teemo figure?

Nendoroid Ezreal Figure

ezreal figureThis isn’t your run of the mill League of Legends figure. If you’re someone who enjoys setting scenes for your miniatures, then this is perfect.

Not only can you shape his arms and legs into different poses, but you can even attach a little Trueshot Barrage to him! Of course, you don’t want him to be firing his ultimate ability while looking calm and adorable.

Don’t worry though, just swap his face! That’s right, you can actually swap his ordinary cutesy face for one more suitable for combat.

Although the details on this miniature are beautifully crafted,  the price might be a little off-putting. However, if you’re an Ezreal main, then we wholeheartedly recommend you pick up this little fella!

Riot Teemo Figure

teemo figureIronically, Teemo is taller than Ezreal, standing at a whopping 11.4 cm (or about the size of an average coffee cup.)

The stand on this figure is perfect – it’s cram packed with brush and shrooms, two things that are very distinctive to the Swift Scout. Every detail is well sculpted, from the scrolls in his backpack, to the feathers on his hat.

Plus, Riot managed to capture the cheery essence of the character perfectly, how could you not want to pick him up – unless of course, you hate Teemo with a passion  – which is perfectly understandable.

Riot Taric Figure

taric figureThe paint job on this one is top-notch. Everything from the crystals to his armor is dazzling!

This figure stands at 11 cm, and is the ideal gift for your duo queue support, or for your own personal collection!

Again, some may find the price truly, truly outrageous, but if you’re a dedicated collector, this is one worth grabbing!

So there you have it, the best and most detailed League of Legends figures available. No matter where you’re planning on putting them in your house, the important thing is to remember to buy more than 1. Nobody wants to play on their own, and after all, you’ve gotta collect them all right?


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