League of Legends Tattoos You Need To See

By LoL Smurfs


League of Legends Tattoos You Need To See

With over 81 million active monthly players playing LoL, it was only a matter of time until some die-hard fans started getting tattoos.

There are players who enjoy playing LoL, and then there are players who live and breathe LoL. These players take things much more seriously and are even prepared to get permanent ink on their bodies.

To give you an idea of the type of tattoos that players get on their bodies we’ve compiled a list of some of the best League of Legends tattoos.

However, unfortunately sometimes tattoos don’t go to plan, and instead of creating a masterpiece some artists accidentally create an abomination. While hunting down the best League of Legends tattoos we managed to stumble across these interesting tattoos and just had to include them on our list.

So get ready for some laughs and “WTF??!” moments, here are some of the best, and worst League of Legends tattoos.

The Best of the Best League of Legends Tattoos


vi tattoo

The first League of Legends tattoo on our list is this epic Vi tattoo. Just from looking at the picture you can tell a lot of time and skill went into producing this. Not only is there excellent detail on the face but the splash of color really makes it stand out. If any LoL player was to take a look at this then they’d installing recognise her.


emumu tattoo

Next up on our list is this detailed Emumu tattoo. Although it’s just a single tone of black, we still think it looks great thanks to the amazing detail on his bandages. No matter if you’re a die-hard LoL player or just a casual, everyone should be able to recognise this tattoo and appreciate how great it is.


shaco tattoo

Sometimes when you see a tattoo, you get blown away by the detail and just how good it is. This League of Legends tattoo is a perfect example of that. Not only is it incredibly detailed, but the hint of color in the eyes really makes it stand out. Overall, we think this is one of the best League of Legends tattoos we’ve seen, and any LoL fan would agree with us.

Miss Fortune

miss fortune tattoo

Since all the tattoos we’ve covered so far are mostly a single color, this tattoo really stands out with its fantastic splash of colors. Featuring Miss Fortune’s traditional red hair and blue background, this awesome color combination really makes her stand out. The level of detail on her hat is also extremely impressive, and we’d be happy to be the proud owner of this tattoo.


poro tattoo

Our League of Legends tattoo list wouldn’t be complete without having some little cute Poro’s on it. So here they are! These 2 cute things make excellent tattoos along with their Braum moustaches. Since everyone loves Poro’s, who wouldn’t want these little guys on their body?


ziggs tattoo

If you’re crazy about tattoos as much as Ziggs is crazy about bombs, then you’ll love this one. This small but detailed piece really brings out the true character of Ziggs and shows him having a whale of a time with his bombs. We think this tattoo is a pretty good representation of how everyone feels when they score a pentakill in game.

The Worst League of Legends Tattoos

Trinity Force

trinity force tattoo

Sometimes when you see a tattoo, you have to look twice before you can work out what it is. This is one of those tattoos. For those of you that can’t make out what it is, it’s actually a Trinity Force. The main problem is that it’s actually upside down and the second problem is that it’s missing the black hole in the middle. We don’t think it’s the best League of Legends tattoo but we’ve definitely seen worse!


cassiopeia tattoo

Have you ever had your younger brother or sister draw you a picture to pin on your wall? Well imagine you took that drawing and got it as a tattoo. This is precisely what it would look like. Although it kind of resembles Cassiopeia, it’s clear that not a lot of time or effort went into it. Whoever got this tattoo, we really hope they didn’t pay TOO much for it.


kayle tattoo

Next up on our epic journey of League of Legends tattoos is this Kayle tattoo. Now we’re not sure where to start with this one. It’s clear to see that the tattoo is very slightly stretched and has really awkward positioning. It’s also drawn reasonably bad with Kayle herself looking like something from a really bad fan art drawing.


tristana tattoo

This Tristana tattoo probably seemed like a really good idea at the time, but as the game got older it’s started to become not as good. The most obvious problem is that the loading page art is actually out of date and has been reworked since, can somebody say awkward… The second problem is that the gun just randomly cuts out which looks incredibly weird. If you’re thinking of getting a LoL loading page tattooed on you, then it’s best to give it a miss.


riot tattoo

When it comes to bad League of Legends tattoos we’ve saved one of the worst until last. This is one of those tattoos you look at and instantly think “WTF?!?”. Apart from the fact that he’s got the Riot logo tattooed on himself, he’s also got the League of Legends logo just above it. Just imagine how awkward it would be if you wanted to go swimming or a walk along the beach. Not only would everyone be like “WTF” but you’d get a lot of heads turning.

LoL Ward

league of legends ward tattoo

The last tattoo on our list is this amazing(ly bad) ward tattoo. We think whoever got this tattooed on themselves probably did it to remind themselves to ward bushes. The quality of the tattoo is pretty terrible and the left side doesn’t even match the right side. If you want an example of a really bad LoL tattoo, then this is it.

We hope you enjoyed our list of League of Legends tattoos. If you’re ever planning on getting something LoL related tattooed on yourself then make sure you pick a good artist. The last thing you want is to be included on this list!

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