League of Legends vs Smite: Which is the Best?

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League of Legends vs Smite: Which is the Best?

It’s no secret that League of Legends isn’t the only MOBA out there. In fact, there are several MOBAs that have been released over the years. As you probably know by now, the MOBA genre is quickly becoming a very competitive market with several games battling for players.

Although it is possible to actively play several MOBAs at once, most players only focus on 1. This is mainly due to players having a preference over the others due to the gameplay, style or available champions.

With more games being released in the genre, this naturally raises many questions, including “which MOBA is the best”?

To help you decide which MOBA is the best, we thought we’d make a quick comparison of some of the popular games. In this post we’ll be looking at the very popular League of Legends vs the newcomer Smite.

No matter if you currently play one now, put your favoritism to one side and let’s look at the hard facts over which is better.

League of Legends vs Smite: The Developers

developer game studios

A great game often has a great developer behind it. Not only do good developers produce quality content, but they also listen to players and their feedback. While some developers think they know what is best and what players want, those are the ones that often see their player base diminish.

For those of you that don’t know, League of Legends is made by Riot Games, a huge company that has been around for over 10 years. Founded in 2006, Riot currently has over 1000 employees in over 17 different worldwide offices. Considering Riot have only developed 1 video game, that’s a lot of people working on League of Legends!

Smite on the other hand is made by Hi-Rez studios which have been around slightly longer after being founded in 2005. Unlike Riot Games, however, Hi-Rez Studios have developed a number of games including first person shooters, and other MOBA style titles.

With over 350 employees, Hi-Rez Studios is considered fairly small when it comes to game developers. They’re by no means an indie games developer, but they don’t have as many employees or offices as Riot. Also considering they are working on multiple titles simultaneously, this means they have nowhere near as many staff dedicated to Smite.

Due to Riot Games having been in the MOBA industry a lot longer and having more resources, we think League of Legends wins this round.

League of Legends vs Smite: Gameplay

gameplay smite lol

The biggest and most obvious difference between League of Legends and Smite is the gameplay. League of Legends is played from a top-down view where players right click to control their champion. This allows players to see everything on screen and gives them a good overview of the arena.

Smite, on the other hand, is completely different. Instead of a top-down view, Smite uses a 3rd person view that is over the shoulder of the player. This is where the gameplay is dramatically different. In Smite the gameplay is a lot more fast-paced and lower down. Instead of a full view of the arena, you are often limited to just your lane. Instead of clicking on the floor to move your champion around, the player controls their champion by using the WASD keys and clicking to attack. This difference in gameplay is what sets both of these MOBAs apart.

League of Legends sticks to the traditional and popular styles from games such as Warcraft 3: Defence of the Ancients, whereas Smite is trying something completely different. Although there are now other MOBAs that use the same 3rd person viewing from behind the shoulder (such as Paragon) Smite is considered the first to have done it.

Since this round is a matter of preference, it’s really up to you. Maybe you prefer the 3rd person view than looking down upon your character. Whichever you prefer that’s fine, we’ll call this round a down.

League of Legends vs Smite: Champions

smite lol champions

When it comes to characters in MOBAs, you often want a nice selection of unique champions that make the game enjoyable. Having too few characters can make the game very boring. On the other hand, having too many characters can be a bit overwhelming but isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as they are unique.

Characters in Smite are referred to as “Gods” and there are 88 of them available. Currently there are 5 different classes available in game, these include:

  • Mage
  • Hunter
  • Warrior
  • Assassin
  • Guardian

These gods can vary differently from skill level to abilities and offer a range of gameplay styles to players.

In League of Legends characters are referred to as “champions” and there are currently 134 of them available. With new ones being released everything month the number has constantly increased over the years. At this rate they’ll be the first MOBA to reach 200 champions!

Currently in League of Legends there are 6 different classes available in game. These are:

  • Assassin
  • Fighter
  • Mage
  • Support
  • Tank
  • Marksman

Having played both games, we think League of Legends clearly wins this round. Not only do they have more champions, but they are all unique. Some gods in Smite are very similar to other ones and don’t feel as if there was a lot of thought put into them. League of Legends also are regularly releasing new champions as well as reworking and tweaking old ones. Smite basically just focuses on releasing as many new champions as possible.

With all that considered, we’re giving this round to League of Legends.

League of Legends vs Smite: Conclusion

As you can see from all the areas we’ve covered there can only be one winner. We have to give it to League of Legends. This is mainly down to the size of the developer, the amount of staff they have, and their experience in the industry. Since League of Legends has been around for a lot longer than Smite this has given them numerous advantages. Not only have they been the industry leaders for a long time now, but they also managed to get millions of new MOBA players by releasing the game first.

Smite on the other hand have constantly been playing catch-up and have nowhere near the amount of growth or players compared to LoL. The selection of champions, viewing angle and general gameplay also favor League of Legends. It seems like Smite tried to make something unique by changing the viewing angle, but unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have paid off for them.

Which do you think is the best?

League of Legends vs Smite Comparison Table

League of Legends

Developer Riot Games Hi-Rez Studios
Release Date October 27th 2009 March 25th 2014
Players 100 million active monthly players 7 million active monthly players
Champions / Gods 134 88
Champion Progression Max level 18 Max level 20
eSports Scene $5 million prize pool (2016 World Championship) $1 million prize pool (2016 Smite World Championship)
Skills Range of skills shots and auto target abilities Most skill shots due to viewing angle
Maps 3 lane map layout including Dragon and Baron Nashor 3 lane map including Titans and Phoenixes
Difficulty Considered easy to learn and play Easy once you get the hang of the playstyle

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