What Is The Best Gaming Mouse For League of Legends?

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What Is The Best Gaming Mouse For League of Legends?

Most people who play League of Legends want to win. We don’t blame them, not only do you get exclusive season rewards, but you also get to impress your friends. Getting good at League of Legends is much harder than it looks and requires a lot of practice. But all that practicing won’t do you any good if you don’t have the right gear!

When it comes to playing League of Legends, your mouse plays an important part. Not only do you use it to move your champion, but you also need it to kill minions, attack enemies, and ping your teammates. Having a terribly slow mouse can often give you a disadvantage in game. If you were just a little bit faster, you would have got that kill or killed the baron.

What Makes a Good MOBA Mouse?

When it comes to finding the best gaming mouse for League of Legends, there are several factors to consider. Each factor will contribute to how good the mouse is, and it’s overall effectiveness. There’s no point having an amazing mouse with a great sensor if it only has 1 button. These factors will also help determine which is the best mouse for League of Legends.


One of the most important factors when it comes to a researching a mouse is the type of sensor it has. The sensor plays a major role in how smooth the mouse moves and will also affect the DPI (dots per inch) of the mouse. A quality sensor will have high DPI and will give the user a much smoother and more precise click. Some mice nowadays are actually capable of achieving over 10,000 DPI! That’s some serious precision.

Wired or Wireless?

Recently wireless mice have started to make a comeback into the gaming scene. Originally known for their short battery life, long input lag and drive incompatibility, wireless mouse still aren’t perfect. If you look at professional gamers, you’ll see that most of them still use wired mice as it gives them a faster response time and they don’t have to change batteries.

Imagine being halfway through a game of LoL when suddenly your batteries run out. They might be good for general office use, but in the gaming scene, they are still frowned upon.


This one might not seem as obvious, but a good gaming mouse will have plenty of buttons. Most League of Legends players, especially lower tiers will only use their mouse for clicking. Pro players, on the other hand, have plenty of buttons on their mouse which they can bind actions too. This means they can use their thumb or pinky to hit important skill shots while playing. Making sure you have more than 2 buttons on your mouse is essential if you want to become good at LoL.

Our Top Mouse Picks

Now that you know the important factors to look out for when choosing a mouse, it’s time to look at the best mice out there. A great guide to give you an idea of what to look out for when choosing a mouse can be found over at Jen’s Reviews. If you’re not much of a techie then it does a great job at explaining concepts such as wired vs wireless mice and DPI.

Here are top mouse picks:

3. Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex

Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex

The first of our top picks is this cheap and cheerful Logitech mouse that has all the essential basics covered. Whoever said you had to splash out lots of money on a fancy mouse to win? With 6 programmable buttons, 1 millisecond report time and a DPI of up to 4,000, this mouse will significantly improve your speed and precision in game.

Of course, it doesn’t have any fancy colors or features, but what would you expect from a $30 mouse? If you’re looking for a cheap replacement that will get the job done then this is a solid pick.

2. Razer DeathAdder

Razer DeathAdder

Hailed as the “world’s most popular gaming mouse”, this mouse definitely has the sales figures to back up its claim. With a great design to fit nicely in your hand and the ability to change the DPI up to 10,000, this mouse also has an incredible the sensor. With 1mm tracking on surfaces including glass table tops, this is perfect for low-sensitivity gamers who want to stop tracking as soon as they lift their mouse.

Another popular feature is its built-in RGB Chroma lighting that allows the player to change the mouse to any color. Perfect for if you get bored of looking at the same color every day.

1. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

Coming it at number 1 on our and list and winning the best gaming mouse for League of Legends award is the Logitech G502. Out of all the mice we’ve covered, this by far has the most accurate and powerful sensor as well as lots of other special features. Unlike other mice, the G502 comes with a weight and balancing system that allows you to adjust the weight, center of balance depending on your preferences. Simply eject the weight tray from inside to change the weights and put them back in. Simple.

In addition to all those cool features, the mouse also has 11 programmable buttons that can be used to execute any command or macro instantly. This is highly useful in games like League of Legends when you need to bash out some combos as fast as possible. The button placement makes it super easy to reach with your thumb and will easily give you a slight advantage in game. If you want the best experience when playing League of Legends, then this is definitely the best choice.

A Few Honorable Mentions

We just had to include these mice on our list. They might not be as good as the ones we listed above, but they still deserve their own special mention. If you struggle to press your abilities while in game, then these mice will quickly solve your problem!

Now that you know what the best gaming mouse for League of Legends is, it’s time to go and destroy some noobs on the rift.

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