League of Legends Champion Rotation

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League of Legends Champion Rotation

League of Legends has hundreds of champions in game for players to play. In fact, there are 134 different champions available with each one costing 450 to 6300 IP. With so many champions in game, it can be hard to work out which you like before you buy them.

To solve this problem, Riot introduced a free League of Legends champion rotation pool which includes 10 champions players can try before they buy. At the end of every week a new batch of champions are selected and a new rotation begins.

So, before we look at this week’s champion rotation, what exactly is the point of having a free champion rotation? The answer is more than just “to try out champions”.

What’s the Point in the Free League of Legends Champion Rotations?

The first obvious reason to release a free champion rotation is to allows players to try out the champions before they commit to purchasing them. All champions in game cost some kind of currency which is either influence points or riot points. Influence points are awarded to players at the end of every match, while riot points must be purchased from the store for real money.

With influence points taking a long time to save up and riot points costing real money, players must carefully decide which champion they spend it on. Every new League of Legends account comes with 3 free refunds in which the player can refund a purchase. This means if they do decide to buy a 6300 IP champion and they don’t like it, they can simply refund it and get the IP back.

Once these 3 refunds have been used up, players must be a lot more careful when it comes to purchasing, especially champions. Thanks to the free rotation however, players can practice with a certain champion for a whole week to see if it’s right for them. If it is, then they can purchase it once it is no longer free to play.

Apart from allowing players to try the champions for free, the champion rotation also works as a reserve pool when selecting a champion. Let us explain.

When you first make an account, you will own 0 champions and will only be able to use the free ones until you can save up and buy your first 1. Now imagine you joined a normal game with other players but someone wanted to play the champion you just bought and locked it in.

If the champion rotation didn’t exist then you would be in a bit of a pickle, the only champion you own has been chosen by someone else. You get the idea. A free champion rotation not only gives players champions to play with but it also gives them a backup if the champions they own get banned or picked.

Current League of Legends Champion Rotation

Every week on Monday between 5pm-10pm PST, the new champion rotation list is released. This week’s free League of Legends champion rotation is as follows:

These current free champions in the rotation can be used in game to play the following matches:

  • Normal Blind Pick
  • Normal Draft Pick
  • ARAM
  • Any special game mode (e.g. Ascension, Legends of the Poro)

Unfortunately, these free champions cannot be used in ranked matches and do not count towards your 16 minimum champions which you must own.

What About New Champions?

New champions that are released in game get placed into the free champion rotation eventually. Originally new champions were occasionally placed into the rotation for the week in which they were released. However, this quickly changed after the release of Urgot back in August 2010 who was not available in the free rotation until September.

Riot have clearly stated that their policy on free champion rotations is to allow players to preview all the champions, eventually. This means that new champions won’t be put in the free rotation as soon as they are released out of respect for people who have purchased them. Since the release of Fiora in 2012, new champions are now free to play in the 3rd week after their release.

Now you know everything about the League of Legends champion rotation, be sure to go out and play all the champions before they change!

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