The Fastest Way To Level Up In League Of Legends

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The Fastest Way To Level Up In League Of Legends

Are you a veteran looking to learn a new role and crush scrubs on a smurf? Or maybe you’re a rookie, just starting out and excited to try out the competitive scene.

No matter who you are, having a second account can always be useful, but getting to level 30 is often a long and tiring task; It doesn’t have to be though, not if you follow our advice.

If you’re someone looking for a quick answer as to how long it takes to go from level 0 to level 30, the answer is “a very long time.”

  • If you’re looking for a more specific answer, there are a few variables that must be considered, such as;
    Number of games played per day
  • Number of games won per day
  • If you are playing bot games or “normals.”
  • If you are using EXP boosts
  • If you are using win boosts

If you really want to reach level 30 as quickly as possible then the best method is quite simple; Purchase per win XP boosts and play co-op 3v3 games against intermediate bots, though this has a few pitfalls.
xp boosts

It’s As Fun As A Team Full Of Flamers

The first few games might be bearable if you’ve got a few friends to mess around with, but by the time you hit the 30th game, your cursor is hovering the “uninstall game” button. Games should be fun, and although some people can tolerate grinding, it might not be for you.

XP Boosts Do Not Come Cheap

Unless you’ve got a high-income job or very generous parents, buying XP boosts might not be the best of ideas. For example, a 40 game win boost costs 2240 RP, which could instead be used to buy a large bundle of skins.

It will still take a long time
level up capsule

Even if you play 3v3 over 5v5, it’s still going to take many matches to hit level 30, and all the while you’ll probably be imagining the fun ranked games you could be playing with friends instead. So perhaps you don’t want to go down this route, in which case there are a few alternatives for you.

You could play 5v5’s with friends, this won’t be as quick as playing 3v3, but depending on the meta it could be both a fun and effective way to level up.

For instance, the current meta is very early game oriented, so games hardly ever go on into the late game. This means that you can fit more games into the same amount of time, and since you’re playing against human friends on a map that is built for competitive play, you’re going to enjoy the journey more! Plus, if you have your friends on Discord or Skype, then you can all joke about while doing it, that doesn’t sound too bad to us!

This has a few of the drawbacks that playing 3v3 does, but we guarantee you that you’ll have a hell of a more enjoyable time, of course, perhaps you could pay to have someone boost you.

Most players to have their accounts boosted to Gold or Diamond, but you can find someone to get you to 30 easily enough – of course, you could do it really cheap, but then you would have to deal with eSports sweatshops which we do not recommend. However, hey, if you’re morally bankrupt, then this might be the perfect solution for you.

Perhaps you don’t wish to level purely to reach level 30 though, perhaps you want to be the best like no one ever was, in which case good luck to you-you’ve got a very long way to go. Currently the title of “highest level” is held by a Chinese player known as “BigBigBigWatermelon.”
lol level icons

We tried to reach out to Mr. BigBigBigWatermelon but he was not able to comment on how many hours he’s put into the game at this time, however we’re certain he has sunk weeks and weeks into doing nothing but eating, sleeping, and playing League of Legends. At this point, you have probably come to terms with the fact that you’re never going to beat him, but that’s okay, you’re never going to be a higher division than Faker either, but so long as you beat your friends – that’s all that matters.

It’s probably worth mentioning that Bigbigbigwatermelon is Challenger, which is unsurprising because it would be sad to know that someone who had sunk that much time into a game was Bronze. (The second highest player is only Gold though, but we’re not here to judge. Besides, maybe he just used a lot of boosts or something.)

With all that said, there is one ultimate way to level up in League of Legends. You can skip the time-consuming process of grinding yourself, and not only that, but you’ll also unlock some rare skins in the process.

Picking Up A Smurf

That’s right, purchasing a smurf is without a doubt the best way to level up! Do you want to play ranked with your friends but they’re too many divisions below you? Then pick up an account, because the alternative is spending days tediously grinding, or not playing with them at all, and friendships have been broken over less.

It also means you get some pretty swanky skins, as many of our accounts come with rare skins. It’s true that you could get an account boosted up a few levels for a low price, but let’s be honest; The main reason most players want to be a high level is to show off, and what’s more enviable than rare skins?

Some players might moan at you, as they see smurfing as a bad thing. Of course, if Riot made playing with friends easier then this would not be an issue, besides, sometimes steamrolling people and letting everyone know how good of a player you are is just fun, so why not grab an account below, and skip the dullness of leveling?

Purchase a LoL account!

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