The Ultimate League of Legends Posters

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The Ultimate League of Legends Posters

If you’re a big fan of League of Legends, then the chances are you’ll have a LoL themed wallpaper on your computer. This might look good, but as soon as you turn your PC off it disappears. Sad times.

To show your love for League of Legends, you need to take it to the next level and buy a special print poster! These League of Legends posters can be placed anywhere in your house from your bedroom to above your PC. Not only do they make an excellent decorative piece but they also add a splash of personality and character to the room.

With Christmas just around the corner, there’s still time to ask Santa for a certain gift or two! Here are the most epic and mind blowing League of Legends posters.

Official Riot Merch Store

Starting our list with the official Riot merchandise store, it’s fairly obvious that we would be including this at some point. With a range of high-quality posters at affordable prices from $15 USD, the official Riot merch store offers many posters of individual and grouped champions.

Most posters are 27 inches by 40 inches and are printed on gloss book paper with a special finishing trim. In other words, it’s not just a piece of A3 paper. If you’re a big fan of Sona, then you’ll be pleased to know she has her own awesome poster here. Other posters include epic duels between 2 champions such as Gangplank Vs Miss Fortune.


With over 2,500 unique League of Legends prints of different champions, sizes, and styles we would have been crazy not to include this website in our list. Redbubble is a place where artists and creators come together to sell their unique items online. With so many high quality and unique prints, if you’re looking for something special then you’ll find it here.

Maybe you don’t necessarily want a poster of a champion, but you still want something related to League of Legends, no problem! How about a rekt check list?

There are literally so many top-class League of Legends posters on this website we can’t list them all. Instead we highly suggest having a look through them to see what hidden gems you can find!


If you want to break away from the standard League of Legends posters and find some unique hand drawn and original posters, then Etsy is the place. Etsy is the home for many online artists who sell their goods online. Most of these posters will be one-offs and the chances are you’ll have never seen them before!

Available in a range of sizes and prices, there truly is something for everyone on Etsy. With new posters being added every week it’s a good idea to continuously check for updates. Maybe you’re looking for a stunning Pulsefire Ezreal piece to impress your friends, or a special hand drawn Lux. Whatever you’re looking for the chances are Etsy will have it.

Shilin’s Shop

Another awesome place to find original hand drawn League of Legends posters of all your favorite champions is Shilin’s shop. Like many online artists, most will have their own stores where they will sell certain prints and posters. In this case, Shilin sells a range of posters in 11 x 17” and 24 x 36” formats. With a unique manga / anime style, Shilin completely transforms the champions you are using to seeing in League of Legends into a completely new style.

From DJ Sona to Riven, Shilin’s shop sells plenty of unique hand drawn prints. If you love them all so much and can’t decide which to buy then be sure to check out their special 5-piece League of Legends poster pack.


If you’re having trouble finding the poster you want on the websites listed above then a good last resort is to try eBay. From giant 9 piece posters, to individual champions. eBay covers a range a of sizes and styles from canvas prints to standard posters. With prices ranging from as little as $4.99 there’s something to suit everyone. Currently there are over 4,500 posters listed on eBay with new ones being added every single day.

If you’re looking for something cheap and cheerful then we suggest giving eBay a good browse.

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