How Many Champions Do You Need To Play Ranked

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How Many Champions Do You Need To Play Ranked

If you’ve just hit level 30, then you’re probably rearing to dive right into your first ranked match with all your Champions, all ready to start the long climb to Diamond, right? In reality, you’re likely to find yourself plummeting to the depths of Bronze V, but why? After all, you’ve got over 100 games as Teemo, and no noob’s going to be able to traverse your expertly placed mushroom minefield unless of course, they pick someone who counters Teemo.

Which is the first reason you’ll want to learn multiple Champions. It’s fine if you choose only to play one or two, but if you main Nasus and are up against Olaf, then you’re going to have a rough time or god forbid, Nasus is banned.

By playing at least 5 Champions on a regular basis you can keep yourself from falling into this trap and also maintain the feeling of freshness – Let’s face it, no matter how fun your favorite might be, playing the same thing over and over for forever can get a little dull. Plus, playing multiple Champions can improve you as a player!

We’ve all be in a situation where this one Champion keeps stomping us, for us it was Bltizcrank; Back in the day we swore he was incredibly broken and required no skill, until we tried him out and discovered that his Rocket Grab always fires from his right hand and that if he gets behind he’ll probably stay that way for the rest of the game.

Not to mention that playing him placed us into the mindset of a Blitz player, allowing us to learn how one thinks.

In total, we recommend you know how to play between 20 to 25, with that said let’s jump right in and look at our top 5 picks for each role! (Yes, it does have to be for each role. You might hate it, but you’re going to be auto-filled as Support from time to time.)



  • High AoE burst
  • Farming is easy thanks to her Q’s mana reset and long-range auto attacks
  • Great engage potential with her ultimate
  • Tibbers can be used to block harmful skill shots


  • Assassins and poke champions can push her out of lane
  • Immobile
  • Hard to escape ganks

Picture of lol champion annie

Annie has a lot going for her, not only is she dirt cheap, but she’s also incredibly easy to play. Once you’ve learned how to manage her spells well and lock down enemies with stuns you can sit back and farm until you reach mid game. In team fights your role is simple too: Land your ult on as many enemies as you can, and sit back while your teammates mop up what’s left.
Surviving ganks can be tricky because of how immobile she is, but if you position well and utilize your Magma Shield to maximum effect, you should do well.



  • Great range
  • Good wave clear
  • Multiple escapes
  • Good poke


  • Weak mid game
  • High mana cost
  • Ultimate is easy to block

lol champion caitlyn image

Being an AA reliant ADC means that Caitlyn isn’t too difficult to play, she works as you would expect a sniper to. Stay at the back and pick off the kills, there’s no messing around with an ammo system or complicated skill shots.

Plus, a well-placed trap can ruin an assassin’s attempt at taking you out and win the game. If your immense range and traps don’t work, well there’s always your net. It both slows enemies and flings you away from them, what’s not to love?

She may not always be in the meta, but she’s an easy Champion to pick up, she can also be a lot of fun if played correctly!



  • Tons of CC
  • Tanky
  • Lane Bully


  • Heavily skill shot reliant
  • No sustain
  • Requires a lot of practice

lol champion thresh

If you have to Support then you might as well have some fun doing it, and there’s no better way than by playing as Thresh! It’s probably best if you practice in a few normal games first – If you join a ranked game and end up hooking the tank, or tossing your lantern AFTER your ADC is dead, you’re pretty much guaranteed to be flamed. Don’t fret though, after a few games he’s super easy to play!

The pick potential is just one of the things that makes Thresh such a godlike support; he’s also excellent at peeling. His Flay CC cannot be reduced with tenacity, great against Champions such as Irelia, plus his ultimate gives carries a little safe space to hide away in.



  • High burst damage
  • Late game scaling
  • Sustain in the early game


  • Immobile
  • Skillshots can be hard to hit
  • Falls off hard if camped

lol champion cho'gath
This guys main goal is to get fat for late game, so your early game will consist of farming, farming, and some more farming. You might occasionally harass a little bit when someone comes in for a gank, but you don’t need to worry about being poked down yourself at all!

What many people fail to realize is that Cho’Gaths W can silence them for up to 2 seconds. If you’ve ever encountered an Ezreal player that whines he pressed E but it “didn’t work,” it was probably because he was silenced. A deceptively powerful tool that lets him lock people down while he NOMNOMNOM’s on their face.

Not the most fun choice, but if you don’t main top lane and need an easy lane, Cho’gath is the Champion for you.

Xin Zhao


  • Ganks are hard to avoid
  • CC
  • Reliable Jungle clear


  • Has no way of getting out after committing, unlike someone like Ekko
  • W roots him
  • Pretty squishy

lol champion xin zhao
People never expect it when you pop up mid at level 2. They’re busy farming when all of a sudden you charge at then, and they have to decide between flashing or getting knocked up and dying.

After getting a flash for free, you can happily proceed to take your other buff and return at a later point for an easy kill. Honestly, Xin Zhao has been a strong champion in League of Legends for a while, only really being countered by peel supports such as Janna.

Now not even Janna can save those squishies because your ultimate sends them all flying backward! Or, if you’re in a position where your ADC needs protecting, then you can peel for them too. An all-around great Champion, and one to consider adding to your roster.

We hope our list is helpful to you, although you can never master enough Champions. The best way to beat your enemy is to know them, but that requires a lot of blue essence and time, so why not pick a smurf from down below?

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